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Myth disproved!
T.K. Satsang - Member of The-Veritas-GroupAugust 16, 2020
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Can the four Koch postulates be fulfilled at all? 
A view from the perspective of universal biology using the example of lung cancer, tuberculosis and CoVid-19.
Many critics of microbiology and virology are upset about the fact that virologists do not care about adherence to Koch's postulates in the context of their corona virus claims, which are still unproven, and have even never worked according to these postulates. Therefore, all virus claims are false. 
What is correct on the one hand, i.e. the truth, is not a problem for me, because I know that it is impossible to prove an infectious virus or a dangerous bacterium by following Koch's postulates. Only people who do not know that the infection theory, according to which one can quickly catch a cold, cough, measles or, in modern times, corona somewhere, is based on misconceptions of clueless "scientists", will be upset about not following the postulates. 
In fact, the infection theory has never been proven to date. However, it has been proven in various infection experiments carried out by medical doctors that it is impossible to infect oneself or other people with a disease. It is also impossible to become infected with CoVid-19, i.e. the alleged new type of corona virus. 
To date, no virus, neither a measles virus, nor a corona virus has ever been proven, even though this is repeatedly claimed by dishonest pseudo-scientists, politicians and the pathetic and government-loyal press. 
  • Where is the evidence?
Every bona fide citizen assumes that the person claiming a dangerous pathogen, such as the CoVid-19 pathogen, has proof of its existence, otherwise there would be no point in claiming an infectious pathogen. In fact, it probably doesn't even occur to you that there might be something wrong with the claims. 
How do you prove a pathogen scientifically? In medical microbiology, the field of science to which virology belongs in the broadest sense, it is about the study of microbes, bacteria, fungus-bacteria and unfortunately also viruses. You will notice that I write -unfortunately- viruses. There is a good reason for this, because virologists are researching something that does not exist in reality. There are many thousands of highly paid people working in the field of virology all over the world. Most of those who claim to be working with viruses are committing employment and scientific fraud without knowing it. I will immediately retract this claim as soon as the first scientist has proven any of the viruses that have so far only been claimed to exist in a scientifically impeccable and verifiable manner.  
To this day, virologists can claim viruses with impunity that have never been proven.
Prof. Drosten, Merkel's designated pawn, should immediately be stripped of all his dubious titles and sued for the payment of many billions of euros in damages. Unfortunately, however, this is not possible in our legal system. To this day, our state-legitimised and completely uncontrolled virologists are protected from the very top. Are Mrs Merkel and Mr Spahn holding their hands over one of the biggest scientific frauds of the 21st century? 
Honest researchers abide by established rules. If only so that other scientists can share in their possible discoveries and findings and also verify them. One describes very precisely how one discovered what, how the experiments were carried out and how one challenged oneself through control experiments. Some rules of evidence, called postulates, were first written down in the middle of the 19th century. A postulate is a kind of commandment. It describes a necessary scientific action or procedure in order to prove something credibly, to prove something that really holds up, i.e. is fact.
  • What is the point of all this effort? 
If you think of viruses, whose existence hardly anyone doubts, you ask yourself why you would develop any kind of proof postulates at all for something that really exists, that is, something that is visible or tangible. If you look out of the window and it is raining, then it is raining. If the sun is shining, then the sun is shining. Any questions? I don't have to go out of the house and get rained on to be able to say for sure that it's raining. I don't have to lie bare-chested in the blazing sun for 4 hours to be sure that the sun was actually shining because of the sunburn I suffered. 
The medical profession's false belief in infection with evil microbes, i.e. in the pathogen theory, and the demand that scientific procedures be carried out according to rules and in a uniform manner in order to obtain comparable and verifiable results, made it necessary to establish the postulates. 
With the so-called postulates written by Messrs Henle and Koch, virology has laid an egg for itself, as they say when you have fooled yourself. The postulates that have to be followed and fulfilled are at most suitable for proving the existence of bacteria and mycobacteria, but certainly not for proving that these are also infectious
But it gets worse, because for viruses the postulates are not applicable at all for various reasons. Viruses have not yet been scientifically proven by any of the state-legitimised virologists. Until today, 27 Nov. 2020, viruses have only been claimed, mentally constructed and formulated with confused arguments. With the help of very complicated computer programmes and computers with gigantic computing power, viruses are artificially created. No one has actually seen them yet and no one will see them in the future. 
Not a single illustration under which virus is written expresses reality. In general, they are lies. Every lie that is repeated over and over again eventually becomes a truth. The gullible citizens have been sworn in to something that does not exist. 
Viruses are the perfect means by which politicians instil fear in the population, which is essential to realise their plans. Fear paralyses and makes people compliant.So viruses are, at most, just an argument. The virus claim is part of a perfidious, albeit ingenious, plan to dominate us. In fact, the best way to control people is to create fear of their own death. You create fear of death and offer redemption by promising a saving vaccination. 
Anyone who claims the existence of viruses because they have supposedly proven it is lying. Anyone who uses it to scare people and cause harm should be held criminally responsible. 
Unfortunately, the conditioning of people has worked so well that by now most people believe in the existence of dangerous viruses. One only has to repeat lies over and over again to convince the masses that it is the truth. 
Everyone who is convinced of the existence of viruses today believes in phantoms, has allowed himself to be convinced by a lie and has been evolutionarily relegated back to the developmental stage of a sheep. 
The few 100,000 people in Germany who have already woken up feel like they are in a fake film at the moment. The results of the last local elections prove that the conditioning has worked well. The CDU/CSU can cheer. The stupidest are not so stupid. Stupider are those who voted for these stupid tricksters. How easy it is to make a fool out of a goat. It is not for me to judge anyone, since one can only be armed against the perfidious psychological tricks if one knows these tricks. (See footnote 1)
  • But the Corona virus does exist, doesn't it? Otherwise, we would have been lied to.
If one follows the statements of the politicians, according to which, according to our "Federal Chancellor" Merkel and our "Federal Minister of Health" Spahn, we have been at the beginning of a claimed corona pandemic for almost 9 months and every day anew and are now in the second lockdown, I think it is important that, given the occasion, one deals with precisely the specifications without which a doubtless and scientifically recognised pathogen detection is supposed to be impossible. These requirements, which must be fulfilled, are known as Henle-Koch's postulates. Without having detected a corona virus, it is impossible to be in a pandemic, which after all was only declared because of the virus.   
I will show that the virologists who claimed viruses and published about them in the relevant scientific journals did not, or cannot in the future, fulfil any of the four postulates. But I will also explain that it is actually impossible to fulfil even one of the four postulates, because if it were possible to fulfil even one of these postulates,one would thereby reduce biology, including the entire history of human development, to absurdity. 
Any reader who wants to know how the claimed severe respiratory symptoms associated with claimed dangerous and contagious diseases come about will find out when and why they come about. I explain these connections on the basis of the worst known respiratory diseases, lung cancer and pulmonary tuberculosis. 
My universal biological knowledge of the functions and processes allows me to give conclusive explanations to these questions. I not only explain why respiratory symptoms, flu, influenza, CoVid-19, cough or cold occur, but also why and when people suffer from these symptoms, which are called diseases.  Rarely do people really suffer from diseases. What constitutes real diseases is causally based on malnutrition, poisoning, radiation and, of course, injuries. Universal biology not only conclusively explains every symptom, every ailment, but even most of the observed "striking" behaviours of humans. 
The reason why symptoms occur that a few years ago were associated with swine flu, or bird flu infection, then SARS, then MERS, and often influenza virus infection, and in modern times with corona virus infection, and are called CoVid-19 disease, is known to anyone who studies universal biology, and has been for many decades. Nothing has changed, nothing will change. Nothing can change in the biological programmes that lead to the symptoms. 
The subject is quite difficult to communicate. I promise to stay close to the subject and not digress too far. 
To describe universal biology in an all-encompassing and comprehensible way, one would have to write at least 500 pages. If I have aroused your interest in universal biology, I would be very pleased. There are many books and also very enlightening videos that make it easier for anyone interested to get started.
Now read the heading to this subchapter again. I am sure that in the course of my further explanations you will come to the conclusion of your own accord that we have indeed been lied to and deceived and that we will continue to be led around by the nose. It is up to us to change this. 
Only we, the masses, the citizens, the faithful and well-behaved sheep can change something. Let us strike a blow for liberation. No one likes to be oppressed and live in a dictatorship.     
Claiming viruses is easy,
You just have to be a good liar.
No one has yet succeeded in proving the existence
  • Chequered lilies of the valley - a little satire
But before we get started, first something to laugh about. What follows is a success story that could have happened any day, anywhere: 
For those who don't know, my profession is deep-sea researcher and I run my own deep-sea research institute, which is maintained primarily by public funding. In the course of my professional life I have gained many valuable experiences. My time as a researcher in the Nautilus 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea was particularly interesting. I am already quite well respected.
My problem is that no one wants to believe me that I discovered chequered lilies of the valley in the deep sea off the Chinese coast near Shenzen years ago, although I even have six of my employees as completely independent witnesses to this and can even prove photoshopped photographs. Apparently no one is interested in my discovery.  
My friend Jens from the ministry in Berlin told me that I would have been better off claiming that there is an extremely dangerous chequered lily of the valley virus in the deep sea that can be dangerous to any living creature that comes into contact with fish. I didn't understand what he meant at first, until he explained that a few chequered deep-sea lilies of the valley pose no danger to humans, but are just pretty to look at. You can't do business or become famous with pretty, chequered lilies of the valley, he explained to me. Besides, lilies of the valley do not make people sick and therefore no medicine or vaccine is needed, he said. Dangerous lily of the valley viruses, however, represent something evil that can be fought and with which one can earn many billions of euros. I should do it like his buddy Billi-Boy and his buddies from the pharmaceutical industry. Every few years they hire their own advertising agency "WEHH-HAAA-OHH" and simply invent something dangerous that doesn't really exist. So far, the resounding success hasn't happened, but this season, it's finally supposed to happen. He was talking about some kind of Corinna virus. They want to use it to create fear among the population in order to make people compliant. At the end of the day, they will earn themselves silly and perhaps even more silly than they are from the vaccines they want to sell. They also want to abolish cash and every citizen should voluntarily allow himself to be permanently monitored.  
I understood and immediately spread the lie that there are dangerous, poisonous and highly contagious lily of the valley viruses in the deep sea that are responsible for the fish dying in the world's oceans. I also claimed that they had already killed a few Chinese fishermen. The press, as always, pounced on such doomsday stories and helped me to become famous. I didn't even have to place a single ad. Man, are they stupid, I thought to myself! Everything that was reported about my discovery was a lie. But that didn't interest the press and it didn't interest me anyway. After all, I was only interested in the big money and they in the big story. Quite honestly, human fates still don't interest me one bit. All that matters to me is that I'm doing well and can afford what I want. To the outside world, of course, I present myself as a benefactor and philanthropist who only has good things in mind. That is very important, Lens told me. The press also helped me with this. I was even invited to the TV studio and was allowed to spread my lies about the dangerous chequered lily of the valley at prime time.
To cut a long story short, I quickly became famous. In the meantime, there is even a very effective lily of the valley killer that works really radically. We have called it Razzivir. It is produced by a German company called "NON-SANTE" and distributed worldwide. They are completely heartless and unscrupulous, and manage to sell everything that is poisonous to the people. Of course, I have a financial stake in every packaging unit sold. Well, more indirectly. My good friend from the golf club Prof. Proostata from Berlin explained to me how to make money without the public getting wind of it. A really great business idea that he always got away with, he said. Admittedly, Proostata is a bit of a nut. A friend from Baltimore in Washington even commented disparagingly on his hairstyle, saying: "He`s looking like a fucked squirrel". We really laughed away. Anyway, he really helped me. I think he's more of a "smart fox" and really knows all the ropes. He is even supposed to know the German Chancellor personally. 
Although in the long run I will certainly kill a few million people and animals with the Razzivir, which is now being poured into all the world's oceans, people are still thanking me for it. To explain the dead bears that died in Alaska from the delicious salmon meal, my buddies from the "Sieh-Die-Sieh" in the USA quickly invented a new kind of Ursu virus. The animal rights activists shouldn't get so worked up over a few stupid bears. I never liked them. When I was a kid, I tore off all my teddy bear's arms and legs. 
Razzivir is a real perennial. Well, the studies we faked ourselves were not entirely uninvolved in the success of our drug. Without the fear we planted in fishermen's brains, we would have been able to sell next to nothing. We just had to keep showing them pictures of dead fish on the stand. They really believed that. Well, they have other things to do than check up on us. Honestly, the pictures were taken when the oil platform sank into the sea, but the idiots didn't even notice. In return for my services to humanity and wildlife, we are almost showered with public contracts. They really do transfer any invoice amount, no matter how high. It's great to have amigos with whom you can share. The business is booming. I really never thought that you can make so much money with lies. Without the completely stupid politicians, with whom you can do whatever you want, provided you have enough small change in your pocket, nothing would have happened. They really do everything for a paltry promise not to send them back to where they came from. I simply have to say thank you again at this point. Jens and Prosti, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your tips. The next lid, or even a small holiday home, is on me. 
-end of story- 
What sounds funny and like a satire is also a satire. Unfortunately, the story could also be real. All you'd have to do is swap out a few names. Of course, there are no more poisonous lilies of the valley in the deep sea than there are dangerous, novel corona viruses. And of course all the names are fictitious. Any resemblances to living persons may simply be purely coincidental. It is science fiction. Science fiction, which is what virologists are particularly good at. 
All joking aside, now it's getting serious.
  • Postulates from another world
The basics of how to detect a pathogen in order to avoid ridicule within the scientific community and to be taken seriously have been laid down. Postulates have been written down. These go back to the anatomist and pathologist Jakob Henle. Robert Koch reformulated them a little and then called them Koch's postulates. Today they are again called the Henle-Koch postulates. 
What requirements must a scientist fulfil in order to verifiably detect a pathogen, an infectious microorganism, or even a non-real virus? 
The four paragraphs of the basic scientific law, according to which all should work who are engaged in research on microorganisms and believe in the pathogen theory, are as follows in understandable short form:
1. the claimed pathogen (the virus), must have been detected and isolated (singulated) in a "diseased" individual. 
 2. this isolated pathogen must then be able to be bred or reproduced in pure form.
 3. the pathogen that has now been bred and multiplied must cause exactly the same disease symptoms in a "healthy" individual as those observed in a "diseased" individual. 
4. the pathogen is only detected and classified as a pathogen if it has been detected again in the individual "newly infected" with it and in accordance with the 1st postulate. Both "pathogens" must be identical.
Scientists who take their work seriously adhere to these guidelines, or the procedure, but regularly fail to do so, because the primary aim is to detect something infectious, something transmissible, which is impossible. Some researchers give up, others are tempted to switch to the other side, to the league of dishonest scientists. What I want to say is: Scientists who have tried to prove the existence of the pathogen while adhering to the postulates and have of course failed, but do not want to admit that, the only thing left is open scientific fraud. You have to cheat and lie if you want to publish chequered lilies of the valley. And of course the other pseudo-scientists and also the editors of the relevant science magazines have to play along. 
Since neither a harmless nor a dangerous virus has been proven so far, the story should actually end here, since it is impossible to prove something does not exist.With or without postulates, it simply cannot be done. And besides, no one is going to try, I'm sure most people think. Or do they? 
Prof. Drosten from the Charité in Berlin seems to be going in a different, unconventional direction, because on the one hand he claims that there are indeed viruses, even very dangerous corona viruses, which cannot actually exist. On the other hand, he claims that he can detect them in no time at all with a test he developed himself. (See footnote 2) 
If you know your way around, and Mr Drosten knows his way around, you naturally know that it is not necessary to adhere to the four postulates, since the detection of a pathogen in the sense of detecting an evil dangerous virus or another evil microbe is simply an impossible undertaking from the outset. (See footnote 3)
  • The impossible existence
In biology and according to the universal biological laws of nature, which go back to Dr. Hamer, there can be no such evil claimed pathogens. Evil pathogens were originally invented by medical doctors to distract from their lack of understanding of the biological processes of nature. Besides tokenism, the pathogen theory serves another very important, if not the most important, purpose. One acquires the licence to kill by manifesting an enemy image against which one has declared war. In the end, it is all about money. 
People who, with the knowledge of universal biology, "suffer" from mostly harmless symptoms are presented with evil invaders who have nothing else in mind but to harm us. They get scared and accept any treatment, no matter how ineffective and life-threatening, without being asked. After all, the health insurance pays and the doctor is always right. 
But Mother Nature does not pursue such goals. In nature there is no good-evil thinking and therefore no pathogenic germs. If there were, we would not have come so far in the history of human development. Nature would have extinguished itself many billions of years ago. But the earth has already had an infinitely long evolutionary history and humans and most animals are still around. 
In 2020, everything is different. It seems to be coming to an end. At the beginning of the year, rotten criminals came on the scene who only pursue their own interests and want to make it clear to us that nature is dangerous and stupid. They announced the outbreak of a pandemic and the declaration of war against an enemy that no human being has ever seen. 
But the rotten criminals overlooked something: Nature is not stupid and the people they want to take for fools will wake up one day. 
Only those who think that nature is flawed are stupid. Among the really stupid are the clueless virologists and bacteriologists who can't explain why people have a cough, a cold and a so-called flu-like infection every now and then. Out of sheer ignorance of the true background, they have created a culprit for it, an enemy. 
They invented a nice tall tale, which they then planted in the unsuspecting brains of the gullible and obedient population by constantly repeating it. Is it true, or am I right? Today, almost everyone is convinced that diseases can only be cured with medicines and some kind of therapies, just because those who don't have the faintest clue about the true causes of diseases think so. Medicine, pharmacy and, of course, the political enforcers who are indispensable in such antics and who are all dependent on the goodwill of high finance, have until recently understood very well how to cleverly divert attention from their own weaknesses. Their own failures are swept under the table. One finds oneself in a dilemma. Should one continue to follow the masters from the USA and go down with them, or put an end to the madness? Not one of the prophecies about many millions of deaths caused by the repeatedly claimed viruses published by the bought liars has ever come true. Not with SARS, MERS, swine flu, bird flu and certainly not with Corona. Medicine and the pharmaceutical industry, led by Gates and the WHO, and more recently the World Economic Forum (WEF), have failed miserably. Today, more people are dying of so-called cancer than ever before. No one thinks that it is not the dangerous disease but the wrong treatments that are killing people. How embarrassing must it be to be an oncologist or virologist, that is, to spend a whole professional life, unsuccessfully?     
It is a fact that cancer medicine, which is supported with hundreds of billions, is the most unsuccessful branch of medicine. Every public cent that flows into virology also supports a fraudulent system and represents sheer waste. Perhaps even every monetary contribution fulfils the criminal offence of financing a criminal organisation. Smart and above all courageous lawyers should check this out. The conditioned ordinary citizen knows nothing of all this. They cheer for the doctors and freeze in awe when a white coat comes around the corner. They are so evil, the viruses and bacteria... and the cells that have gone crazy first, most people think to themselves and donate willingly and in good hope to the German Cancer Aid or similar profit-oriented and self-adulating organisations. 
One arrives at similar results if one examines the topic of vaccination. An unsuccessful and counterproductive campaign built on lies from day one. Not a single start of a vaccination campaign was accompanied by a reduction in the number of cases. (See footnote 4). In return, however, the vaccine manufacturers earned a golden nose every time. It really doesn't get any more embarrassing and obvious than this. Everyone can read about it, but hardly anyone is interested in dealing with such issues. It is understandable. The officials lie and bend statistics just to keep people in line and in a state of fear. Fear, not reason, rules the world. Fear and created enemy images have always been used to push through interests. That is how it has always been and that is how it will always be. 
The good thing is that universal biologists have understood nature and are able to explain the causes and meaning of all known so-called "disease" symptoms. Universal biologists know when symptoms occur and what causes them. Every single one of the very often really unpleasant symptoms can be explained. 
Universal biology therapists take away the stigma of disease and the mortal threat to life from the symptom. One works to take away the horror of the enemy image built up by conventional medicine. Consequential illnesses, or diseases that regularly result from medical malpractice and poisoning by drugs (for example, chemotherapy), are deprived of any breeding ground. A real danger to life and limb, if there should be one, is of course also recognised. 
To return to the topic of viruses and bacteria, it should be mentioned that universal biologists also know what the observed microorganisms really are, and when and why they appear and regularly show up negatively in blood diagnostics. 
Bacteria, fungi and fungal bacteria exist because they have been proven. Viruses, however, do not, as they have never been proven.     
In the field of medicine (not orthodox medicine), many things are disputed, and often rightly so. Universal biology deals exclusively with the processes in the real world, the real biology. No expert in this subject denies that there are real causes of disease. These include malnutrition, radiation and poisoning which can occur, for example, through contaminated water, spoilt food, especially meat and fish (e.g. carrion in which so-called corpse poisons are formed) or other toxic substances which enter our bodies, for example, through wound injuries. Such symptoms should be taken seriously, as they can quickly lead to death if left untreated. One should therefore avoid drinking slurry from the septic tank and think that one would survive. You are poisoning yourself. Nor should you think that chemotherapy or radiological treatment for cancer can cure anything. You are poisoned and poisoning can only harm you. 
Letting yourself cough on someone, using a shared "family hanky", letting your child play with another child who is said to be suffering from measles symptoms, is completely risk-free in universal biological terms. I am not asking anyone to do this, of course. However, I refuse to take a handful of harmful and potentially fatal medicines, such as antibiotics or antiviral chemicals, because of a mild cough, cold or aching limbs, i.e. a so-called flu-like infection. 
In Corona times, you quickly end up in the Corona intensive care unit because of such a seasonal trifle, are force-breathed and, in the worst case, pass away. Of course, the makers of this pandemic need just such blatant cases, which are immediately passed on to the press. Preferably accompanied by dramatic images and headlines that burn themselves into the subconscious of the masses. None of it has to be true. The main thing is that the masses perceive it as true. The pandemic makers who are trying to pull the wool over our eyes know about these psychological effects. Propaganda, or PR as it is called today, is a cruel thing. 
No microbiologist or virologist denies that Henle-Koch's four postulates exist. But from the point of view of the pandemic makers, which includes virologists, they are rather very disturbing, because the postulates are not suitable from the outset for detecting an infectious bacterium. The postulates are basically not suitable for anything - they are superfluous.
The fact that biologists can reproduce something in an incubator is not only known, but scientific and impeccable practice. Microorganisms can be cultivated. But that only applies to bacteria, fungi and, to a limited extent, mycobacteria. To be successful, scientists have to use very different procedures; bacteria like it warm, while fungi prefer it cool.
Viruses, whose existence has not yet been proven, can neither be found nor isolated nor reproduced. Nor can you infect another person with something that does not exist. That is only possible in thought and is therefore practised in the same way. Of course, this is concealed from the public, because otherwise one would not receive any further research funding. One can already state that it is impossible to comply with even one of the postulates.
.Anyone can try, but everyone will fail.
  • A comprehensible summary
In order to understand that something fundamental has gone wrong in medicine, I would like to take another look at the contagion of pathogens claimed by orthodox medicine. This theory, which is sold to us as fact, is doubted by almost no one. In fact, however, the whole activity of the medical profession is based on a lie. 
According to Henle-Koch's postulates, one must first isolate the pathogens claimed according to the first postulate. Once this has been done, the isolated pathogen must be multiplied (bred) in accordance with the second postulate. As long as one carries out these experiments with bacteria or fungi, this will also succeed so far. 
However, one would already fail at the first step if one wanted to work with viruses. Viruses can only be asserted theoretically. It is impossible to isolate thembecause, in contrast to bacteria and fungi, they do not really exist. Because you can only take a photo of a virus after you have isolated it, you will never find a photo of a virus anywhere. The assertion of the existence of a virus, including the coronavirus, therefore already fails at the first step of Henle-Koch's postulates. To date, not a single virus has ever been isolated, because viruses do not exist. In the meantime, even the head of the RKI, Dr. Wieler, wonders whether viruses exist. 
Any symptom claim attributed to one virus or another is a bold-faced lie. Those who deny viruses are right, as this claim has not been disproved to date. 
Let us now concentrate on the third postulate. This requires the successful infection of a healthy, i.e. non-infected person with the pure isolate obtained. This person must develop completely the same symptoms as the sick person from whom the viruses were previously taken, due to the pathogens that were previously isolated and then cultivated in pure culture.  
To date, not a single scientist has managed to do this with any of the so-called pathogens. Neither with a fungus, nor with a bacterium, nor of course with a non-existent virus. The third postulate of Messrs Henle and Koch represents a scientific impossibility and thus leads the entire pathogen theory ad absurdum. 
Fungi and bacteria are demonstrably independent living beings that even have their own metabolism. Fungi and bacteria can be observed very well with a normal light microscope because they are quite large. 
The claimed viruses are said to be between 20 and 200 nm (millionths of a millimetre) in size. That is molecule size. Claiming viruses larger would be immediately noticeable, as they are claimed to be able to penetrate our DNA. DNA is graphically represented as a double helix. This is complete nonsense and very far from reality. Why do you think there are only graphics and drawings of this helix and no real photos to prove it? The RNA double helix is a very large chain of molecules. After docking or penetration or something else (all theories of sick brains), the virus is then supposed to multiply by copying itself.
Now, orthodox medicine also claims that a molecule is not a living being, which is correct. A molecule has no metabolism of its own. A molecule is dead as a doornail, so to speak, and dead as a doornail certainly has no will of its own, does not pursue an evil and perfidious plan, like our politicians and virologists, and certainly has no intention of reproducing and harming people. 
Objects in the size range of nanometres can only be made visible by means of an SEM (scanning electron microscope). Since there is not a single real SEM photo of a virus, this alone should prove its non-existence. On the other hand, there are many photos of something that has been passed off as a virus. The fact that these docking sites, which present themselves in the form of a sting, are attributed to viruses is the last straw. With these graphics (which are not photos) one spreads the necessary fear and terror among the population. No human being on planet Earth has ever seen a virus, yet there are many pseudo-scientists who credibly assert that they have detected viruses. 
It is also possible to grow fungi and bacteria in cultures by simple means. Fungi multiply in a damp/cool climate. If one were to consider this condition in universal biological terms according to Hamer, one would assign it to the conflict-active, cold, sympathicotonic phase of an ongoing special programme. Bacteria can only be cultivated in a warm climate. The warm phase of a biological special programme is the phase that a human being enters after conflict resolution. This is also called the vagotonic/hot phase. This should make it clear that fungi are never active in the vagotonic phase and bacteria are never active in the sympathicotonic phase. 
Fungi and bacteria are ideal for fulfilling the first two postulates because they can be isolated and reproduced. This is not possible with viruses. One already fails at the first postulate, since one can neither find, isolate nor reproduce something that does not exist.
Let us now continue with the last two postulates. Here it gets interesting, because these cannot even be fulfilled with fungi and bacteria. It has never been possible to cause a disease by "infecting" humans or animals with the fungi or bacteria in pure culture. No scientist has been able to produce exactly the same symptoms in a healthy living being as those of the original "diseased" patient. This proof cannot succeed because it contradicts a biological law of nature. An infection (swelling, fever, redness, headache, aching limbs, etc.) cannot be caused by the introduction of microbes into the body, but only by the activation of these symbionts living in us. This activation takes place within the framework and in the course of biological processes. The different microbes (fungi, bacteria, mycobacteria) are all activated only after a previous conflict resolution. The phase after conflict resolution is called the vagotonic recovery phase. The names of the phases are derived from the main nerves in the human organism. The sympathetic nerve and the parasympathetic nerve, which is also called the vagus nerve. 
In conventional medicine, the vagotonic phase is called a disease infection. If the vagotonic recovery phase concerns glandular tissue or connective tissue, the doctors naturally find the accompanying accumulation of fungi or bacteria at work. Since it goes against their world view and everything they have learned, they do not see anything normal or good in it, but something evil. And something evil must be stopped immediately. Most doctors immediately prescribe antibiotics or antifungal drugs. These then kill our friends, the bacteria and fungi. The recovery phase is interrupted, the swelling and inflammation go down. As a patient, you have the feeling that you are cured. Unfortunately, however, this is a fallacy. Killing the micro-organisms that work on our "healing" and are controlled from the brain and receive their operational command is a big mistake. The deliberately wrongly trained doctors, in their ignorance, kill our symbionts living in us and not our enemies with the prescribed drugs. 
Why all attempts to infect or transmit disease by introducing microbes into a healthy body have failed is explained by universal biology. The reason is that microbes introduced into the organism from outside are not able to initiate a conflict resolution and certainly not to start a subsequent recovery phase. Without a termination of a conflictive event, the organism cannot move into the vagotonic recovery phase. Since most symptoms occur in this phase, one remains symptom-free. One feels good, although a programme is running in the body, which can end in emaciation and even death if it runs for a long time. 
Symptoms that are perceived as unpleasant usually start immediately after an ongoing conflict has been resolved in a lasting and real way. Only then can the conditions claimed to be inflammation or infection occur. The infection theory has been disproved for several decades. The red cars with the blue lights on the roof are not the arsonists, but the diligent helpers to put out the fire. Why orthodox medicine consistently fights only the good guys is easy to answer. For one thing, all doctors were and are trained wrongly, and for another, this is the only way to make a lot of money, because every wrong treatment produces new symptoms that can be treated again.
The microbe is nothing, the environment is everything
It is not the bacteria and fungi that are supposed to invade us from the outside that produce the symptoms that are commonly called disease, but the often unpleasantly felt processes of sensible tissue restoration that start after the conflict has been resolved. It usually only becomes really dangerous for the patients when the doctors interfere and treat according to guidelines.  
Without conflict interventions that have been resolved, there can be no symptoms. The fear of the virus created by our politicians and the prescribed isolation, the compulsion to wear masks and the deliberate destruction of the community down to the family level, creates fear. This fear will lead to conflicts in the soul of many people. If, at some point, people's fears dissolve because the Corona pandemic comes to an end, albeit an unlikely one, a new so-called "wave" will surely emerge with very serious consequences. Momentous because these symptoms will again be misinterpreted as a viral disease by the specialists without any expertise. The money-grubbing and unworldly technocrats are making us sick.
  • The miraculous life cycle of dead viruses.
What is surprising is that virology claims that viruses, which by definition are supposed to be dead, need a host cell to reproduce in. So dead people want to reproduce? Dead people look for host organisms? The virus theory is flawed at every turn. We are being sold complete unworldly nonsense as the truth
They try to make us believe that nature and biology are up to no good. They have invented enemies that cannot exist. Which completely brainless virologist might have been the first to observe this? 
Once again, and very slowly: a dead virus, with or without genetic material, RNA or THEN or anything else inside, seeks out a host cell in order to multiply in it. It then emerges from the host cell again, still as a dead virus, to then also immediately migrate into the lungs or the pharyngeal mucosa of a human being. Dead viruses migrate.However, no one knows where exactly the virus is supposed to reside there. But that doesn't matter, because from there it is ideally coughed up again immediately, and then at the end of the day it repeats everything it has experienced in other people who have been infected. 
Oh, we forgot something else. By the way, the virus has also produced the flu-like respiratory symptoms, or not, because you can also be infected without having any symptoms. So there are two different corona viruses. The one for friends and the one for enemies. So, in contrast to the discoverers, the boys seem to have an intelligence. So smart that they can even distinguish between children, adolescents, middle-aged and old people. So coronaviruses are the smartest dead creatures on this planet. And then the viruses also have the peculiarity of staying primarily in regions with bad weather. Sometimes they do their mischief in the southern hemisphere and then, when it is summer there, quickly pack their bags to travel north, where it is then winter. The lying pseudo-scientists then always claim that there is a wave of disease in southern climes that is spilling over to the north. From the experience gained in the south, they would be able to develop vaccines for the people in the north. LIE! LIE! LIE!What humbug, what sad science. 
What I am saying is not only that it is impossible to fulfil even one of the four postulates, but that the virologists are so incredibly stupid as to constantly disprove themselves.
The planemakers assume that virtually none of the world's oppressed people notice this. In fact, this is even true, which is not to say that people are stupid, but that it concerns an issue far removed from any relevance of an ordinary citizen. This is exactly what our politicians working against us, or the propaganda specialists working for them in the background, are exploiting.  
Everything that has been written about viruses and that refers to viruses that are supposed to be real, what they are supposed to be or not be, where they come from and how to prove them, how big they are supposed to be, how dangerous they are and whether they are dead or alive, is a lie and only serves to implement the perfidious plans. because there are no viruses. There are only symptoms of illness that cannot be explained by conventional medicine and for which viruses are postulated as the cause out of sheer necessity. The PCR test developed by Prof. Drosten with which, according to his statement, the presence of corona viruses in the body of a person can be determined, is absolutely worthless. You cannot test for viruses that do not exist.   
Let us therefore note that it would not be possible for a virologist, even with the best will and honest intent, to reproduce any viruses. Fantasy beings, which are also officially claimed to be dead, can only be multiplied in the imagination of sick brainsof evil criminals. I ask again: Which fool was the first to claim that the viruses were dead? Please let him come forward.
  • Infection impossible - Myth busted!
Let us return here to the required contagion test described in the third postulate. Wherever contagion tests with alleged infectious bacteria were carried out on living test subjects in order to prove the dangerousness of these "pathogens" during the breakfast break, they failed miserably. Mycobacteria, which are said to cause pulmonary tuberculosis, caused absolutely nothing in these experiments, except astonishment on the part of the observers. No matter what was done, not a single one of the healthy test persons could be infected, neither with swabs, lung secretions, sweat nor with spit from the sick. Healthy people could also let sick, feverish patients cough on them or even lie down next to them in the "sick bed" without a single transmission of the claimed, infectious pathogens. These experiments were carried out with assumed bacteria, not with viruses. 
It should have been clear from the outset that these experiments would not lead to any infection, even with viruses, since no viruses have been detected to date. Thus, it was not possible to infect any of the test persons, of whom there were enough during the Second World War. They were prisoners who were promised remission if they survived the experiments and were infected with the alleged viral pathogen of the "Spanish flu". (See footnote 5)
Our virologists and microbiologists claim that viruses are dead but fungi, bacteria and mycobacteria are supposed to be alive. Why viruses are presented as dead should be obvious, because not being able to breed and multiply something living would have raised a lot of critical questions long ago. So they simply claim that viruses are dead and only reproduce in human cells and also only by certain people, and to create total confusion, only at certain times of the year. Anyone who can still see through this has yet to be born. This confusion is part of the plan.  
The third postulate could not and cannot possibly be fulfilled in the future. Neither with bacteria from the laboratory nor through direct infection attempts and certainly not with non-existent viruses.
We do not need to discuss the fourth postulate, which calls for re-isolation, since the third postulate is already impossible to fulfil.     
  • So where is the enemy?
University medicine, especially virology and bacteriology, speak of disease-causing microbes. To be more precise, they claim their existence without having a single proof that they are really disease-causing microbes. In other words, microbes from nature, which would never actually allow anything directed against themselves, and which should have nothing else in mind than to make other living beings ill. Sorry, these microbes cannot exist. That is nonsense, that is dumbing down the people, that is fraud.  
We now know that it is certainly not the microbes that make us sick! The microbe in our body is our symbiont, i.e. our friend and not our enemy! Without the many billions of microbes living in our blood and tissues, life would be unthinkable. With the help of a very special blood examination with a dark field microscope, one can make the fungi and bacteria visible and even assess their state of development. The microbes cannot be the causes of diseases, because otherwise, with their permanent presence, one would also be permanently ill. Without these microbes in our body, we cannot survive. “,
Dr. Hamer was able to refute the infection theory in the scientific, universal biological sense as early as the early 1980s. The infection theory is supposed to refer to viruses. The claims of the medical profession are all false. Let us hold the following: 
  • Bacteria, fungi and fungal bacteria exist. Postulates 1 and 2 are applicable to them.
  • Viruses do not exist. No single postulate is applicable.
  • Symptoms exist which are called diseases or infections.
  • The cell and infection theory is wrong. You cannot transmit a "disease" from one person to another. All attempts made by physicians have failed. 
  • All symptoms can be explained by universal biology. The findings of universal biology have been suppressed since 1985. Only a few people have acquired the knowledge of universal biology. 
  • This situation allows the Corona pandemic makers to put people in the fear that allows the plan of the Great Reset to be followed and the Deep-State to be finally established. Misanthropic technocrats will take over because they have an easy game. 
Are citizens obliged to believe all this unproven nonsense? Certainly not. But does one have an alternative to believe in? Yes, we do, but unfortunately everything is being done to suppress this alternative, the findings and laws of universal biology. 
Is it permissible to openly express doubts about the approach of politics? No, that is not wanted and will be punished with repressive measures. Put on the mask - and keep your mouth shut.  
As already mentioned, bacteria, fungi and so-called fungal or mycobacteria are claimed to be hybrids of fungi and bacteria. There is nothing to object to these claims of existence, because there is plenty of evidence for them. The literature is full of it. But, the claims of existence are only correct as long as no attributes such as dangerous or transmissible are attributed to these living beings. 
Why does orthodox medicine attribute the pulmonary tuberculosis mentioned above to mycobacteria. This question is easy to answer. Because "tubercles" are regularly observed in TB patients. But being present does not mean being causative. Or is the fire brigade responsible for all fires, just because you always see the red fire engines at fires? Only the completely stupid would assume that. 
Dr. Hamer formulated several biological laws of nature. The 4th law states that microbes strictly adhere to the tissue to which they have been assigned. Microbes are well-trained skilled workers. They would never get in the way or disturb their colleagues in other disciplines. And now it gets interesting, because the tubercles that are regularly detected and controlled in pulmonary TB do not produce any other symptoms. Almost every patient suffering from tuberculosis has bloody sputum. 
The orthodox doctors cannot explain why the skilled workers, the fungi that are involved in the tissue recovery from the lungs together with the sputum via the bronchi, past the larynx and the tonsils and in contact with all mucous membranes, e.g. the oral mucosa, do not cause any other symptoms. There is no such thing as oral mucosal TBS, bronchial tuberculosis, or laryngeal tuberculosis. There is simply no tuberculosis of these tissue areas, which belong to the squamous epithelium. So none of the skilled workers change their area of work. Ask your doctor if he can explain this. He can't, because he doesn't know that the squamous epithelium, to which the mucous membranes belong and which, for example, in the recovery phase (reconstruction phase) in the case of a cold or bronchitis repairs itself through water retention and a so-called inflammation, does completely without the presence of microbes. The doctors claim that the lung symptoms are caused by microbes and even have incomprehensible Latin names for the evil criminals, but do not know that they only become active in the healing phase.  
The orthodox doctors are constantly on the lookout for a causative agent, a villain who can be blamed for everything and then forced into his place with medication. 
If you find the cause, you can earn a lot of money by fighting it. If you don't find the culprit, you simply have to claim one or look for another job. No wonder, then, that the medical profession, with its prescribed blinkers, can look neither to the left nor to the right, even if they want to.
Myth disproved - Footnotes
T.K. Satsang - Member of The-Veritas-GroupSeptember 22, 2020.
deepL translate :ßnoten-09-22
  • How does respiratory symptoms, lung diseases, cough and bronchitis occur.
Anyone who is a good observer knows that pulmonary TB is more prevalent in times of distress, usually war, great calamities and other hardships. In universal biological terms, tuberculosis is the healing phase of a lung round cancer. This in turn occurs exclusively only after the resolution of a previously suffered fear-of-death conflict, and always before an established tuberculosis. Once one has survived the so-called "cancer" that has developed, the time of threat to one's own life must necessarily be over. The organism switches to the recovery phase and begins to optimise the previously built up lung tissue for the coming new time of peace or abundance. The lung alveoli that were previously enlarged or increased are broken down again. This makes sense, this is biology, but this is also incomprehensible to medical professionals. The conflict that leads to tissue and function optimisation is the fear of dying.   
Fear of death accompanied people in wartime, especially in the big cities when people were forced to go to the air-raid shelters every time there was an air-raid alarm. Back then, people were afraid of being buried or suffocating because a bomb from an enemy plane fell on the roof of their house. Today, people are afraid of dying from a corona virus which does not exist, but which is being sold to us as real by hostile people in the federal government, led by a head of government who seems to have gone completely mad.
  • Conventional medical conundrums - universal biological normalities 
It is not only universal biological, i.e. only comprehensible to experts in the field, that in the case of fear of death the lungs react, since the situation "I must die now" or "I am being buried, "I can no longer breathe and will certainly not survive this" refers organically to the lung function, i.e. "I can no longer breathe, I am suffocating". 
I am already aware that I am asking a lot of you here. That's why I'm trying to soften the lack of understanding that many of you have with a few more construction games. In fact, they are more like hints to get you thinking. 
Imagine you are hungry, maybe you are even hungry right now. Where do you feel the hunger? Usually you have a funny feeling in your stomach. If I were to tell you that whenever a person is hungry, his right buttock hurts, you would surely call me crazy, because everyone knows that this is not the case.  
There are an infinite number of events that can strike as a so-called conflict. Each individual event has the purpose of adapting the body, the organism, the organ, the psyche or the hormone situation to the new situation, and expresses itself in exactly those parts of the body with which the event is linked (also in the broadest sense). Here are some more examples:  
A mother who is worried about her baby will certainly suffer from a change in breast tissue but not from arthrosis in the right knee joint or a slipped disc in the lumbar spine. 
A man who has been in an inheritance dispute for years and it affects him extremely negatively will most likely get a problem with his pancreas at some point, but not a rash on his back.
A footballer whose team is not doing so well will probably have problems with his knee or ankle, but not a heart attack. 
A person who feels he has been treated wrongly or unfairly at work for a long time will have problems with his bowels, but certainly not with his eyesight. 
Sexual and partnership problems in men often go hand in hand with problems of the lumbar spine or, depending on how you feel, with the prostate. A slipped disc or a beer belly that you never had before because you don't even drink beer are clear signs of relationship problems. In women, on the other hand, it is often the uterus that symptomatically comes to the fore in such situations.
Everything that has to do with contact with people and also with separation from people is expressed in skin symptoms. This includes measles, for example. Measles usually occurs in children who have suffered a so-called separation conflict, which, however, they felt was real, could be resolved. A loved one suddenly disappears from the child's environment, the organism reacts. A new person enters the scene (e.g. a kindergarten teacher) and all is well again. At least internally. Often visible externally in skin irritations, a recovery programme starts immediately and adapts the organism to the new situation. In the end, everything is back to the way it was at the beginning. You have to let nature take its course and everything will be fine again. 
Unfortunately, such natural and always sensible processes are very often associated with unpleasant symptoms for which one as a human being has no explanation. One then usually consults the family doctor. There, unfortunately, one encounters even less understanding for these biological programmes and reaches for the chemical club. Doctors have to treat according to guidelines. But guidelines are usually in stark contrast to biology.  
I would like to leave it at this point, as it is getting a little too complicated. Therefore, I return to respiratory problems, corona, lung cancer and tuberculosis. 
From the moment one feels fear of death, the organism switches internally to the archaic special programme designed for this purpose. This leads to the lung alveoli (see footnote 6) being increased or enlarged. As a result, one would be able to get more air. The oxygen content in the blood would increase. Those who can breathe well survive, nature knows that. The biological programmes that start in the background and are always useful and always necessary run very slowly. Nothing that brings about a change from one moment to the next, as one observes, for example, with a sudden increase in blood pressure or with an increase in pulse rate.    
If one was lucky and survived the war years despite permanent danger and fear-of-death conflicts, the brain eventually switched to "all-clear". The multiplication of the pulmonary alveoli stops immediately and the second you have inwardly come to terms with the danger and feel absolutely safe again. Not because you were told so, but because that is how it is and how you feel inside. 
Everything that was built up before, in the conflict-active time, in additional alveoli tissue, now, after the all-clear, no longer makes any biological sense. Nature says to itself, why provide tissue in the body that makes no biological sense, and immediately begins with the necessary optimisation of the lung tissue to a normal state. The excess alveoli in the lungs are broken down in a biologically sensible way. And now it gets exciting. Please pay close attention, because this degradation is carried out by mycobacteria living in us. 
These "tubercles" can be detected by laboratory analysis. Orthodox medicine interprets the presence of tuberculosis bacteria as something extremely dangerous and does everything to destroy them. The fact that the most important helpers are destroyed in the process is not known to the doctors. If one wishes, one can make the bacteria visible in their original forms in one's own blood by means of a special but simple microscopy method. (See footnote 7)
These organisms, which appear on the scene and which I call "tubercles" here, are called "Mycobacterium tuberculosis" in technical language, are maximally friendly and helpful and certainly not evil. They do not have to be brought down with antibiotics, but simply belong to us as a component. The orthodox doctors have not misunderstood anything, but have never been confronted with this issue. 
The microorganisms found in the blood are called symbionts. They are indeed our friends and friendships should be nurtured. Without symbionts, of which there are already countless in a single drop of blood, it would be impossible to survive. Thus, if a person were to take ten packs of antibiotics in a row, he would die, because all the symbionts that keep him alive would be killed. 
The mycobacteria do not invade us from the outside to harm us, as we are unfortunately led to believe, but live in our bodies constantly on call, and in nature's wise foresight. If a biologically meaningful tissue breakdown becomes necessary, for example because a death anxiety conflict has been resolved, they immediately spring into action. But really only when the conflict has been resolved in real terms and a real pacification of the correlating brain relay (organ-related area in the developmentally controlling brain area) has taken place. I am repeating this for the second time because it is important to understand this. 
It is also important to understand that most of the symptoms that are still called symptoms of disease appear after the conflict has been resolved, that is, during the restoration phase. 
All the excess lung alveoli that are no longer needed are tuberculated/cheesed off by our little "friends" after the conflict death anxiety phase has ended. Tissue dissolves in the process. In this phase, the patients, who unfortunately have already been wrongly treated by conventional medicine, very often cough up bloody mucus. For anyone who does not know what to expect, this looks very frightening. It is even possible to fall back into a renewed fear of death because of these symptoms, which one does not interpret correctly. 
So anyone who thinks they have to destroy mycobacteria is making a very big mistake. Those who do not know universal biology, however, unfortunately cannot do otherwise. Anyone who is a doctor and wants to continue practising must even adhere to the treatment guidelines. Anything else can lead to the withdrawal of the licence to practise medicine. 
For these two reasons alone, it makes a lot of sense to acquire the now well-documented knowledge of universal biology. There are many books and also vivid videos. You learn how you yourself function. You read your own functional instructions, so to speak, and lose all fear of bacteria, other micro-organisms and so-called bad diseases. However, you may not go to the doctor so often in the future. Under no circumstances, however, should you arbitrarily give up medically prescribed therapies or stop taking medicines.
If you don't know anything yourself, 
you have to believe others.
With regard to Henle-Koch's postulates, it should be mentioned once again that it would be impossible to infect a healthy person with swab material taken from a person suffering from TB, which would certainly contain the infectious tuberculosis mycobacteria mentioned. 
The accused "tubercles" are innocent and will hopefully be acquitted quickly. Any attempts to fulfil the third postulate have failed so far and will fail in the future.
  •    First overlooking cancer and then treating TB wrongly
If one were to go to the doctor, the lung doctors would diagnose a slowly growing lung cancer in the active phase of this first process, i.e. in the phase in which the fear of death is predominant, because this process of tissue formation can be shown very well by X-ray. Of course not after a few days, but certainly after 2-3 months of persistent fear of death and the associated tissue growth. If the affected person solves the conflict, the problem, because the danger is over once and for all, and now goes to the doctor with the slowly emerging symptoms of cough, exhaustion, fever and bloody sputum, the doctor would then diagnose pulmonary tuberculosis. 
What in universal biology is in each case a part or a half of a two-part, biologically meaningful overall process, is understood by orthodox physicians as two completely different and unrelated individual diseases. 
Without understanding the causes of the symptoms and the biological processes of the individual phases, i.e. without understanding the universally valid biology, they bring out the heaviest guns they have. One is desperate to fight an enemy that does not exist. In fact, the enemy is our friend. So we are acting counterproductively. The sensible tissue growth, if recognised at all because it is asymptomatic, is described as a deadly cancer and chemotherapy is prescribed, which is certainly not a therapy but a potentially fatal poisoning brought about by the oncologist. 
Alternatively, or usually even simultaneously, one tries local radiation, i.e. nuclear therapy, which is also nothing more than a deliberate, senseless and counterproductive radiation of lung tissue. 
The recovery phase, i.e. the degradation of the no longer needed alveoli, which would always end in a symptomless normal state, is called dangerous pulmonary tuberculosis (formerly: consumption) and resorts to extremely strong, antibiotic drugs. Lung operations are also not uncommon.
In the delusion of having to heal something, one overlooks the fact that the organism has long since begun to heal itself, and is even almost finished with it. It is precisely these self-healing processes that one interrupts and in the process does everything, really everything wrong that one can do wrong. The potentially fatal wrong treatment of TB usually lasts 6 months. The following five drugs are used: Isoniazid (INH), Rifampicin (RMP), Ethambutol (EMB), Pyrazinamide (PZA) and Streptomycin (SM). If these do not help to kill the bad guys, there are other drugs, called second-line or reserve drugs, which are used in case of resistance or intolerance. Some patients die from the wrong treatment. 
  • It is not the pathogens that are the problem, but the mental consumption of the medical profession.
If medical doctors were properly trained, which unfortunately has never been the case, as there are no teachers at universities who have or are allowed to pass on universal biological knowledge or understanding, we would know how to proceed in the case of diagnosed lung round cancer or lung tuberculosis without the patients dying from the treatment. 
We have learned that the cause of the pulmonary round is based on the fear of death. If one suffers from tuberculosis, one has already resolved the death anxiety conflict and is in the recovery phase of the lung tissue. Without real perceived conflict resolution, there would be no tuberculosis, but a further enlargement of the lung round. Real felt means that one does not just tell oneself or be told that everything is well again, but one must be firmly convinced of it. This conviction always comes from within, and cannot be consciously or artificially brought about. It is an event that bypasses the dispatch, the consciousness.   
If biology is allowed to take its course, tissue builds up in the conflict-active death anxiety phase, which conventional medicine calls a tumour. In the conflict-relieved phase, when fear of death no longer has the upper hand and determines one's actions, one suffers from tuberculosis. So what! If you know how to get through these two phases, you will be healthy again afterwards. If you don't know anything, you have to believe the oncologists or lung doctors and may even die from the wrong treatment. This is called an iatrogenic death, i.e. a death caused by the doctor. 
If one were to undergo a medical diagnosis that diagnosed cancer, without however being treated, and were to survive both cancer and tuberculosis without conventional medical intervention, which would most likely be the case, not a single medical professional would understand this. It would be called a medical miracle of self-healing.
This shows how far today's modern medicine has drifted away from nature, from biology, into a purely mechanistic age. It is considered a miracle when nature does what it has done successfully for a million years without the intervention of doctors. And that is only because of poor education in the universities. 
  • Let's put the lid on it
We established:
  • Henle-Koch's postulates are nonsensical and cannot be fulfilled because they are contrary to the biological processes of nature. If they could be fulfilled, the biological laws of nature would not be laws but theories.
  • There is not a single scientifically proven pathogen in the world. There are only unproven claims. 
  • The contagion theory is simply wrong. It has never been proven, but it has been completely refuted.
  • There is a so-called universal biology that is based on the biological laws of nature and that can conclusively explain all processes in the organism. Processes that are still called disease today. With the internalisation of the knowledge of universal biology, the fear of illness is taken away from people. This universal biology can also explain how it comes to the symptoms that are wrongly attributed to viruses and also to the corona virus.
Once mankind understands 
that nature never creates evil.., 
but is always working to improve itself, 
we will be better off, 
because we are also part of nature.
[1]The book "Psychology of the Masses" by Gustav le Bon explains in simple terms why it is so easy to influence people psychologically without them feeling a thing. There has not been a single dictator or politician in the last 120 years who did not have this book on his bookshelf. Follow the example of those who rule us and get the necessary background knowledge. Only those who know no longer have to believe. Only those who know that they are being dominated can resist it. The book can be seen as an instruction manual for the strategies used during the swine flu pandemic, the bird flu pandemic and also the Corona pandemic. Other recommended reading is the book "Propaganda" by Edward L. Bernays, the PR guru par excellence. Please read both books and understand why what is happening now is even possible.   
[2] What is meant is the PCR test which is claimed to be able to detect the novel corona viruses via a smear test. But this is a bold-faced lie. The test is neither approved for diagnostic purposes nor can it indicate the presence of corona viruses. The test is sheer fraud and only serves to skim money, and to maintain fear in the population. It is a means to an end. The test is misused and is used to construct absolute case numbers. The test only works by the false positives it produces. Of course the test indicates something. Some claim that it gives around 70% false positives, which is already a scandal, since over ⅔ of the people tested have received a false result. In reality, however, every test result is 100% false, so the test is diagnostically and medically useless. The test represents a scientific fraud with which many billions are earned. 
[3] Read more in the article: "Of baseless viral claims, worthless Corona tests and the unsuccessful search for noble intentions" Part 1 and Part 2. Published on Corona Facts.
[4] See Corona Facts article "The Vaccination Myth."
[5] In Nov. 1918, the Navy conducted unethical contagion experiments with "volunteers" in Boston/USA. Over 60 healthy convicted sailors were selected and promised a pardon if they played guinea pigs. The doctors spread viscous secretions taken from the noses and throats of "dead" patients on the test subjects' mucous membranes. In further experiments, the test persons were placed next to the feverish patients. Each healthy test person carried out this procedure on 10 different patients whose first symptoms of illness could not be more than 3 days old. Not one of the healthy subjects became ill. Source: Richard E. Shop, "The R.E. Dyer Lecture. Influenza: History, Epidemiology, and Speculation", Public Health Reports, 73, no. 2 (February 1958): Pp. 170,171, and Alfred W. Crosby "America's Forgotten Pandemic", Cambridge (Cambridge University Press).
[6] The alveoli, or alveoli (from Latin: alveolus), are the blind end of the respiratory tract and are the structural elements of the lungs in which gas exchange between blood and alveolar air occurs during respiration. (Source: Wikipedia)
[7] This refers to dark-field microscopy according to the findings of Prof. Enderlein. This type of microscopy enables the user to observe and classify certain living components of the blood. Orthodox medicine is of the erroneous opinion that blood is sterile and rejects this type of examination. In the case of a patient suffering from the healing symptoms of TB, for example, this type of examination allows important conclusions to be drawn. Many alternative practitioners offer these blood diagnoses. Some are even real specialists.