Hamburg court case 19.10.2022

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"Hamburg court case 19.10.2022: Sensational interview with Marvin Haberland and Torsten Engelbrecht ❗️

Neither the RKI, nor the Pasteur Institute (Paris) carried out control tests. The matter is clear

At last, the first interview with defendant Marvin Haberland has been published. We at @Corona_Facts could not have wished for a more suitable person than Marvin for this task, to support him in the trial as promised. With his knowledge of the weaknesses of virology and his confident demeanour, we are sure that we can only win.

In a unique court case, Marvin Haberland wants to have it clarified whether "SARS-CoV-2" has been proven. In an interview, the engineer explains why he is focusing on the question of whether control experiments were carried out in the detection studies. By Torsten Engelbrecht

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Now it's getting serious - All or nothing❗️

We depend on your help, so we ask you to print out this information and distribute it widely in Hamburg, e.g. by handing it out personally at the Saturday demos. However, there are no limits to your imagination!

Dear HAMBURGER and all others!

Have you ever heard that the existence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus is questioned by many scientists worldwide?

Did you know that there is no isolate in pure culture anywhere in the world, no control experiments have been carried out or documented, the genome is a purely mathematical construct that exists only virtually, and the rules of the German Research Foundation have not been observed?

No ...! Then you now have a one-time opportunity at a hearing on the

Wednesday, 19 October 2022 at 2:45 pm , at the District Court, Sievekingplatz 1 in 20355 Hamburg,
courtroom 201a, 1st floor

to be present. On this day, nothing less than the question of the existence of viruses and the observance of scientific rules will be at stake.


Our strategy is unique!

Should the judge insist that the control tests be carried out, the fraud of the lack of control tests will come to light.

Should the judge not insist, it confirms that scientificity is not required in virology.

It's a catch-22 because both decisions will collapse the scientific virus narrative.

✅ Objection and 5 motions for evidence

✅ Proof of virus existence requested

✅ Control experiments demanded


Lawyer support also in first instance would be desirable, please get in touch with Telegram user @Notisolate (click)

We are grateful for any support, tip and numerous audience on site. Let's use this chance together and increase the pressure on those responsible❗️


All documents and information about the court case( see link, source)

All details about the trial

Interview on the trial"

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Prof. Olivier Schwartz, head and scientific director of the Pasteur Institute (Paris) personally confirmed: "We have not carried out any control tests" ❗️


After we had published the complete mail correspondence with the Swiss colleagues, up to the highest instances, in which they had to admit that they could neither prove a virus isolate nor control attempts (on record by the Kruse law firm),


we have now done so for France, up to the world's leading basic research centre for biology and medicine, the Pasteur Institute, and publish it herewith. 


Our email correspondence with the French colleagues [Here].


Our correspondence with the Swiss colleagues [Part 1] | [Part 2]“



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 Prof. Marius Ilie et. al: Negative controls were also positive❗️


 This confirms: They are not "disease-causing viruses"


Marius Ilié et. al. from the "Université Côte d'Azur - Faculty of Medicine" confirmed to us on written request not only that they carried out control experiments, but also confirmed the results we had published through our own control experiments. 


The authors of the publication "Setting-Up a Rapid SARS-CoV-2 Genome Assessment by Next-Generation Sequencing in an Academic Hospital Center (LPCE, Louis Pasteur Hospital, Nice, France)", which involved over 20 scientists, replied:


 Prof. Marius Ilie et. al: "[...] Since then, however, we have also sequenced negative samples in routine practice and, interestingly, NGS finds some weakly positive samples."



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If the negative controls were positive, this is also positive for the "No Virus Team", because it confirms what Dr. Lanka has been working out since 1992 and which more and more experts who do not work for the state or the pharmaceutical industry as wage earners are following!


Since we know what has been happening in the background in the last few months in terms of virus clarification, and will soon be made public, we can already foresee now, without being prophets, that the silence strategy and the "later, now is not the right time" strategy will not work. 


With the virus evidence issue, the few who have to fight against silence and suppression even in the critical camp and who are not allowed to work on an equal footing with the virus-believing Corona critics, have to avert the fate for all foreseen by the elite at the last minute.


The elite want digital control, that can only be done with fear control, therefore with pandemics and vaccination subscription and a control app, without which you are not allowed to do anything. Switch to digital money with a wallet app, no more cash, even more control and threats to block the apps if you are not obedient.


The procrastinators and ignoramuses of the virus evidence issue will not succeed in stopping the enslavement with their criticisms of ingredients, study interpretations and other trivialities, because excuses and excuses and new bogus studies are possible for each of these criticisms.


However, if the masses were to understand and support the virus evidence issue, it would cause a considerable stir if it became generally clear that the claimed disease-causing viruses do not exist. Then no more excuses would be possible and the vaccination subscription app as an access to all social life would no longer be possible.


Only with this main question, the Gretchen question, can one effectively stop the oncoming evil. And that is precisely why it is so massively fought and suppressed. Even by most critical channels. This must change soon!