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Ilsedora Laker is interviewed by The Freedom International Panel. Ilsedora Laker is the first North American German New Medicine educator, and consultant trained by the founder of German New Medicine, Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer. She continues to teach medical and lay specialists in its practice throughout the English-speaking world. She carries the passion of GNM into a new paradigm, dedicated to the teachings of Dr. Hamer and bringing this information to make a meaningful shift in what we perceive as dis-ease.   Learn the connection between the mind and dis-ease. How an emotional shock or trauma, also known as a biological shock has immediate effects both in the brain and corresponding organ. Dr. Hamer developed cancer after the emotional shock of losing his son and recognized the link between mind and body. He went on to show undeniable evidence of the connection, the resultant stages, and how to bring about resolution.

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-The number one illness is fear.

-It is not only biology, it is a spiritual process.

-We have to take responsibility for our actions, if we do not make changes in ourselves , then, we do not change spiritually. Sometimes an illness will force us into this position of self introspection and soul searching.

If people do not own it, eg. what happened when you were a child, how do you make it available.
-It depends if they come out of their own volition or are brought by someone else they may not be ready for it.
-If they come out of their own volition means that they are already exploring something that is different from traditional medicine.
That means that they are already thinking at a different level, their experience is at a different level, they are spiritually at a different level, they are willing to explore self to figure out the cause of their disease.

-Everything begins with a biological shock, an unanticipated event.

-The soul is the psychic, it is that who responds to a biological shock.
So we always are looking for answers once we have a biological shock, we attract experience just to facilitate a solution somehow.

-The origin can be in the very early childhood and get triggered by something in our environment constantly.
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