Control = Science ;No Control = No Science

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Control for virology
Virologists use tiny parts of the human body in their experiments. For example, by introducing a swab through the nose, the swab comes into contact with the human body. As a result of the contact, the swab contains:
1. Human cells and vesicles
2. Human microbiome (bacteria, yeasts...)
3. Virologists claim that an alleged virus can be found on the swab.

Then, the human body parts from the swab are mixed with the monkey body parts from the “cell cultures”. If, with the help of a microscope, tiny circles of around 100 nm in size are detected in the said mixture, virologists call this procedure "virus isolation".
The mixture:

Nucleic acids are then extracted not from the tiny circles but from the aforementioned mixture.
Bioinformaticians combine short nucleic acids from the mixture into longer nucleic acids, in a computer. The constructed longer nucleic acid is declared as an genome of alleged virus.

Virologists and bioinformaticians never check (CONTROL) whether it is possible to get the same genome if the whole experiment is carried out from beginning to the end but without the use of swabs (patient sample).
The correct control would be to take a sample from a healthy person also, and to try to generate target-virus. Ideally, the evaluation by the laboratory as well as bioinformaticians should be blinded.
If this is possible then viruses in humans do not exist.
Virologists misinterpret their experimental results because they never performed the specified CONTROL.
There is about 300.000 Covid-19 studies and not a single one virologist conducted and documented the CONTROL.
Control = Science
No Control = No Science
This is an urgent situation in Science.
Please, inform and educated your authorities fast with this document and ask authorities and virologists to urgently implement and document the described control.

This illustrations are based on “Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 from Patient with Coronavirus Disease, United States”