Isolation vs. Filtration


"In this episode of ICIC, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and medical journalist Hans Tolzin explore the history virology, the studies upon which modern science relies, and

the alleged "evidence" supporting the existence of invisible and dangerous viruses.

Hans Tolzin details the medical historical background of virology starting with the first trials and publications by scientists at the beginning of the 20th century. He reveals serious gaps in field research and points out that there are numerous significant insufficiencies that have never (officially) been pursued or corrected, such as the gross neglect of differential diagnosis.

It is not only the virus theory that gives rise to major criticism. The apparent lack of care and ignorance in professional circles is also worrying. For it is on these assumptions that organizations and institutions are based which are responsible for the health of the world's population, which propagate medicines, therapies and vaccinations, and which people blindly trust and believe.

After these findings, valid questions arise: Is there really a so-called "isolate" of a virus, especially a "corona" virus or do the available images show something completely different, and if so what? Why is no attention paid to this question and why are discrepancies in the definition of terms tolerated in science?
Mr. Tolzin speaks not of an "isolate", but rather, of a "high purification" in order to obtain indisputable proof of a "virus". His findings raise further, controversial questions and have the potential to shed light on the shady history of virology."



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