What is the purpose of controls in science?

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What is the purpose of controls in science?
[Part 1]
In science, it is imperative to control the methods and experiments used. Not only to exclude confounding factors and misinterpretation, and to be able to deduce causal relationships. But also to exclude the possibility that the experimental set-up itself is not responsible for the experimental result.
Experimental set-up and performance MUST be documented for each step.
In virus detection studies, there are occasionally papers that mention a certain degree of experimental control in the cell culture experiments in the text ("mock-infected"). However, if one then asks the authors for the exact experimental set-up or documentation, this cannot be provided.
What is the purpose of controls in science?
[Part 2]
Often, for example, a so-called "mock-infection" is described, a cell culture that is carried in parallel, but which, for example, was not treated with the exact same additives and conditions, and/or which was not mixed with any sample.
Neither of these is a control for the certainty of results of the experimental set-up !
The necessary controls for this have not yet been carried out for whole genome sequencing, neither as a single experiment, nor as a parallel co-experiment. We have had this confirmed in writing by many of the major institutions and authors of the authoritative Sars-Cov-2 publications.