Gain of Function or "Directed Evolution": Nothing more than scaremongering?

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Gain of Function or "Directed Evolution":
Nothing more than scaremongering? 

- Here to our publication on NL ( German)

! Project Veritas recently uncovered "Directed Evolution" research by Pfizer. Sasha Alexandra Latypova is a pharmaceutical whistleblower and head of the investigative team "Enigma".

She clarifies: 

- "Raising more and more fear of laboratory viruses, this is 5th generation warfare!"

- [...] Discussing this in this way only serves to stir up an atmosphere of fear with lies about dangerous laboratory viruses, about actually impossible attacks with "weaponized viruses".


In our article on NEXT LEVEL we provide clarity,

-why the laboratory thesis is refuted

- what is really being done in the bioweapons labs

- Why did everyone fall for the lab thesis and claim of these bioweapons?

-Refutation of the claim of all "bioweapons" in the sense of pathogenic pathogens

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