An excellent compendium of Dr. Harold Hillman's work:


How much modern biology is a fraud?

The revolutionary work of Harold Hillman MB, BSc, MRCS, PhD, and others.





A comment


Last one for tonight— brilliant comment from @johnblaid on my recent sub-stack article:


“One side stands for the truth which is that there is a lack of scientific evidence for the existence of "viruses", the other side turns a blind eye to the truth because of various reasons, that is the difference and the true divide here. Do we stand for the truth or do we not? 


Claiming that this issue is irrelevant shows me that you fail to recognize the consequences of this lie because this isn't just about the existence of "viruses", this is about so much more than that. 


So what are some of the ramifications of non-existent “viruses”?


- There are no deaths or illnesses attributed to “viruses”

- There are no mutations, variants or strains of “viruses”

- There are no “spike proteins”

- There are no valid tests for “viruses” like antigen, antibody or PCR tests

- There are no valid statistics related to “viruses” like “infection rates”, cases or mortality rates

- There is no such thing as “herd immunity”, “natural immunity“ or “immunity“

- The real purpose of “antibodies” more properly called globulins is something else entirely

- There are no reasons to fear your friends, family, neighbors and fellow men and women

- There are people getting harmed and killed because of misdiagnosis and mistreatment in hospitals and care homes

- There are no justifications for injections that are experimental or otherwise

- There are no justifications for the creation of policies, recommendations and laws based on non-existent “viruses”

- There are no justifications for the wearing of masks, social distancing, self isolation, forced isolation and restriction of travel

- There are no justifications for shutting down businesses and the economy

- There are no justifications for a “health pass” or “vaccine passport”

- The real reasons behind these symptoms wrongfully attributed to “viruses” have never been seriously investigated and addressed where no real prevention can occur


I would also point out that it's entirely possible to focus on the "virus" issue and stand against the injections, in fact, you have a lot better foundation to stand on when arguing against toxic injections if you understand the "virus" issue. Why? Because no injection past, present or future can ever be safe or be made safe where there are only unnecessary risks of harm and death involved. In other words, the safety and efficacy of injections becomes irrelevant once you understand the "virus" issue since the injections lack a solid scientific foundation to stand on. 


This is what too many people fail to recognize where people waste countless of hours on irrelevant debates about their safety and efficacy. So ask yourself this, what is the point of having any injection when they can't possibly help you against that which lacks scientific evidence of even existing? Isn't that the most solid argument against these injections? 

 Unless we address the "virus" issue once and for all we will forever be fighting against various injections like people have already done for centuries.”