The big vaccination lie Die Weltwoche.


The big vaccination lie
Die Weltwoche.
Phillip Gut
Manufacturers and authorities admit that the Covid vaccine does not protect against infection and transmission. The history of the pandemic must be rewritten. But those responsible are doing everything they can to stifle a reappraisal.
These have been horror days for the EU - and stellar days for the truth. First came Pfizer executive Janine Small's now-infamous confession to the European Parliament. On 10 October 2022, she admitted that the vaccine had not been tested to stop the transmission of the virus before it was injected millions of times. Already nasty jokes are circulating: There are two mice sitting there. One says, "Are you going to get vaccinated?" Says the other, "Are you insane? The human experiment is still going on."
"Covidiotes" get it right
Three days later, on 13 October, the European Commission confirmed in an official hearing that vaccination did not protect against transmission or infection (we will come back to this).
Finally, one day later, the third piece of bad news: the EU Public Prosecutor's Office is investigating Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. She is accused of having arranged overpriced deals with the pharmaceutical industry to the detriment of the EU and the taxpayer - and of concealing the incriminating news.
A single one of these reports would be a medium earthquake - all of them together are the super-GAU for the EU. But not only for them: The narrative of the panacea Covid vaccination, to which manufacturers, scientists and governments worldwide have paid homage, is collapsing.
Conversely, it turns out that the critics who have been called "cranks", "conspiracy theorists" or - most charmingly - "covidiots" have been proved right. Their hunch was right: vaccination is not only not the promised panacea. It is a classic nonvaleur: it cost taxpayers billions - without bringing any corresponding benefit.
After the latest revelations, the history of the Corona pandemic and its "management" must be rewritten. But those responsible and their accomplices in the media are doing everything they can to stifle the reappraisal.
Those who vaccinate themselves against measles are protected. Those who vaccinate themselves against Corona are obviously not protected.
Media houses remain silent.
This goes as far as outright censorship, as I have experienced first-hand. The facts and contexts described here were also the subject of my column "Dr. Gut" on the online network of Portal 24. I linked the article on the business platform Linkedin and on Facebook. But after only two hours, it was over: the posts, which had been diligently read and shared, disappeared silently from the social platforms. Who is afraid of the truth? Where do we actually live? China is apparently in Europe.
And what are the journalists of the big media houses doing, who have done their best to stir up the virus panic and have received millions from the state for the vaccination campaign and further millions in Covid aid in return? They remain silent - and consistently blank out the bombs that hit Brussels the week before last. According to the logic: what we don't write about doesn't exist. At the same time, they boast - from Swiss radio and television to Tamedia and CH Media - of spreading "facts instead of fake news" and of standing for "relevance". Fiddlesticks.
Protection argument doesn't hold water
Instead of enlightenment, lights out is the order of the day. Those who react at all to the groundbreaking revelations choose the following fall-back position: "We never said that vaccination protects against infection and further spread. It merely serves to prevent severe courses."
Wrong! There may have been individual virologists and other experts who expressed themselves more cautiously. But the message of jubilation that was proclaimed with bangs and trumpets was: "The Covid vaccine is the great breakthrough. It protects against infection and transmission. Now we can get the pandemic under control."
There is plenty of evidence for this, from Switzerland, from Europe, from all over the world. Swiss Federal Councillor and Health Minister Alain Berset, the country's top Corona crisis manager, tweeted on 12 August 2021: "Vaccination against Corona protects - against infection, the spread of the virus and against a severe course of the disease." And on 18 November 2021, the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) put the "protection against infection" at 90 per cent even with the "booster".
Anthony Fauci: "Anyone who is vaccinated can be sure that he or she will not be infected."
Vaccination" as a promise of salvation
EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen blew the same horn. In her "Declaration on Advancing Vaccination" of 25 November 2021, she claimed: "Vaccination protects you and everyone else." With a booster vaccination we would have to ensure that "those vaccinated so far remain immune". This was precisely the promise made by the responsible politicians to promote their vaccination campaigns: "Those who are vaccinated are immune. Vaccination protects. Vaccination benefits."
It sounded no different across the Atlantic. The oracle Bill Gates already sounded on 30 July 2020, "the main purpose of the vaccine is to break the chains of infection". There will be "virtually no more infections". And further: "Those who get vaccinated not only protect themselves, but also reduce the transmission of the virus to others."
This promise of salvation was spread by official bodies and by health authorities worldwide. On 29 March 2021, Rochelle Walensky, a doctor and head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Joe Biden's administration, told MSNBC: "Our data suggests that vaccinated people don't pick up the virus and don't get sick." Her boss, the Mister President, had already foreshadowed on 13 March 2021: "Fully vaccinated people have a very, very low risk of contracting Covid-19."
And finally, immunologist Anthony Fauci, chief medical advisor to the most powerful man in the world, promised: "Anyone who is vaccinated can be sure that he or she will not be infected," Fauci said on 17 May 2021, adding that vaccination protects oneself, one's family, and breaks the chain of infection (2 June 2021). Not without the American sense of vividness and pathos, Fauci assured: "With vaccination, you become a dead end for the virus. Then when the virus reaches you, you are the end of the line!"
Confession of the EU Commission
The end of the line is now for the vaccination scam. With the quoted statements, it should be sufficiently proven that vaccination was touted by those responsible as the miracle cure that would prevent infection and transmission and knock out the virus. One has to recall all these promises made by those responsible in order to grasp the explosive power of the confession of Wolfgang Philipp, the EU's top vaccination strategist, mentioned at the beginning of this article. In response to the accusation by Romanian MEP Cristian Terhes that the EU Commission had lied to the population about the protective effect of the vaccination, Philipp said: "If you want to have a vaccine that prevents transmission, good luck! We could have had it, but it's not there yet." They are working on it, but it is a "completely different design of vaccine".
Who is afraid of the truth? Where do we actually live? China is apparently in Europe.
The admission could not be clearer - and it does not come from just anyone, but from the responsible chief official of the EU Commission. Philipp is the director of the Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Authority (Hera). In plain language, he says: all vaccines that have been put on the market so far, which have brought billions of taxpayers' money into the coffers of the manufacturers, have at no time done what the citizens were led to believe without the slightest hint of scientific doubt: they protect neither against infection nor against transmission.
What is even more explosive about the statement by Philipp, a microbiologist by profession and former immunologist at the University of Basel, is that those responsible obviously knew this from the beginning. Or how else can one interpret the statement that an effective vaccine would require a "completely different design"? The manufacturers and the politicians who bought the vaccines must have known what this design looked like.
Will taxpayers get money back?
The truth about vaccination that is now coming to light has far-reaching consequences. First, based on the claim, now proven false, that vaccination protected against infection and transmission, were all the measures that distinguished between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated, such as the certificate and the discriminatory exclusion of the unvaccinated. Vaccination was the licence to live. Those who were not vaccinated had to stay outside. If there was ever a legitimisation for this - it is now gone.
All the more out of place, then, are the abusive remarks and open calls for discrimination against the unvaccinated by prominent politicians. FDP president Thierry Burkart, for example, demanded in Blick: "If intensive care units are full, the unvaccinated must wait in line" (30. 12. 2021).
Secondly, questions of responsibility and the squandering of taxpayers' money at a staggering rate arise. MEP Terhes is now demanding taxpayers' money back from the manufacturers. The sums involved are horrendous. By November 2021, the EU Commission signed contracts worth €71 billion to buy up to 4.6 billion vaccine doses, according to the European Court of Auditors' "Special Report" No. 19/2022.
Now there are 450 million people living in the EU. If every one of them were vaccinated without exception, starting with newborns, the size of the deal would be enough for ten injections per person. This also calls into question the effectiveness of the Covid 19 vaccine. Why vaccinate endlessly when vaccination works? If you vaccinate against measles, you are protected. Whoever vaccinates against polio is protected. Those who vaccinate themselves against Corona are clearly not protected. Where it says vaccination on the label, there is no vaccination in it.
Thirdly, in addition to the political consequences, the global vaccination scandal may also have legal consequences. On 14 October, one day after the official admission of the lack of protection, the European Public Prosecutor's Office announced that it was investigating the procurement of the vaccine doses, including against Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.
Legal consequences loom
And Switzerland? Similar questions arise here. Here, too, huge sums of money have been paid for vaccines that are not vaccines in the traditional sense of the word - because they do not protect against infection - based on contracts with the manufacturers that have not yet been fully disclosed. Article 20 of the Swiss Code of Obligations on the nullity of contracts states: "A contract which has an impossible or unlawful content or is contrary to morality is null and void.
In any case, the facts known so far could indicate that the subject of the contractual agreements concerned a so-called impossible performance, because the promised performance feature - the protective effect - was not given from the beginning (because that would have required, to quote Wolfgang Philipp again, a "completely different design" of the vaccine). The contracts between the federal government and the manufacturers could also be immoral, because the Covid-19 vaccination is useless for the population in the best case (in the sense of the promised protection against infection and further spread), but in the worst case it is even harmful - and because it was marketed as having no alternative without real need and was forced on the population with psychological pressure.
Philipp Gut is the owner of the communications agency Gut Communications GmbH, a journalist at Nebelspalter, publisher of the Umwelt Zeitung and author of books. Previously he was domestic editor and deputy editor-in-chief of Weltwoche.
Just that mention a  falsehood that  measles vaccine offers protection.
The Measles court case and  the control experiments have  proven irrefutably that there is no measles virus or any other virus.
The whole virology is antiscientific . It is not science.
Symptoms exist but have nothing to do with a virus.


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"Financial Times" journalist Joe Miller has accompanied Ugur Sahin and Özlem Türeci since March 2020. Together with them, Miller describes the unusual year 2020 and traces the hunt for the first vaccine, the political battles and the moment of triumph. The book tells the personal story of the two scientists, how Sahin and Türeci work together as a couple, how the mRNA technology works and how it will affect their main research focus - cancer research. Starting with the outbreak of the virus in Wuhan to the development of "Project Lightspeed" and the selection of the first vaccine candidates, the problems Türeci and Sahin faced, logistical hurdles, political decisions: Joe Miller recounts the path to the final approval of the vaccine."


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Part 2 of 3 No virus there! The book "Project Lightspeed: The way to the BioNTech vaccine - and to a medicine of tomorrow" by Joe Miller, Uğur Şahin and Özlem Türeci, prize question: What is the vaccination actually against? Also applies to all other vaccines for 200 years, especially for the bad measles vaccination.

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No joke, that's what it says in the original book "Project Lightspeed" by Türeci and Sahin!

On page 178:

"For all vaccine manufacturers, it was a basic prerequisite that the

genetic code of the coronavirus - sequenced thanks to the presence of mind of Zhang Yongzhen, professor at the Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center - was uploaded to the open-source website on 11 January 2020. Uğur had studied this molecular blueprint that weekend in late January and used it to create blueprints for several vaccine candidates. But these were just formulas on paper, or rather on the screen."


On p. 179:

"When Uğur thinks back on this unforeseen challenge, he becomes philosophical. "Sometimes," he says, "it's like being jinxed with lab experiments. Out of the blue, the tried and tested routine procedures no longer work and mistakes creep in. You start troubleshooting. You doubt everything. You change reagents, repeat every single step, and still nothing works." 

On p. 180:

"in February, two biochemists - Thomas Ziegenhals and Johanna Drögemüller - came up with an ingenious solution. Instead of waiting for Hein's team to successfully synthesise DNA, they suggested to the production teams that they set up their processes using other DNA templates from BioNTech's "RNA depot" as a substitute. These templates had similar characteristics and length to those needed for the coronavirus vaccines and could be used for "dry runs". [...] They were able to concentrate on correcting

mistakes and knew they would not hold up the project. The cloning problems disappeared as abruptly as they had appeared. The new sequences proved to be correct, and Hein's team began to create one perfect clone after another. The first vaccine candidate was ready as a DNA template by the end of February."