Round Table Discussion: Forced Organ Harvesting from Living People - Past, Present, Future - Thu, Jun 9, 2022

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Sixteen years ago, the international community was made aware of forced organ harvesting from living prisoners of conscience or the intentional killing of people for their organs. This is an abuse of the medical profession, a violation of ethical standards in medicine, and a criminal practice.

As inconvenient it might be to confront and take actions to address this issue, in order to uphold the reputation of the medical profession, all medical professionals must now act against this abuse. Silence and inaction, hoping that the issue will resolve on its own is analogous to knowing there is a cancer and hoping it will dissolve on its own.

The most professional approach for the medical community is to diagnose the issue and then treat it. If a small group of medical professionals commit crimes against humanity, medical doctors everywhere need to inform themselves and act.

Our webinar will present a roundtable discussion on this topic, provide a review of the evidence that has been gathered in the past, update the audience about the latest research and discuss the next steps of action to stop forced organ harvesting. Our purpose is to educate medical professionals and equip them with data and knowledge so as to lay a path forward towards ending the abuse of forced organ harvesting.

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