"Hey Everyone!

The purpose of this video is to address a few recent statements made by JJ Couey. The clips we’ll play during this video come from one of JJ’s recent twitch streams as well as a recent podcast episode In which JJ appeared as a guest. According to his LinkedIn, JJ is a biologist, a teacher, and the founder of Gigaohm Biological. 

Given that JJ is frequently promoted by leading voices in the health freedom movement, we felt that it was necessary to respond to JJ’s statements regarding the no virus position, his mischaracterizations of prominent voices in the no-virus camp, and his questioning of the motives of those communicating the lack of true scientific validation for virology. 

This is also an opportunity to provide more clarification for those who are undecided on the validity of virology. 

We look forward to hearing from JJ and having further discussions on this issue. Enjoy the video. 

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