When is an ISOLAT an ISOLAT !? (Wann ist ein ISOLAT ein ISOALT - with english subtitles)


"When is an ISOLAT an ISOLAT !?

The second video on VirusTHEORY is devoted to "virus" isolation and claimed isolates. It shows where the approach of virology deviates from the clearly established scientific guidelines, and that the isolates claimed by virology are NOT isolates.

In this video we show you how to isolate a structure in a scientifically correct way and what the two authoritative studies from China really did. You will be surprised.

This video was created in collaboration with Corona Facts (https://t.me/Corona_Fakten) for the format "Beginners - The Video Series for Scientific Laymen" and gives them the opportunity to check out all the facts and figures for themselves.

- 1. Artikel: Machtwerk - Einstieg in die Widerlegung der Virusbehauptung: (https://telegra.ph/Alle-Publikationen-auf-einem-Blick---Warum-diese-Arbeiten-kein-pathogenes-Virus-nachweisen-02-08)
- 2. Artikel: Analyse aller Publikationen auf einen Blick – warum diese Arbeiten kein pathogenes Virus nachweisen: (https://telegra.ph/Analyse-aller-Publikationen-auf-einem-Blick---Warum-diese-Arbeiten-kein-pathogenes-Virus-nachweisen-02-12"

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