A Course in Tendon Attachment Therapy

Tendon compression is a way to treat muscle tension by pressing on the sore tendon attachments of the tense muscles until the pain disappears. It is a new old method with roots all the way back to Alexander the Great's physician in Ancient Macedonia, which via India and the Chinese martial arts tradition of Wing Tsun later came back to Europe, where the German therapists Liebsherr & Bracht developed the so-called LNB schmerz therapie, which is now used by thousands of trained therapists in Germany. The method has also been successfully used in sports medicine by, among others, the German national football team. Tendon compression is a further development of LNB schmerz Therapie performed by the Swedish doctor Mikael Nordfors. The three most important elements are tendon compression, stretching exercises and retraining of weakened muscles.

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