Interview Highlights – COVID Era


-A Test Pandemic, there are no new diseases
- create the sick role, create a false category, make them redundant from society -lifetime of welfare payment- the road to universal credit
- the use of the virus is a cover story- the common denominator -a lie and a cover story for all these other things that make people sick and kill them
-psychological warfare- you do not need the germ to cause disease or to exist, you need the target population to believe there is a germ that causes disease and can kill you. And then, you can get them to do stupid stuff like take vaccines.An lockup society , decimate economy , accept inhumane measures.
-deliberate confusion so that people do not think.
That is how cult leaders do it. They humiliate you , they isolate you, they shame you, they bully you, they confuse you with concepts. Inevitably to be part of the group you have to stop thinking, so people do. They would rather give up thinking than be ostracised.
- covid is a digital phenomena
-the process of genomics -they made it up
- vaccines are not safe and effective as there is no immune system but a repair/ maintenance system. There is no immune system where you can inject something into it and it produce specific antibodies that lurk around in your system waiting for those horrible ‘germs'to attack you, the body does not work like that
-as a society we need to ask, when people are getting sick , why are they getting sick ? This is a serious political question that our society gets to completely ignore when ascribe sickness to viruses , that is the history of medicine especially when it comes to epidemiology and virology.
-this is our WWIII we are going through. And people do not understand what is at stake. If we give away our freedoms we are in real, real trouble.


Stefano Scoglio

“ Assuming there were a thousand pathogens, then there would have to be specific antibodies for each pathogen.
However, there are only five so-called immunoglobulins (IgA, IgD, IgE, IgG, IgM).

How should a specific immune response be possible for a thousand pathogens with five immunoglobulins?


Belief in viruses is a religion and vaccination is a barbaric practice based on a mentally constructed so called ‘virus’, nowadays computer generated.