Marvin vs Virology: COVID Taken To Court



It's rumbling in the judges' scene - the next victory in court 

Hamburg judge prefers to let the state pay than to hear viral evidence question!

Requests for evidence and documents here.$/

Another hearing took place today at the Hamburg-Mitte District Court.

Weeks ago, together with Marvin Haberland and our objection, as well as motions for evidence on the question of the existence of the virus, we apparently made the public prosecutor's office sweat a lot.

The result: judge sick, case postponed indefinitely.

Today: motions for evidence on the question of the existence of a virus filed, case closed. The costs of the proceedings will be borne by the state.

We have always emphasised that the most important question is that of clear proof of the existence of a virus 

Takeaway from video

Marvin is still waiting for a date .
But another case, about a person having met with a few others during lockdown. Marvin and a few were in the audience.

Judges said from his view happened a while ago and the legal situation has changed.
Firstly did want to accept the document for proof of no virus.

The person insisted, the judge , then ,rejected them, then said I'll put them there.
Therefore there was no judgment given, the procedure is now closed.

It is difficult for the judges to deal with it, simple cases they tune in, more complicated one we will have to see.
Marvin is still waiting for a date for this case , possible December.


motions for evidence for virus existence

proof Request from

1. the University of Melbourne's Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity

2. Statement of a SARS-CoV-2 virologist (under oath)

3. on isolation and biochemical characterization Rules of the DFG to ensure good scientific practice

4. Guideline 11 of the DFG: code on methods and standards

5. Inquiries/answers to control tests to/from two Sars-Cov-2 virologists from France