Is world famine engineered by CCP matter of (near) future?

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Wuhan China Two Viruses Theory Explains China’s Strange Corona Response And It’s Strange Food Destruction And Hoarding Policies!! World Hasn’t Caught On Yet… Help Get Word Out Now!!

We may have a bullseye here… two bioengineered frankinviruses… one kills off the food supply, the other one kills people.  One kills people fast, one kills people slow… and lets not discount any role that 5G may be playing… for sure with the vaxx, but how do we know it’s not playing a role with either bioengineered frankinviruses?

 1. Two viruses released in Wuhan… the corona and the plant destoyer!! (8:30) Found in patients blood in intensive care. Doctors records available and were translated.

 2. What Celeste says connects to this story… from CCP high ranking official!!                                                                                                              Although the authenticity of this transcript can not be definitively confirmed, there are numerous elements that resonate as truth. As well…   what is going on 3 years later in China also supports this testimony. We the world must wonder why they built 40 incinerators in Wuhan,     where all the missing people went, why people are dropping dead in the streets, why the bizarre draconian lockdowns, and much more.       

3 years later, we can see the lockdowns in China have gotten even more extreme… they are even welding people into their apartment buildings… and people are in some cases carrying around 2 weeks worth of supplies in case they get notification of close contact tracing. Just being in the wrong place at the wrong time, can immediately change one’s life forever. Also, their social credit system is constantly tracking their every move and people’s credit scores are deducted even for simple acts like jaywalking, meaning every step they make is monitored and measured.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Now, according to reports there are 10000 5G towers in Wuhan alone. My own personal theory is this: that this initial report is true, but China was also doing a 5G trial on the people of Wuhan, in short, there is a convergence of the biological weapon and 5G. Let me explain… I don’t believe the biological weapon would have effects lasting 3 years. As well, we’re are not seeing people dropping dead in the streets, or at least, the west is not receiving this information if it’s happening. The questionable activity of the Wuhan wetmarket was something that made international news, albeit, not the account that is provided here. We know there are is weaponized ‘biological’ creating facilities, and we know dark forces have a history of testing prisoners in their diabolical programs. The lockdowns in China in general have gotten quite extreme. We know they were burning the bodies… but that appears to have stopped, as there is no more smoke being reported over Wuhan, and it appears now, that China is more concerned with identifying people with ‘corona’ or those who have a low social credit score. The evidence seems to show more of a focus on an organized gathering of prisoners or perhaps… undesirables. Was the people dropping dead in the streets, 5G this whole time? Well perhaps… also this might simply be a convergence of two ‘end times’ evil programs… one which is the biological testing and two, which happened to be timed with 5G testing… and maybe people are not dropping dead in the streets ‘as much’, is because perhaps they turned down the juice on the cell phone towers? It’s possible. Finally, I’m open to the theory that this man’s account of the horror’s of Wuhan, is an elaborate script of the Khazarian mafia, who are master storytellers, and who have years of planning in their own corona horror story… and although this testimony has elements of truth, those truths could be known by the K intelligence agencies, who are experts at throwing people off the scent of the truth. In any event, there are stated fictitious elements woven in to this story, as stated, and there are elements of this story that are in line, with what is known.

One more thing… with the draconian lockdowns throughout China being timed with their 24/7 5G monitoring system, we must also note, that while it appears they are carting people away who ‘get covid’ or maybe it’s about having a low credit score, there doesn’t seem to be a burning of bodies throughout China… and I’m not suggesting that people are not dying of 5G because they probably are… so whatever initially happened in China may have been an isolated event. Are they still burning bodies in Wuhan? I’m not aware it’s still happening.

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3. This explains now… why China is destroying food… possibly in engineered weather events, and draconian food destruction and hoarding policies.

4. Can you handle the sounds of Shanghai’s starving masses?


This is how world marxsists power-grip around people is obviously done.

How was Communism installed to China by "West"?

So let´s make another session about non-existence of viruses...