Ask yourself how important the virus existence question is?

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dr Stefan Lanka's predictions (2009) are exactly right - pandemic plan or rule of law?❗️

...Two ways:

1️⃣ Global virus dogma and pandemic plans, population control, slipping into an open or covert dictatorship, forced vaccinations


2️⃣ Implementation of the rule of law, transparency and constant control of vaccinations and "viruses" by citizens.

The supporters of the virus theory still believe that the virus question is not relevant.

His exact predictions from 2009 show exactly what is happening right now before all our eyes, what Dr. Stefan Lanka expressly foresaw this logically many years ago because he studied the pandemic plans.

Ask yourself how important the virus existence question is.



Interview with Stefan Lanka 27.10.2005 on "bird flu" and some related subjects

 Where, in your opinion, does the danger or the disaster lie?
We have allowed ourselves to lose the habit of using our reason.

That is the actual danger or the disaster. The politicians and the media are taking it upon themselves to delude us into believing everything, for instance, delude us into believing that migratory birds in Asia have been infected with an extremely dangerous, deadly virus.”
 It's modern subvention scamming combined with paralysing scaremongering, which as a secondary effect guarantees that nobody asks for proof.”
 Does this bird flu virus then not exist at all?

In humans, in the blood or in other bodily fluids, in an animal or in a plant there never have been seen or demonstrated structures which you could characterize as bird flu viruses or flu viruses or any other supposedly disease-causing virus. The causes of those diseases which are being maintained to be caused by a virus, also those in animals, which can arise quickly and in individuals either one after the other or several at the same time, are known since a long time back.”
 Why then are disease-causing viruses still being maintained to exist?

The school medicine protagonists/practitioners need the paralysing, stupid-making and destructive fear of disease causing phantom viruses as a central basis for their existence:

  1. Firstly, in order to harm many people with vaccinations, in order to build up for themselves a clientele of chronically ill and ailing objects who will put up with anything being done to them.
  2. Secondly, in order not to have to admit that they are failing totally in their treatment of chronical illnesses and have killed and are killing more people than all wars so far have made possible. Every school medicine practitioner is conscious of this, but only very few dare to speak about it. Therefore it's no wonder either that among professional groups, it is that of the school medicine practitioners that has the highest suicide rate, far surpassing other professional groups.
  3. Thirdly, the school medicine practitioners need the paralysing and stupid-making fear of diabolical viruses, in order to conceal their historical origin as an oppression and killing instrument of the Vatican's when it was struggling to rise in the world, having developed out of the usurping West Roman army.

School medicine has been and is the most important pillar of support of all dictatorships and governments which do not want to submit to written law, to constitutions, to human rights, that is, to the democratically legitimized social contract. This explains too why school medicine really can and is allowed to do anything that pleases it, and in this is subjected to no control whatsoever. If we do not overcome this, we will all perish by this school medicine.”
 But the virus of the Spanish flu has been reconstructed genetically and also has been demonstrated to be a bird flu virus!

What, so to speak, was reconstructed genetically is nothing else than a model of the genetic substance of an influenza virus. An influenza virus has never been isolated. A genetic substance of an influenza virus has never been isolated either. All that has been done is multiplying gene substance by means of the biochemical multiplication method "poliymerase chain reaction". With this method it also is possible to multiply arbitrarily new, never earlier existing, short pieces of gene substance.

Thus it's possible with this technique also to manipulate the genetic fingerprint, that is, to test someone as identical to or different from a sample that has been "found". Only if very much of gene substance that can be compared is found will the genetic fingerprint, provided the process is carried out properly, provide a certain probability of a match.”
 Anyone who waits for "the others" to do something should not wonder if those others do nothing and the situation does not remain what it is but even gets much worse. In the final instance we, the citizens, stand behind this, in that we for years without doing anything about it have seen the whole madness around us and have tolerated it. Here we must begin to take social responsibility, if we do not want to surrender and sacrifice ourselves to the total domination and chaos of an uncontrolled pseudoscience.”

The Virus Hunter Dr. Stefan Lanka: Belief in “Viruses” is a Religion

“ Within the field of medicine, and science in general today, certain dogmas are accepted as true, and entire studies are conducted that accept these ideas as true, without ever investigating if the dogma is true or not.

The main reason why these basic premises are never examined, is because if they were found to be untrue, their entire business model would not only fail, but there would be serious legal issues to deal with from all the people killed or harmed by the products these studies stated were “safe and effective.”

“ When it comes to the belief in “viruses,” if the science actually fails to show that they do exist, then the entire rationale for developing vaccines and injecting them into people to fight “viruses” completely falls apart, and the pharmaceutical industry, including their cronies in government “health” agencies such as the FDA and CDC, would be liable for mass murder and criminal intent to cause harm.”

“ Viruses” are simply names attached to a group of symptoms people suffer. If that particular strain of symptoms in 2020 would have been labeled as a “flu virus,” the resulting hysteria and “pandemic” lockdown measures would never have happened, because people are used to the seasonal “flu virus.”

In fact, the COVID-19 “virus” was simulated and planned in 2019 before it even happened, and Fauci and others admitted that people were just not afraid enough of the “flu,” but that they needed something else to ramp up the fear factor, such as the fear of AIDS decades earlier. ”

“ The primary false premise that almost all modern day science is built upon, of course, is Darwinian biology, which deals only with the physical part of life, and completely ignores the soul and our spirit.

Modern science based on Darwinian biology is a belief system, a religion, and has almost nothing to do with real science.”


Stop arguing about the existence of the virus”

by Jon Rappoport

May 20, 2022


“The entire medical cartel thrives on the insane proposition—launched with fervor more than a hundred years ago—that people suffer from thousands of distinct diseases, each of which is caused by a single germ, which must be treated by a toxic drug and prevented by a toxic vaccine.

It is this great lie that that has killed millions upon millions upon millions of people.”


187 health/science institutions globally all failed to cite even 1 record of “SARS-COV-2” purification, by anyone, anywhere, ever

"As of May 11, 2022:

187 institutions (mainly health and science institutions) in >30 countries have all failed to provide or cite even 1 record describing the alleged “SARS-COV-2” having been found in any sick human and purified, in order to sequence and characterize “it” and study “it” with controlled experiments. 

In other words, none of these institutions can prove that the alleged RNA genome of 30,000 base pairs with a spikey protein shell actually exists…. let alone that “it” causes an allegedly new respiratory disease that is allegedly spread from host to host via contagion. 

No one on the planet has a pure sample of the alleged virus. 

There are no validated tests. Validation of a test for a “virus” would require a gold standard – the alleged virus."






Dr Stephan Lanka - approx.2 min video,2009

rough translation

Pandemic plan or rule of law?

The real positive  to this story is when it implodes in one place,
the public comes to an agreement 
a media outlet start and turns it on, 
a health department, a congressman, a mayor and somebody else at a press conference, on a live broadcast and so on sees that. 
Then  this global balloon, the first global dogma ,  will burst.

And then there is the possibility, and that is the good thing about this story, the positive that humanity wakes up from its letargy and realises that it has come so far because it has never realised for 60 years since it has been possible to control the state that a state can only function if it is a constitutional democracy and if all decisions are open and transparent and they are also constantly monitored.
Only then can we prevent a crash into the hidden  dictatorship and the open dictatorship that we have been facing for some time .
When the bird flu and the swine flu and an otherwise influenza pandemic is declared and the people then swallow Tamiflu en masse, which inevitably leads to suffocation, lung problems and so on, which are attributed to viruses that do not exist, to influenza viruses.
Just as with AIDS , the effect of the drugs is attributed to viruses that do not exist.
The one who is not active here, who does not check  for himself , questions and requests from the authorities is a complicit  in this mass murder and is also to blame if one dies, is directly poisoned, is forced to be vaccinated or suffers or dies in the planned breakdown of the public order in every pandemic plan on the internet under which one suffers or perishes.”