Spike Protein Enzymes Can Save Lives - Dissolves Blood Clots (Swedish)

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T. Sassersson at NewsVoice interviewed the nutritional therapist Bertil Wosk from Sweden, who founded the dietary supplement company Holistic.se, about how enzymes can dissolve blood clots and clear clogged blood vessels from proteins (such as spike proteins). Wosk developed product called Spike Enzyme (Spikenzym) that contains five enzymes that dissolves and clears all kinds of clots and clogging, according to Bertil Wosk. Article in Swedish: https://newsvoice.se/2023/02/spikenzy... The enzymes nattokinase, protease, bromelain and papain are safe and natural ways to improve the health of the blood and blood vessels. They are part of a healthy diet. NewsVoice.se is an Independent News and Debate Channel