Corona. Further into Chaos or Opportunity for All? - The Corona Phantom

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Corona. Further into Chaos or Opportunity for All?.
Source : - deep L translate 18 January 2021
Corona Book - Project Immanuel - Videos - Lunar Calendar - Publisher in Switzerland 
In this book we show how and why the viral scare built up predictably in history and is unleashing itself in the current hysteria. 
The virologist Prof. Christian Drosten is the exclusive trigger of the Corona crisis. 
He has globalised what was originally a local panic reaction in China. Without his action, it would have remained local and would have dissipated again.
To this end, Prof. Drosten developed and marketed the Corona virus PCR test worldwide even before it could be clarified whether bacteria, pathogen-free causes or viruses triggered the few cases of pneumonia.They became the leading symptom of the seemingly new symptom collection Covid19. 
Prof. Drosten developed the so-called Corona PCR test, which is still used today, at a time when he could not know whether and which pathogens Chinese scientists would find as the cause of the always sporadic pneumonias.
We also recommend that you read the book by Paul Schreyer "Chronik einer angekündigten Krise. How a virus could change the world". The author assumes the existence of pathogens, bacteria and viruses without examination. However, he has worked out the details of a crucial fact with heart&mind: 
Those responsible in the US military-industrial complex - which President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned against - built up the enemy image of supposed pathogens & terrorists for self-preservation after the fall of the Soviet Union. In future, villains would use pathogens as weapons. This was also intended to justify the Iraq war, among other things.
The content of the book was presented by Paul Schreyer in a lecture which can be found here. 
This makes it clear that and why governments and the "official" media reacted to Prof. Drosten's "Corona battle cry" the way they did and do: they believe in pathogens and that "terrorists and rogue states" use natural pandemics to release really dangerous pathogens in the process. 
Exactly this predicted fear scenario is running right now.
 It has obviously robbed the last, perhaps remaining, sanity of the advisors and the Chancellor. The chancellor of the virus panic is now planning the hard lockdown. It may deal a death blow to the mainstay of the economy, the self-employed and the middle classes, but it is supposed to protect us all from the supposedly dangerous virus mutations. 
Why not assume, as with all previous pandemic claims, that the viruses will mutate harmlessly again just as they came? After all, the swine flu virus more than miraculously disappeared overnight in 2009 after 93% of the target population refused to consume the extremely dangerous nano-particle vaccine. This virus did not come back either.
Materialism as a cause
Paul Schreyer's most significant statement can be found in the epilogue of his book
 "On Dying - and the Error" on page 155: "Death hurts - and modern society, blinded between the poles of fear, delusion of feasibility and belief in technology, can no longer stand this painDying is supposed to be outwitted or >>treated away<<, in any case somehow disappear. This is one aspect of the crisis, perhaps the essential one." 
We agree with this assessment. Our materialism was born in Greece about 2500 years ago. Not only did it give birth to the cell theory, from which inevitably flow the infection, immune, gene and cancer theories. It has created the greatest fear imaginable in those who were and are addicted to materialistic superstition: the meaninglessness of life resulting from this view and the extinction of everything through death.
Materialism has incorporated the religiously established scheme of good-evil superstition into the scientific way of looking at things. As a consequence, this prevents man from understanding himself and "the other". See the text "No virus - what then?" on the website of the Swiss action group "JETZT KLAGEN. 
After reading the text and the sources you will understand the meaning of the term "biology according to Hamer." Dr. Hamer has freed biology and the art of healing from the misconception of a so-called evil by revealing real mechanisms of disease and obstacles to healing. In the reverse of these findings, it becomes obvious that biological life is preceded by a consciousness from which life becomes visible to us.
1 hr video, English subtitles.

Paul Schreyer: Pandemie-Planspiele – Vorbereitung einer neuen Ära?

The Corona Phantom 
What is it then if the viruses do not exist?
deepL translate 
I recommend three paths to follow in order to understand the phenomenon of the corona crisis and to find orientation.
The first way is to perceive the refutations of the virologists who claim disease-causing viruses through their own statements. 
In doing so, you will find that the statements and actions of the virologists are extremely unscientific. The photos that supposedly show disease-causing viruses actually depict typical structures of cells or artificial protein-fat-soap globules that are produced when such mixtures are swirled. What is crucial in these photos is that the structures shown have never been biochemically characterised. In the structures shown, which are supposed to represent viruses, no search was ever made for the long piece of gene substance that is called the heart of a virus, the strand of genetic material or the genome of the virus.
What is done in all claims of the existence of disease-causing viruses is to construct a very long piece of a gene sequence from very short pieces of gene sequences of the human, microbial and biochemical metabolism purely mentally / mathematically, which does not exist in reality.
What's more: only slightly more than 50% of the gene sequences used here are real, i.e. originate from human and microbial metabolism. 
The rest of the sequences, which are needed to calculate the 100% of the mentally constructed gene sequence of the claimed viral genome, are freely invented.
But it gets even better: the slightly more than 50% of the actually existing gene sequences that are used to construct a viral genome are themselves only a statistical average from an infinite and constantly changing variety of so-called gene sequences.
It is not a virus but metabolism that produces constantly changing "gene sequences". In reality, these short "nucleotides" serve to adapt to changes and are an essential process of how biological life becomes visible to us.
So in every human and every animal, new combinations of nucleotide sequences are constantly being produced. If one looks for short sequences of nucleotides that have similarities to those "gene sequences" that are passed off as components of the virus, one will always and changes that are passed off as evidence of the mutation of the virus - just as detached from any scientific basis. 
Such an alleged mutant of the Corona virus - currently allegedly coming from England - is currently being used to tighten restrictions, cover up the effects of highly toxic Corona mishandling and include the predictable symptoms of rapid, medium and long-term vaccine damage from the highly toxic nano-particle and gene vaccines in the ever-expanding definition of the syndrome "Covid-19".
Doubting and questioning is the first and most important written duty of every scientist. Those who call this scientific questioning a conspiracy prove themselves to be anti-scientific, anti-social and followers of a superstition that must not be questioned.
Something that must not be questioned is always dangerous, manipulative and the basis for destruction and self-destruction.
 No "virus" is needed to cause the visible destruction and self-destruction of the Corona Panic measures. Here, the historically grown and therefore unnoticed superstition of the majority of the population and a few media-enforced good-evil high priests are enough.
Literature reference:
- The article by me, freely available on the internet, in the magazine w+ 4/2020.
- On the constant change of the so-called hereditary substances: "Erbgut in Auflösung", DIE ZEIT from
12.6.2008, freely available on the internet.
The second way I suggest to get orientation and certainty is to perceive the history of where, why and how the ideas arose that nature is evil and that there is an independent evil in biology. 
A materialising principle of evil ("cancer") capable of wandering inside the body ("metastases") and outside ("pathogens, viruses") cannot exist for logical reasons. But those who believe that "cancer" is a malignant degeneration and do not know the real causes also believe in flying mini-metastases in the form of invisible viruses.
You will notice in your walk through history that this good-evil materialism that dominates today arose as a counter-reaction to the generation of fear and the abuse of power by religions in ancient Greece, of all places. 
As a counter-reaction to centuries of abuse of power by the churches, this mind-, spirit- and soul-free materialism became the basis of the Enlightenment and of biological and medical science. 
Medicine and science were nationalised in 1858 on this basis and since then almost exclusively pseudo-science has been practised to maintain the cell theory of life and disease, Rudolf Virchow's cellular pathology, which had already been disproved in 1858 and never proven.
Literature reference:
- Misinterpretation Virus Part I, in w+ 1/2020 magazine.
- The book "Corona -Further into Chaos or Chance for All?
The third and probably most helpful way for you to find orientation and certainty is to perceive the better explanation of life, health, disease and healing that has been emerging since 1981. 
Diseases are not caused by theories of pathogens or evil genes that inevitably result from disproved cellular pathology. 
Processes that we still and erroneously regard as diseases in their own right are triggered by events (such as a corona diagnosis) that unexpectedly affect the affected person existentially and actually or perceivedly isolate him from his environment.
On the basis of thousands of documented findings, it has been clearly proven that the assumed and claimed independent evil in nature, in the body and in life does not exist.
Biology can be neither good nor evil. 
Biology is. 
The organism always behaves in such a way that it makes survival possible even in an extreme situation. 
For this purpose, the functions of the affected organs are usually increased. If this is not enough to escape from the situation that threatens the existence of the organism, either the tissue build-up or breakdown is increased in order to optimally adapt life to the life-threatening situation. 
This is regarded by orthodox medicine in each case as a disease in its own right, supposedly triggered by defects, evil genes, poor immune functions, infections or a combination of these.
If the triggering trauma is factually resolved or if the person succeeds in changing his or her relationship to it so that one can "smile" about it again, the organism subsequently tries to restore the original state. 
Excess tissue is broken down or broken down tissue is rebuilt. These processes are again regarded by orthodox medicine as another disease and consequently it is believed that this disease was triggered by another defect, an infection, etc. 
From the perspective of today's "medicine" (the doctrine of suppressing symptoms with substances), the following are misinterpreted as being independent of each other and each a separate disease:
  • 1st: The adaptation of the body to the permanent alarm of a trauma or a biological conflict.
  • 2nd: The second phase, the healing phase after practical or worked out resolution of the trauma / biological conflict with the aim of restoring the original state.
  • 3rd: In the switchover between the permanent alarm of the trauma phase and the healing, healing crises occur which can be more or less violent depending on the duration and intensity of the biological conflicts. These phenomena (sudden migraine, headache,
Nerve pain, loss of sense of smell and orientation, dizziness, epilepsy, heart attack, pulmonary embolism, psychoses etc.) are scientifically clarified, i.e. comprehensible, verifiable and predictable, which allows for causal and thus functioning prophylaxis and therapy.
With this view of "universal biology" (also well captured by the name "biology according to Hamer", which is ambiguous in a positive sense, since Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer removed the so-called evil from biology and medicine), extended by the findings of nutritional science, osteopathy, physiology, toxicology, type theory such as e.g. "Terlusollogy", "Human Design", the sensational and documented findings of the Bruno Gröning circles and other findings, all symptoms, and especially those of the constantly growing symptom complex "Covid-19", can be explained without contradiction, without having to make use of the refuted assumptions of cell biology and its inevitably resulting auxiliary hypotheses of infection, immune, gene and cancer hypotheses.
Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer has clearly proven in the positive reverse of his collection of findings (formerly called New Medicine, then "Medicina Sagrada", then Germanic New Medicine and finally Germanic Healing or "Germanic") that every part of the body, every functional area of an organ represents a materialisation of a consciousness unit.
 It can itself be hit by a word and thus be set on alarm, even on continuous alarm with fatal consequences: "A word can kill", but also: "A word can heal".
From this perspective, every unjustified generation of fear represents a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy, which hits the person all the harder who believes in the existence and independence of evil materialising in the form of disease, disease genes, cancer, pathogens, viruses, etc. 
By observing and recognising a meaningful and nature-given set of rules of biology, Dr. Hamer has again found the connection to the original philosophy of Ayurveda, in which the soul "Atma" plays the decisive role. In it, the various manifestations of metabolism (all bound to water) are subsequently taken into account.
Thus, symptoms such as sudden onset headaches, loss of the sense of taste and orientation and dizziness are easily explained. They are all assigned to the "Covid-19" symptom complex, which has been growing steadily since the test was introduced. Originally, and triggering the Corona panic, only the diagnosis of people with pneumonia in whom no "pathogens for pneumonia" were detectable (= atypical pneumonia).
Headaches, if they can be localised, are always due to a lack of oxygen, for example, if after a previous phase of continuous alarm, in which the metabolism automatically switches from respiration to fermentation, it switches back to respiration and there is not enough oxygen, or the oxygen can only be transported through the "acidic" areas of the brain with difficulty or not at all. The headaches caused by the trigeminal nerve being on permanent alert and headaches caused by haemorrhages etc. are explained in the specialist literature on this subject.
Dull headaches are caused, among other things, by the fact that the release of lactic acid and water, which has risen sharply due to fermentation, cannot be removed, especially if the removal of the water from the brain is restricted by a restriction of the cranio-sacral movement and / or by the kidney.
The restriction of the sense of smell and the sense of orientation (which is always linked to the sense of smell!) and the development of dizziness have also been clarified. Loss or reduction of the sense of smell and taste is often caused by swelling of the olfactory mucosa during a cold. There are also other possibilities that can lead to a loss of the sense of smell.
From the knowledge of universal biology, a loss of the sense of smell can also be caused by a triggering event (shock) that one does not want to smell something. One wants to get rid of the danger (olfactory information) or even just a bad smell. "Smell dangers" are experienced individually.
 It can be an actual danger, e.g. fire (smoke), or a danger that one experiences by association, e.g. the fictitious virus. A mouth cloth that has also been placed over the nose and emits an unpleasant odour can also lead to a loss of sense of smell. According to the knowledge of universal biology, a loss of sense of taste is caused by a triggering event that one does not want to taste / swallow something. One wants to get rid of the danger (taste information) or just a bad taste.
The primary symptom underlying corona panic, pneumonia, always represents a repair event that can indeed - always has - become critical. 
If panic, over- and wrong treatment and / or various diseases are added here (= multimorbidity, as was and is the case in China, Italy, Germany and everywhere), dramatic and fatal consequences can quickly ensue. This was never anything new. See all available statistics before and during the Corona crisis.
Literature reference:
- The book Universal Biology.
- The article by Ursula Stoll in the magazine w+ 3/2020 about Corona and "Covid19 symptoms".
- Three articles by me on a new view of life in issues 1, 2 and 3/2019 of the magazine w+.
- Valuable explanatory texts and statistics on the Telegram channel Corona_Facts.
When you have checked all this, you will realise that the Corona Crisis is nothing else than the self-propelling of a completely irrational good-evil hysteria predicted by me and others*, which has no relation whatsoever to the actually scientifically ascertainable biological reality.
Now you can help to decide whether :
- the majority of superstitious people who have been driven into hysteria by the Corona crisis will continue to destroy the foundations of biological, communal and economic life, or 
- whether a majority of people will emerge who rely on holism, reason and actual science and who know how to use the Corona crisis to turn around, out of good-evil thinking, acting and feeling, into deeper understanding and thus as an opportunity for everyone.
Dr. rer. nat. Stefan Lanka Langenargen, 12.1.2021
* (Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy 1952 in his book "Healing Power and Truth",
1956 in his book "Sociology I, The Supremacy of Spaces",
Ivan Illich 1976 in his book "The Nemesis of Medicine" and
2019 Seamus O'Mahony in his book "Can Medicine be Cured? The Corruption of a Profession")