No Virus Isolation

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Prof. Christian Drosten: We have never succeeded in isolating viruses in cell cultures !


On 5 December 2020, Prof. Streeck still said that he had isolates in the fridge, but he was never able to produce them, not even for the 1.5 million euros we had advertised.


On 09.05.2021, six months later, Prof. Drosten confirmed that they had never succeeded in isolating the virus. 


Today we know that nobody in the world is able to isolate one of the claimed disease-causing viruses, not even Zhengli Shi. We have put this in writing.




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WHO confirms - Working with cell cultures can create artificial gene sequences that did not exist before. At the same time, they recommend that this should no longer be done!. We 


...In its guidance document of 8 January 2021 "Genomic sequencing of SARS-CoV-2", WHO confirms the problem of artificially generated gene sequences when working with cell cultures. 


 "Levels high following culture, but culture may induce artificial variants".


it goes on to say❗️:


 "For samples with a low viral load, the proportion of viral genetic material can theoretically be increased by allowing the virus to replicate in cell culture. [...] In addition, passage in cell culture can result in artificial mutations in the sequences, which were not present in the original clinical sample. This can have major implications for subsequent analyses. Using cell culture solely for the purpose of amplifying virus genetic material for SARS-CoV-2 sequencing should therefore be avoided".


What does this admission mean ❓?


Virologists use the term: "isolation in cell culture".  This involves producing a mixture of RNA from a human and/or a monkey, a bacterium or a cow with admixtures of foreign and harmful substances.


Now the WHO also confirms that this process produces complementary gene sequences that were not present in the sample and are erroneously incorporated in the construction of a viral genome. 


Virologists do not use the word "isolation" in the true sense of the word isolation and get suspiciously nervous when asked about it. They understand "isolation" to mean the production of an effect in the laboratory, the so-called cytopatic effect, which they at the same time call


a) infection


b) proof of the presence of a virus


c) proof of its multiplication


d) proof of the destructive power of the supposed virus.


In reality, they kill tissues and cells in the laboratory unnoticed and unknowingly - by starvation and poisoning. This circumstance causes morphological changes in the supposedly "infected" cells. 


This fact alone, as well as many others, compels the performance of control experiments, which have demonstrably never been performed and have been confirmed in writing. In this way, all virologists violate the guidelines of good scientific practice, in which all results must be consistently self-doubted.




-WHO Source: [p.40 & p.43]


- 10 examples of relevant publications for this approach. 


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