Dr. Mark Bailey Bids Farewell to Virology

“ Virology invented the virus model but has consistently failed to fulfil its own requirements. It is claimed that viruses cause disease after transmitting between hosts such as humans and yet the scientific evidence for these claims is missing. One of virology’s greatest failures has been the inability to obtain any viral particles directly from the tissues of organisms said to have “viral” diseases. In order to obfuscate this state of affairs, virologists have resorted to creating their own pseudoscientific methods to replace the longstanding scientific method, as well as changing the dictionary meaning of words in order to support their anti-scientific practices. For instance, an “isolated” isolate does not require the physical existence of the particles in order to be afforded “isolation” status.”
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"For anyone looking for the abridged version of Dr. Mark Bailey's fantastic "A Farewell to Virology," Eric Coppolino and I compiled some of the best quotes from the 67-page essay. While it was difficult to wittle down and I highly recommend reading the whole masterpiece, we got it to a 19-page Word document that can act as a highlight reel of goodies!




 Credit for the amazing photo of Mark crushing it goes to William Huston"