Dr Harold Hillman Exposed The Scientific Fraud of Western Medicine 1977: Cell Biology: Research


"If the basis of cell biology science is fraudulent or corrupted, then how can any scientific research, derived from this foundation be true? ...disease treatments, v1r0L0gy and cancer industry come to mind. I found the work of this great scientist after hearing Dr. Stefan Lanka mentioning Harold Hillman in one of his interviews. This is a compilation of all Harold Hillmans' videos that can be found online.
"Hillman has, since all the way back in the 1980s, proven that many still currently accepted so-called cellular components, especially ones ‘established’ through electron microscopy, are in effect little more than artefacts arising from experimental handling.
The layman who has heard of electron microscopes would probably be thinking that they are, basically, merely a more powerful kind of microscope. It is therefore safe to assume that the difference is popularly (perhaps even among ‘non-specialized’ scientists) imagined as being a mainly quantitative one. Not so. Those who take a close look at Hillman’s work will discover that the differenCES are in fact principally qualitative and of diverse kinds, with many consequences impacting on observations using either light or electron instruments (the ones with ‘most fidelity’ are not those perhaps commonly imagined to be so).
When talking about cell biology, one most often hears, naturally, about how mindbogglingly complex a cell is. It turns out that the entire group of artefacts leading to the misidentification of supposed cell components has a complexity of its own; so much so that it has now taken a life of its own. Quite literally. However, rest assured that many arguments presented by Hillman are absolutely straightforward, often consisting of nothing more than glaring geometrical inconsistencies. You have read that right. Geometry does not cease to be relevant at molecular and atomic scales, otherwise it would not be possible to hear of things like stereochemistry or crystallography.
It goes without saying that Hillman’s findings corollarily undermine corresponding mechanisms (in fact models) that are currently taken for granted as a description of the functioning of the cell. For example, your understanding of this article will in no way involve any action by any synapses, since “synapses” are a misinterpretation." https://minorinput.wordpress.com/2021/07/26/the-case-of-the-late-harold-hillman-and-the-problem-of-cellular-structure/

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