Ilsedora Laker - German New Medicine - A PARADIGM SHIFT


An in-depth article .

We have a culture beliefs and superstitions but no understanding of how biology works and what we is perceived as illness.

 The so-called “viruses”, causing diseases, are not scientifically proven

“The current discussions on whether the Corona Virus (Covid-19) is dangerous, or whether it is just an ordinary virus, similar to the virus causing a harmless influenza, is a farce, because until today medicine has not presented any scientific evidence that would confirm the existence of this so-called virus (virus  = poison, pathogen = poison, causing the disease).

Any attempt to explain the absurdity of assuming the existence of so-called disease-causing viruses will not succeed without having self-tested the knowledge of Germanische Heilkunde. This (self-testing, self-verification) clearly shows the absurdity of this concept.”

“Medicine is based on old, outdated pseudo-"scientific" models, while usurping the name of natural science. All progress in medicine relates exclusively to the technologies (techniques) it uses: it has a huge arsenal of technical inventions at its disposal. Progress in technology was possible, because it is based on verified (scientifically proven) knowledge, such as chemistry or physics.

However, medicine still lacks an unambiguous, scientific answer to the basic medical question: Why do the symptoms, that are called "illness" in conventional medicine, occur?

Diagnosis in medicine is based only on visible symptoms and the interpretation of these symptoms is not based on any scientific evidence. For this reason, medical science must rely on hypotheses, consensus, dogma (Oncology textbook for medical students, PZWL 2003 medical publishing house, p. 58) and statistics. (See also film: Medicine and its paradigm)”

One of the assumptions of medicine is the existence of a so-called “virus”, supposedly causing the disease.

In expert publications of so-called "virology", although the name "virus" stands for "virology", none of these publications shows the structure of a human virus (neither in blood, nor in other kind of body fluid, or e.g. in case of measles on the body). Only "something" was noticed in the dying cell.

Unlike bacteriophages (without any scientific basis, medicine calls thembacteria viruses), which can be easily isolated from the collected material and biochemically examined (it has been possible since 1940), the so-called "viruses" that supposedly cause diseases in humans, animals or plants have not been isolated until today.

An isolation experiment of a (supposed) human virus has never been carried out, because there are no medical protocols under which such a procedure should be conducted. Only bacteriology has such protocols (since 1940).