RealEyesation - https://www.bitchute.com/channel/realeyesation/ "Going through all of the misinterpretations of bacteria, and what the real functions of bacteria are.
What is a virus?: https://youtu.be/thsDCmtkcOA

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While bacteria exist and their role has been misunderstood.

A pathogenic virus has never been proven to exist.

deepL translate:

Questions about viruses:
1. viruses are said to have no metabolism of their own, so they are not living beings, they have no brain, so no intelligence at all. How does a non-living "part" manage to dive through the mucus that flows upwards (30 to 60 cm per hour), to "swim" into the lungs, to settle in the respiratory tract, and to actively find the body's own cells through the mucus with its spike proteins, and to dock there with the spike proteins, then to rise from the dead to reprogram these foreign cells so that they in turn produce dead, i.e. non-viable viruses?

2. after new viruses have been produced, they now change direction, why? Is their goal now no longer to dive through the mucus against the direction of flow? No they turn around and let themselves be transported upwards by the mucus in order to reach the open air by coughing? How do they do that?

3 All living things, whether plants or animals, are concerned with reproduction. Why doesn't the virus stay in place and multiply merrily instead of taking the dangerous route of being coughed up and never finding another human to multiply?

4. worms also stay in the intestine, lay eggs which are then excreted. The worm itself does not want to go outside. Imagine mice finding a cheese warehouse and gorging themselves. Instead of staying in the warehouse, they wander off into the cold, heat, desert, etc. to die miserably? Viruses thrive perfectly in a comfortable body temperature of 37 degrees. Why then do the seasons play a role in infection? After being coughed up in the spring, the viruses have to survive the summer and then strike again in the winter. Is this a good survival strategy?

5 Do vaccination pressures actually create mutants? How does a virus know that it is being vaccinated? How does a virus know that other people are also being vaccinated? Since the virus cannot replicate in a vaccinated person, how can this virus develop the mutant in the first place?



I add:

Have you ever asked yourself what forces such a claimed "virus" would have to muster in order to do what is attributed to it?
All virologists define that a virus has no metabolism of its own and is biochemically dead.
How, however, something dead can develop the power to get through
- skins,

- fasciae and membranes of the organs..,

- the linings of the vessels, and against the mucous flow of the mucous membranes..,

- to penetrate through the tough connective tissue mass (which surrounds all cells)?

This is no longer an open question, but a disproved myth that developed in our history.




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This video about viruses is nicely done manipulation. You do not need to worry about GMO food, because GMO is only artifact of preparation method... Simple don´t you? :) Are you sure, this is the only way of preparation of biological samples for TEM? For use of particular method you need to know limitations to have meaningfull outcome...

An introduction to sample preparation and imaging by cryo-electron microscopy for structural biology


Cryo TEM sample preparation using Vitrobot


Nobody will use method where are you not able to distinguish between sample and artifacts...that man is a snake charmer. You have particular methods for use with biological samples exactly because they are "fragile".