James McCumiskey and Ilsedora Laker Interview 2021.05.03



Take aways 
Shedding -Cross-infection through vaccination ( around minute 10)

we know science has never been able to cross infect
- in GNM ( German New Medicine)  it is absolutely ridiculous
- symptoms that women are getting as a result of so called shedding process- we are looking at procreation conflicts eg.  a young couple  is facing vaccination for sterilisation ,( known in alternatives circles), facing  a global pandemic where they do not want to bring a child into this world.
A client  close  to menopause faced tremendous menstrual cycle that has nothing to do with ovulation but it has to do with the  function of the uterus ,  has to do with the fact that the daughter will not be able to procreat , there will be no future for heir , no future for grandchildren if there will be grandchildren. So a uterus in a post menopausal women will react to this kind of conflict.
You would have women that would have no menstrual cycle or you would have women that would develop irregular  menstrual cycles . This is purely a biological reaction to what is going on.
We know it is a shocking situation where you do not want to bring a child into this world.
We have never experiences anything like this globally.
Amandha Vollmer - talks there might be some form of energy transfer.
When you have a biological shock or DHS ( Dirk Hamer Shock - https://en.germanische-heilkunde-dr-hamer.com/germanische/dhs ) it is a biological conflict. It is very energetic
-Ebola - there were people caught pouring formaldehyde into the water system. If you look at the symptoms that have to deal with Ebola they are exactly the same as formaldehyde poisoning.
- The ‘vaccine’  contain a tremendous amount of poisoning, 
In GNM we know that when you take a  pharmaceutical the side effect really depends on preexisting conflicts or healing conflicts. This is why there are so many reactions when someone takes a drug.or pharmaceutical and that is why there are so many reactions when someone takes a shot. So it really depends on what the individual has already going on.
The nanoparticles that they class as adjuvants are not listed and they reck havoc on the physical body.
Sexual diseases ( eg. prostitute  ) have to do more with dirtiness and wanting to be separated. eg, genital wards- that is a separation conflict ( wanting to be separated or not wanting to be separated)
eg. a woman that finds out her husband has been playing around and may transmit something to her.
GNM- If you understand the kind of conflict that caused the symptom it can disolve very quickly, if you understand the conflict and allow it to go.
The procreation conflict takes place in the sensory cortex which is about separation.
Biologically does not happen in the animal kingdom, they do not see such things as a rape, molestation.
This is exclusive in humans because biologically we are meant to procreate , 1-2 times per year. So when we have these conflicts, when our procreation is challenged the relay in the brain that is responsible for ovulation in women is going to be affected.
What to tell people who believe in shedding, that means more separation . If people do not understand Dr Hamer, the biological conflicts then you are stuck.
The way people are stuck to their ipod, etc , they are in a trans. You cannot transfer a poison from one person to another, you have to ingest  it.
If they believe these persons are toxic and can transmit a toxin to them and make them sick , can you do that with radiation?
Human are complex being, we operate on so many different levels, not only the here and now.
We have a subconscious mind that can reck havoc on us 24/7 unless we keep it in check.
When we have a biological shock , all the information relevant to the biological shock registers in the subconscious mind . It is there, believe or or not, for our benefit. Sees it as the warning sign when the subconscious is reawakened and gives us a symptom.
 It is its way of trying to create awareness that we  are  either in the same position or  the same thing just happened. That is what we call tracks in the GNM.
Tracks are what really is responsible for our chronic conditions. 
Tracks  are triggers. There are billions of information that go through our psyche at the moment of a  biological shock , of course, the most important bits will register.
But, the subconscious is our memory bank, so hold all of that information and whenever we have an exposure to bits of information, or important bits of information then we get a biological reaction, it is a reminder.
Allergies ( around minute 40)
When you have an allergy it is a reaction to the substance that you were ingesting that was associated with a negative experience.
If you have an orange when you have a biological shock  and that biological shock involved a separation , next time you eat an orange it is going to provide a trigger and give you hives. Because hives and skin conditions are all about separation. What is more amazing, once you understand the situation that gave you the allergies you get rid of them.
Virology disproven- see Dr Stefan Lanka, Immanuel Project
Respiratory symptoms
GNM verifies on an embryonic level that there is no such thing as a virus. 
Any so called viral reaction is an inflammatory process in the system. So it is our own body creating the inflammation to heal the cells that were damaged during the conflict active phase.
That is the same thing that happens when we have the flu.
The flu which has primarily more to do with respiratory infections and more recently with bronchitis or pneumonia where during the conflict active phase we just have the stress. We had no symptoms except for the stress , the fear.
This is the biological fear with some kind of an aggression . This can be within your home, in your work place or could be in general in the world that we live in. If there is a violence going on in your neighbourhood , then, you will have this fear.
So you have the stress , the cold hands, poor appetite, there may be some weight loss, wakeup at 3 am. But as soon as we come to terms with the stress we go into the healing phase we go into the inflammatory phase to do  with the bronchi , the cough.
When we have fear for our existence added to that healing phase, that means we will develop  fluid in the lungs and that is what we commonly call viral pneumonia.
These are all healing phases.
We already designated some inflammatory processes, eg  Inflammation of the bile ducts can occur with or without with or without the hepatitis.
Dr Hamer and Dr Lanka, these are two geniuses that met at the right time in the history of medicine.
What is going on now has absolutely divided the communities , the virus and non virus existence, there are two  different communities. 
We are looking at two different philosophies  and hopes science will prevail. The science we talk about is Dr Hamer’s.
Bacterial, Fungal infections explained under GNM
They are all healing phases. Bacteria and fungi do not make us ill.
Bacteria and fungi do not make themselves evident until we have resolved something.
We have to understand the age of these microbes to be able to understand how they connect to specific tissues.
Fungi and micro-bacteria such as TB, are the oldest in the microbial world ,they have an affinity for the oldest cells in our body which are the endodermal tissues. 
So , they will not affect other tissues in our body but only those particular kind of cells.
If there was such a thing as a contagion theory our bodies would be actually ridden  with these fungi or micro-bacteria . These kind of infections are contained to that specific kind of tissue and they only become evident when we resolve a conflict. 
And they have a special purpose. They are really there to degrade whatever cells have multiplied during the conflict active phase. 
And here we are primarily looking at cancers that are known as adenocarcinoma and they are controlled by a specific part of the brain, the oldest part of it , the ponds of the brain stem. And they control the oldest tissues as well as the oldest microbes. Each have a place during the conflict active phase and the resolution phase, they serve a purpose.
Eg. in the lungs you have a TB ‘infection’ . 
That is because the TB bacteria in the lung are degrading cells in the lung that developed during the conflict active phase with respect to the fear of death. 
So this is another ‘epidemic’ that we had in the last century. TB bacteria are not transmissible as they thought , they multiply in our system during the conflict active phase. 
However they remain pathogenic until you resolve the conflict and this is when they are allowed to do their job. The degree of conflict activity will determine how many bacteria will multiply in the conflict active phase. Everything is in perfect ratio. 
The reason why the people  die in the so called ‘epidemic’s’ after WWI there was a big epidemic is because  food  was  scarce , they had no nutrition, they were malnourished.
When you have this kind of a healing phase going on, our bodies need proteins. In those days proteins were scarce. Most people had to become vegan or vegetarian, they ate one meal a day if they were lucky after WW I , in Europe at least.
It is this horrific situations that people have to deal with.
Parasites, Worms - they are cleanup crew.
We have parasites that are indigenous to our climate, our species , other to different climate. 
eg. when you go to India they have different parasites their bodies become acclimatised and are able to control it .However, when we go there we have a different  constitution we might develop a parasitic infection that we may do much worst than they would. 
However , the parasite is still there as a cleanup crew to degrade and get rid of some kind of pathology that developed during the conflict active phase.
This is why we see parasites in the digestive tract, to eat up the waste that is caused by the degrading tumour.
The point is that everything is in symbiosis.
There is no such thing as bad bacteria. Dr Hamer took the bad out of biology.
Our body is working for our benefit all the time.
The bacteria are there to do a job, they are dormant in our system and only become evident when they need to do a job in our system, including the TB micro-bacteria.
The problem is that we have taken so many antibiotics in the last half a century beginning with penicillin and we have really done a great job at destroying the natural terrain in our bodies.
We have created all kinds of imbalances. Dr Hamer ended up calling us sorcerer’s apprentices because we are messing with nature. Nature always tries to find its balance and we go against that.
We have misinterpreted our symptoms, the entire process by thinking something bad is happening in the body.
Why many of the critical scientists doctors keep the disproven virology?
They are all qualified people and are hearing there is no virus  , surely they should be looking into that .
- Thinks most of them are afraid of loosing their license ,for one.
Plus they would have to relearn everything they have been taught from day one, reevaluating absolutely everything what they have practiced in their medical career.
- Sees exactly the same process medical doctors went through when Dr Hamer made his announcement about the first biological  law , the iron rule of cancer. 
Pathology occur only after you had a biological conflict. And , of course, he lost his licence because he did not refute his own findings. But any doctor that agreed with him were also had the threat of loosing their license. 
- Then, there is this element of needing to reevaluate everything that you have done with your patients. Can you imagine if every doctor embraced what Dr Hamer has discovered, thinks they would have a massive self-devaluation.
Finding out that everything that you have done was wrong.Hard to accept.
There is a difference between a doctor that questions oneself and a doctor that is being told that everything they have been doing was wrong who will bluntly refuse to look at the evidence. The doctors that have been questioning are the one open to it and will lead us into the future of medicine. 
Dr Lanka control experiment proves there is no virus.
If Project Immanuel is successful , they will really have to chose, are we going to be stuck in the old paradigm or are they going to be open enough to accept pure biology after Hamer.
Dr Hamer changed the face of biology single handily and he managed to  do this in the first 2-3 years after he embarked on his journey of discovery. It is quite extraordinary how quickly he put all the pieces together, after that  it was just a matter of confirming from patient to patient.
Over a year on  and more people are waking up, a lot of people cannot see through it ,just  mind-boggling.
Canadians are waking but slowly, a lot of law suits going on.
This is an opportunity as Dr Hamer and Dr Lanka’s work is getting more attention. We have to seize the opportunity to get the word out. 
Refuting the virus may not happen just now as people are still in a trans, a similar trans that a cancer patient goes through when they have their diagnosis.
They are in fear of their survival and that is all consuming for a lot of people. But it is so frustrating  when someone does something stupid about it and one has to remind oneself they are under threat , but the awakening is  not happening  as fact as one hoped.
We have to allow the others to awaken at the right time or when the threat is over for them.
Perhaps taking the ‘vaccine ‘ is their answer. To the contrary , the vaccines will be responsible for a huge amount of illness and death.
When we look at what vaccines do and how they affect the physical body it is absolutely shocking when you understand what they are really doing.
Of course, when you have a biological shock it creates some activity in the body, so when you get the shot it is going to go to that weak point. This is one of the reason why everyone has a different response to the so called vaccine, it is a matter what is already going on in their system. 
We know from the predisposition that gives us that reaction to a drug or pharmaceutical,  it is going to be exactly the same thing when you get the vaccine , it is going to go to the weakest point. 
So if someone has a blood disorder will develop thrombocytopenia , if have a heart disease it is going to create a worst problem there. If some of these nanoparticles get stuck in the muscle it is going to cause a blood clot. A blood clot can cause a 
Nanoparticle ( carry mRNA? unproven claim) will cause the foetus to abort esp in first trimester.
Nanoparticle , which are inert ie cannot be carried out of the system,  can cause massive inflammation in the body. They are there forever no matter what kind of a detox you want to do after you get the vaxx the nanoparticles will be part of your body forever and they will  reck havoc in whatever you have going on already, scary business.
Not wishing anyone ill  , but unfortunately  , what may wake people up when there will be more damage from vaccines. With ‘Spanish flu’ they covered up the vaccine damage but this will be more difficult to cover up.
Medical professionals just believe in what they have been taught , germ theory of disease and cellular pathology  ie. that disease comes out of a cell, which are just wrong.
As for vaccination to give immunity has been wrong from the start. No vaccine is good.
The medical professionals believe it as absolute truth, it is very difficult to change that , may happen when they realise the extend of the vaccine damage.
The agenda is rolling out and we have to stamp it. Is it too little to late?
There is still an opportunity, more people are wakimg up, maybe not to the so called  virus theory.
Why people make bad decisions around their health? 
Maybe it is a form of natural selection given what we are going through now.
For whatever reasons there are people who just refuse to believe , they will take the ‘vaxx’ because they do not want to have any restriction , they want to travel, visit friends, go to theatre, party etc. But with the vaxx there is no guarantee, still need restrictions.
There is a movement in Canada , ‘Just say no’ before they know.
We know it has been planned and there is an element of population reduction. They are getting away with it because of the collective belief in germ theory of disease, belief in viruses and vaccination against phantom viruses.
What are they doing in these labs?
They believe they are doing their job , absolutely misguide. They  are the people most difficult to convince that there are no  such thing as a virus.
They paid for their education and it has cost them a lot of money to get their degrees in their  subject so they are not going to back down any time soon.