Covid: “vaccination victims” file criminal charges against Swissmedic and doctors

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Covid: “vaccination victims” file criminal charges against Swissmedic and doctors


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David enters the ring against Goliath

Dear Readers
A warning beforehand: today's newsletter will be long. The reason is simple: the topic is too explosive. Now it's all about the big picture. We at Transition News also have a special relationship with the protagonist, lawyer Philipp Kruse. But more about that later.


Together with his colleagues, lawyer Dr. Markus Zollinger and lawyer Daniel Liechti, Kruse has filed a criminal complaint against Swissmedic, the Swiss regulatory authority for therapeutic products.


The lawyers were supported in this by numerous scientific greats (TTV and TN reported).
The criminal complaint is explosive. Kruse speaks of the "greatest danger to human health caused by medicinal products and which has already occurred" that has ever occurred in Switzerland.


Swissmedic is mainly responsible for this. On more than 300 pages, the lawyers meticulously list the failures of the authority, which in the eyes of the lawyers is partly to blame for the fact that the health of many people suffered massive damage after the "vaccinations" against Corona.


Kruse, who can certainly be credited with rhetorical brilliance, takes Swissmedic to task. Speaking about them at yesterday's press conference at Zurich airport, he said:

 "Swissmedic has created a danger for the population by authorising these new drug substances against Covid-19. And it has failed to adequately control this danger by means of effective product monitoring."

He further accuses the regulatory authority of not having correctly informed the public about the actual risks and dangers of mRNA injections. Scientific studies and data have long since shown that the mRNA "vaccines" would pose a far greater danger to people's health than the pathogen SARS-CoV-2, against which the mRNA injections are supposed to protect.


It is precisely because of the unprecedented vaccination campaign that the "health of the public is at risk" today. As a result of the vaccination campaign, health damage has occurred that would not otherwise have occurred.


Kruse and Co. know what they are talking about: they represent several vaccination victims who are still suffering from terrible side effects today. People who believed the authorities in the past, but who now realise that they were not told the truth. They are sad stories: Two vaccination victims described their suffering at the press conference at the airport.


Among them was Mai T. J., now 44, a trained clerk. After the mRNA injections, life is no longer the same for her. T. J. had to go to hospital immediately after the third dose. Shortly afterwards she was diagnosed with severe rheumatoid arthritis. The 44-year-old is now in a wheelchair and is only 50 per cent able to work.


She has not been able to take care of herself for 11 months. She feels left alone. "I have received little to no help from the authorities and health insurance companies," she said at the press conference. She has to bear most of the health costs herself. Life is only possible thanks to family, Spitex and friends.


"It is important to me that the side effects of vaccinations are recognised and that people no longer close their eyes to them. There are really very serious side effects of vaccinations," T. J. continues. She wishes that vaccination victims like her would finally be taken seriously by the media.


According to Kruse, such stories of suffering could have been prevented if Swissmedic had done its job. For the lawyers, there is a suspicion that the regulatory authority could have been guilty of "multiple (possibly) intentional, possibly also negligent, violations of the duty of care under the law on therapeutic products".


Furthermore, Kruse and Co. accuse the authority, among other things, of violating the reporting obligations under the law on medicinal products, the ban on advertising under the law on medicinal products and of negligent homicide. The lawyers are also targeting doctors who administered the mRNA injections to vaccination victims.


It is interesting to note that Kruse and his comrades-in-arms filed the criminal complaint four months ago. But hardly anything has happened so far, at least they don't know. A case has been opened against still unknown vaccinating doctors. But so far there has been no real progress in the main proceedings.


Kruse does not know whether the proceedings have already been initiated. When asked at the press conference, the lawyers did not say which public prosecutor's office was responsible - according to the NZZ, it was the public prosecutor's office of the Canton of Bern.


One important reason for holding the press conference in public and in the media was to increase the pressure on the judicial authorities to the maximum. Because it should already be clear by now: The Kruse and Co. vs. Swissmedic case is a battle between David and Goliath.
The demanded criminal proceedings must be seen as a kind of litmus test: How much rule of law is there left in Switzerland? Hardly any public prosecutor's office in this country will enthusiastically take up the criminal charges and initiate proceedings. Because this is a matter of the nitty-gritty.
If Swissmedic were to be held legally accountable, it would cast the government's Corona policy in a very bad light. The government and its accomplices will probably pull out all the stops to prevent this. And the Swiss courts and prosecutors' offices have certainly not proven to be an independent judiciary during the "pandemic" so far.
But without wanting to be misunderstood: Optimism is definitely in order. For the wind is gradually beginning to turn. That is certain. Remarkably, from the NZZ to the Tages-Anzeiger, titles of CH-Media to SRF, all the major media reported extensively on yesterday's press conference.
This is a novelty. Still as Corona-Transition (the forerunner of Transition News), together with several organisations from the civil rights movement, we filed a criminal complaint against the task force in spring 2021. Accusation: frightening the population. The complaint has been before the Federal Supreme Court since July. The media interest in it: non-existent.
The plaintiffs' association "Wir Menschen" experienced something similar most recently, filing a criminal complaint against the Federal Office of Public Health at the end of September 2022. Here too: No media interest whatsoever. The most recent criminal complaint is quite different. Philipp Kruse and his team made it as far as the daily news on Swiss television SRF.
And the rest of the major media also paid due attention to the issue. It is true that many newspapers still convey the image that "vaccinations" have saved many lives and that the "cost-benefit ratio" is positive overall. This tenor was to be expected.
Nevertheless, some reports were unusually factual and differentiated. A development that may come as a surprise at first glance. But it is also clear: the disastrous vaccination policy of the authorities has long since reached the mainstream.
And that is a good thing. Probably many citizens now know people who have suffered since the mRNA injections. The matter can no longer be swept under the carpet. It seems that the sovereignty of interpretation is beginning to crumble more and more.
Kruse and his team have done important work! And that makes us at Transition News particularly happy. Corona-Transition had already supported Kruse in 2020, at that time still under Christoph Pfluger. At a time when "David" had not yet reckoned with facing Goliath in the judicial ring.
Rafael Lutz



google translate: ( following graph formation as accurate as possible)
Risk increasing factors
Despite the constant warning signals, Swissmedic continued to expand the approvals.
-Inadequate animal studies. Elementary investigations omitted
Temporary approvals
-Temporary approval with 2-month dates instead of the usual 12 months
-Control groups dissolved: clinical trials almost worthless
-Toxic impurities First information in the approval documents
19/12/2020 from 16 yrs on
-Lipid nanoparticles: Potentially carcinogenic, harmful to fertility and the fetus
-Late effects: indications of possible neurological diseases and autoimmune diseases
-Comimaty suspected cases: 42,086 side effects, 1,200 deaths
04.06.2021 from 12 years
-Approval studies: Lack of proof of effectiveness in adolescents
-Fake data in Comimaty pivotal study
-Clinical Studies Comirnaty: 46 deaths (1.5%) in the post-marketing phase
-Teenagers: 6x higher risk for myocarditis than for severe Covid disease
10.12.2021 from 6 years
-Suspected cases CH, EU, USA: 13,632 reported deaths, 
-Lipid nanoparticles: Potentially carcinogenic, harmful to fertility and the fetus 
-EU, US: 2177 stillbirths after Comimaty, 810 stillbirths after Spikevax 1'095'777 side effects¹2
Alarm signal: Control groups dissolved: clinical trials almost worthless 
-128 publications on heart problems, 
-223 on coagulation disorders, 
-7 on possible fatalities
-Manufacturer's Declaration: Safety profile in pregnant & lactating women unknown
-EU, US: 2177 stillbirths after Comimaty, 
-810 stillbirths after Spikevax
-Male fertility: sperm concentration 150 days after the 2nd vaccination»> 15.9% lower than before