There is no viral spike protein or ACE 2 receptor.

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There are no viral spike proteins. It is and will remain a misinterpretation


✅ ACE-2 was found in 2000; ACE-2 is practically absent from the upper airways. In 2003 it was claimed ad hoc, without any evidence, that this enzyme was the receptor for corona viruses in the lungs.


✅The substrate for this enzyme is a protein, which is formed in high concentrations when the egg cell nests and the placenta is formed, i.e. it plays a role.

This protein was previously interpreted into the model of the corona virus as a spike protein.

In other words: ACE-2 is the receptor to which the “spike protein” attaches.

In 2000 the “ACE-2” receptor was found. When coronaviruses were then claimed in 2003, which have not yet been scientifically proven, the protein that was discovered when docking to the ACE-2 was mistakenly declared as a virus protein, despite the fact that it was in the lungs this receptor does not even occur.


It is only a model, in reality there is a similar protein whose function is not known and the fear that the vaccination could affect this real protein is unjustified, since the immune models together with the cell theory are without exception refuted.

Note !!:The protein that normally exists in the body, which is passed off as a viral protein, has been changed significantly by “virologists” in the sequence in order to sell it as a viral protein.

✅It is only a model, in reality there is a similar protein whose function is not known and the fear that the vaccination could affect this real protein is unjustified, since the immune models together with the cell theory are without exception refuted.

Note!!: The protein that normally exists in the body, which is passed off as a viral protein, has been changed significantly by “virologists” in the sequence in order to sell it as a viral protein.

In the real nature of humans, however, this does not exist, only a construct is shown.



-Dr. Tipnis – A human homolog of angiotensin-converting enzyme. Cloning and functional expression as a captopril-insensitive carboxypeptidase

-Power plant – entry into the refutation of the virus claim

-Virus misinterpretation – how genome analysis creates fictitious viruses


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Spike Protein and AC2 receptor

deepl translate -Dr. Lanka is talking: Bioweapons, spike proteins, viruses etc. - with Dr. Kahler, Hörstel 2022-3-1
What do bioweapons labs do, what can gene manipulation do, plus spike proteins, viruses and media manipulation. The second interview with Dr. Lanka was so furious that we had to cut. EXCITING!
At minute  approx. 1hr 18 min 45 sec. ( German)
Rough translation/ interpretation .
We observe  artefacts under EM.
The spike protein that they claim and you have people like Bhakti who  cause unnecessary fear , fear of death, claiming they are  living time-bombs.

There is no viral spike  protein or ACE 2 receptor.


The spike protein is in reality an enzyme . 
It is found in highest concentration  the placenta , in the phase when  the seed impregnates the placenta.
Something similar based on the  nucleic acid  of that protein, the virologist integrated as spike protein when they constructed the coronavirus.
And the  ACE2 receptor ?
ACE 2  receptor does not exist - see Harold Hillman videos on youtube ther are no receptors.
They have taken the ACE2  enzyme *as a receptor . 
It was a women who discovered  ACE2 and  Pfizer bought  her to keep  her quiet.
The virologist use this ACE2  enzyme  which , same as ACE 1  , plays a role in BP but  it does  not even express itself in the lung. 
She figured that out but she was paid well by Pfizer so kept quiet.*
It was in 2003 that the virologist used a protein that exist in reality as they could take  it out of cell cultures and claimed it was the receptor. And unluckily they took the AC2 that is never expressed in the lung.
Does the AC2 receptor exists in other cells?
AC2 is an enzyme that plays and important role in BP regulation and in others function .
ACE we know ,ACE 2 plays a role in form of an isomer.
( “Isomers are molecules with the same molecular formulas, but different arrangements of atoms. “
That was misused by the virologist to give the corona a receptor  that was needed for the model. But stupidly, it was the Chinese who had  no idea what the others were doing .
There are  too many test tube shakers.
Today , they do not even do it in the lab , it is more in vitro, in silico , on computers.
They used an enzyme that exists in reality , same as with the  spike protein.
And now you have studies saying that Bhakti is correct , we now find by the jabbed the RNA from spike protein. But those you can find in anyone including the ‘non-vaccinated ‘.
Meanwhile  Bhakti suppresses the fact  that is even available  in main stream science  , in MIT  literature that these are complete artefact.
(* “ Angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) is well known for its dual actions to convert inactive Ang I to active Ang II, and degrades active bradykinin (BK), which plays an important role in controlling blood pressure. “ 
A detailed  account of ACE1 and ACE2 enzyme -
So it seems somehow the enzyme was turned into a receptor to fit the fabricated model)

It is the nanoparticles that are very dangerous.
If they quickly get into the system you do not only get blood thrombosis , but it also affects the nervous sytem.
Important to know that in the past doctors used to aspirate. If believed in vaccines it had to be responsibly administrated.

That is why sports people or if under stress one can suddenly die on camera.
Why? It is a poison.
They found in horses, if gets in the vein the horse dies within 10 minutes, no exceptions . That is why they used to aspirate in the past. But that is now forbidden, it is inexcusable. Now they are starting to talk about maybe they should aspirate.
The fact that nanoparticles are present are being ignored by Wodarg, Fuellmich and other ‘hot ‘critics.

He has  to mention the company Curevac  , as it is one of the companies with ethics. They did not develop a vaccine as are the most honest .
From 2013-2016 they voluntarily conducted  experiments, injected  mRNA in the muscle and nothing happened , not even a parameter changed. 
Because in a few milliseconds the RNA gets metabolised  . It it has to be metabolised as RNA forms out of nothing , is not stable and it adjusts to the metabolism. 
RNA gets constantly produced in all possible sequences.
talked about hyper cycles *, the RNA world . He said the whole DNA thinking is false , that was  already the ‘90’s.
  •  The hypercycle is a cycle of connected, self-replicating macromolecules. In the hypercycle, all molecules are linked such that each of them catalyses the creation of its successor, with the last molecule catalysing the first one. In such a manner, the cycle reinforces itself. Furthermore, each molecule is additionally a subject for self-replication. The resultant systemis a new level of self-organization that incorporates both cooperation and selfishness. The coexistence of many genetically non-identical molecules makes it possible to maintain a high genetic diversity of the population. ”
 As such, it explained how life on Earth could have begun using only relatively short genetic sequences, which in theory were too short to store all essential information”
 The most important properties of hypercycles are autocatalytic growth competition between cycles, once-for-ever selective behaviour, utilization of small selective advantage, rapid evolvability, increased information capacity, and selection against parasitic branches.”
And they talk about spike protein , including the 'hor'critics.


Q-What about the Ribosomes? Do they even exist?
Must read Harold Hillman. 
Starting with the ‘70 he showed that the whole cellular biology is false. 
The EM  ( electron microscope ) pictures are all false, there are no receptors, there is no water inside the cell, etc.
The Ribosomes are supposed to unfold the book of life. There is the famous RNA and that is supposed to get transformed into protein in the ribosome.
Ribosome -  translated by Dr Tom Cowan , a genial thinker , recognised that rib -o -soma means , rib of the body ( greek - soma). The idiots used mythology and incorporated it into pseudoscience.
But they have never seen ribosomes in most tissues.
What they see in some tissues  Hillman shows  with mathematical precision ie. geometry  , that what they say can be seen in a cross section should also be seen  in other sections and  this does not happen regardless of the angle.*
That  is why  ribosome , Golgi apparatus, cell membrane are artefacts that are produced at the time when in a high vacuum a completely dry sample embedded in a solution where there are heavy metals as colouring an electron beam hits the sample , it reached a minimum of  600 Grade ( C?) and at that moment that area evaporates. This evaporation leaves marks that are interpreted as reality.
Plato said, people do not trust themselves to even turn around, to see what is possible. ( Plato's Cave)
Source ( German)
Endoplasmic reticulum ( ER) 
‘“ The ER can be classified in two functionally distinct forms: smooth endoplasmic reticulum (SER) and rough endoplasmic reticulum (RER). The morphological distinction between the two is the presence of protein-synthesizing particles, called ribosomes, attached to the outer surface of the RER.”
*“ Isotropic’ shape of the endoplasmic reticulum:

« … the endoplasmic reticulum seems to be only in the plane of the picture, whenever it can be seen clearly on a micrograph. If it were either a net or a series of flattened sacs, one would expect to see it in a number of orientations, beside that in the plane of the sections. A section would cut portions of the reticulum randomly orientated within a cell. […] It is quite impossible to conceive of a three dimensional object, which can always have the same appearance in two dimensions when section is made of it in any orientation. »


The Genetic Theory has deen dispoven - article 2008


Each time they read it is something different as every nucleus has a different nucleic acid.
Craig Venter, builds a private company , gets  billions of taxpayers money.
Says  listen, we blast the chromosomes as cannot read the large parts, blast them into mini parts that we read.  Called shot gun cloning and sequencing.
They read the small parts , they say we multiply so much so and if take the average that is reality.
An example.
They multiply with PCR  a large and diverse amount . They use a  very dirty PCR in a test tube which introduces a lot of errors which get magnified  at every stage.  
There is such a high sequences variability and error using todays computer capacity that it is impossible to calculate  it with computers in 10 years time.
They choose  and organise fragments into a thought model , pure mathematics .
*See also -disadvantages ; presented as reality.  
Unbelievable ,  they are given billions and get away with selling a method of cheating as ‘science’ .
-“The sequenced fragments are then assembled together by computer programs that find where fragments overlap.”
-“ You can imagine shotgun sequencing as being a bit like shredding multiple copies of a book (which in this case is a genome), mixing up all the fragments and then reassembling the original text (genome) by finding fragments with text that overlap and piecing the book back together again”
Dr Lanka did the control experiments with measles in the measles process.
Dr Lanka ‘s team recent control experiments. They use normal human tissues and with 14 cycles hisbteam can get Sars Cov -2, Ebola, HIV. 
They have proven, what the Americans say : ‘ You get what you pay for’. 

The bioinformaticians/ virologists do 2 dirty PCRs to try to calculate something   and they use over 30 cycles which ,biochemically is perverse, antiscientific.
And what they describe in their data is that they found nothing .
So they do a dirty  PCR  and cannot get the virus .They do a second dirty PCR.
That would mean , in practice, one would need to take 2 PCRs on a person to claim there is a virus.
But in the lab they do 2 PCR  combination , one after the other .
That means  that they have contradicted themselves . They describe in details that they have nothing after the first PCR.
The virus was calculated in Shanghai and not in Wuhan.
The first one that comes up with the  genome is the master. The rest just repeat the steps as told.
Professor Chang is world master of the genome.
We can prove they have cheated. 
From their data , they say they took 56, 000 million fragments out of 6 trillion  
molecules with which they worked.  Out of those 56,000 million, half were blanked out.
He told them we want the blanked out data and heard nothing .
With the 26,000 million that were not blanked out Lanka’s team could not  reproduce one single step described in the Chinese paper.
The Chinese claimed the sequences are not human as could not find them in the human data base.
Thankfully ,  he knows a mathematician who does not want to be named  and worked out that they are human sequences. 
Out of the not blanked sequences he figured out how the Chinese manipulated the data to hide that it was of human origin.
Why did they blanked some out? So people cannot figure out they are human sequences.
There is no calculation capacity to work out which sequence the PCR produces, the calculations stop at around 20 cycles..
The Chinese do 35-40 cycles. They  produce a multitude of  molecules that cannot even be calculated and choose those they need that fit   into their model .
As a method it is cheating.
It is fraud.