COVID-19 is a Complete Mental Construct

COVID-19 is a Complete Mental Construct, Easy To See - Definitive End of ALL Virology - Stefan Lanka 20210925


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In Silico" Science = "science" modelled in a computer (but not seen in reality = Scientism

The old virology, until 1952, considered a virus to be a toxic protein with the capability of self-replication, so the proteins themselves were considered to be the "genetic material".

In 1952 there were some experiments which showed a protein can only be replicated when there is a nucleic acid as a catalysator.
From this experiment onwards, Virologists believed the nucleic acid was the genetic material.

Science relies on the Watch Maker Analogy Scientists, whether they realise it or not, rely on the idea that there is a Map of Life.

The Watchmaker analogy is a teleological argument. In simple terms, it states that because there is a design, there must be a designer.

Genetics Geneticists, who intrinsically rely on watchmaker analogy, when they could NOT sequence the whole strand, invented one!

Craig Venter is known for leading the first draft sequence of the human genome and assembled the first team to transfect a cell with a synthetic chromosome.

Shotgun Cloning - if we can not sequence entire strand, lets cut it into very short pieces of nucleic acid, dump it in a model and let that assemble it for him. MAGIC! Is COVID-19 A Construct?

A Complete Mental Construct! And its easy to see!"

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A relevant takeaway, rough translation and link
Summer interview with Dr Lanka German -

Disproven genetics ( known since 2000 when they came up with epigenetic to keep the theory going and 2008 even published an article in main stream media .
Genome in dissolution.

Each time they read it is something different as every nucleus has a different nucleic acid.

Craig Venter, builds a private company , gets billions of taxpayers money.
Says listen, we blast the chromosomes as cannot read the large parts, blast them into mini parts that we can read. Called shot gun cloning and sequencing.
They read the small parts , they say we multiply so much so and if take the average that is reality.

An example.
They multiply with PCR a large and diverse amount . They use a very dirty PCR in a test tube which introduces a lot of errors which get magnified at every stage.
There is such a high sequences variability and error using todays computer capacity that it is impossible to calculate it with computers in 10 years time.
They choose and organise fragments into a thought model , pure mathematics .

Shotgun sequencing -( See also -disadvantages ; presented as reality. Unbelievable , they are given billions and get away with selling a method of cheating as ‘science’ )

“The sequenced fragments are then assembled together by computer programs that find where fragments overlap.”
You can imagine shotgun sequencing as being a bit like shredding multiple copies
of a book (which in this case is a genome), mixing up all the fragments and then
reassembling the original text (genome) by finding fragments with text that overlap
and piecing the book back together again”

Dr Lanka did the control experiments with measles in the measles process.

Dr Lanka ‘s team recent control experiments.
They use normal human tissues and with 14 cycles they can get Sars Cov -2, Ebola, HIV.
They have proven, what the Americans say : ‘ You get what you pay for’.

The bioinformaticians/ virologists do 2 dirty PCRs to try to calculate something and they use over 30 cycles which ,biochemically is perverse, antiscientific.
And what they describe in their data is that they found nothing .

So they do a dirty PCR and cannot get the virus .They do a second dirty PCR.
That would mean , in practice, one would need to take 2 PCRs on a person to claim there is a virus.
But in the lab they do 2 PCR combination , one after the other .
That means that they have contradicted themselves . They describe in details that they have nothing after the first PCR.

The virus was calculated in Shanghai and not in Wuhan.
The first one that comes up with the genome is the master. The rest just repeat the steps as told.
Professor Zhang is world master of the genome.

We can prove they have cheated.
From their data , they say they took 56, 000 million fragments out of 6 trillion
molecules with which they worked. Out of those 56,000 million, half were blanked out. He told them we want the blanked out data and heard nothing .
With the 26,000 million that were not blanked out Lanka’s team could not reproduce one single step described in the Chinese paper.

The Chinese claimed the sequences are not human as could not find them in the human data base.
Thankfully , he knows a mathematician who does not want to be named and worked out that they are human sequences.
Out of the not blanked sequences he figured out how the Chinese manipulated the data to hide that it was of human origin.

Why did they blanked some out? So people cannot figure out they are human sequences. There is no calculation capacity to work out which sequence the PCR produces, the calculations stop at around 20 cycles..
The Chinese do 35-40 cycles. They produce a multitude of molecules that cannot even be calculated and choose those they need that fit into their model .

As a method it is cheating.

It is fraud.