RFK Jr. Enters The Viral Existence Debate


Science is about using the scientific method and not about defending consensus dogmas and creatimg hypothesis  for dipsroven  theories .


Karl Popper- Theory of Falsification https://www.simplypsychology.org/Karl-Popper.html 

 According to Popper, scientific theory should make predictions which can be tested, and the theory rejected  if these predictions are shown not to be correct.   For Popper , science should attempt to disprove a theory , rather than attempt to continually support theoretical hypotheses.   

 What is the orgin and the proof for a virus model for disease? Source: https://wissenschafftplus.de/cms/de/wichtige-texte   


Dr Stefan Lanka: “The definition of what can be called a scientific statement and the resulting obligations are clearly defined. Summarised:

 • A. Every scientific statement must be verifiable, comprehensible and refutable.

 • B. Only if the refutation of a scientific statement by laws of thought, logic and, if applicable, by control experiments has not succeeded, a statement may be called scientific.

 • C. Every scientist is obliged to check and question his statements himself.


Because virologists have never done this themselves and for understandable reasons are reluctant to do so – who wants to refute themselves, who wants to refute their actions, who wants to refute their own reputation – we do this publicly with seven arguments. Every single argument alone is sufficient to refute the existence claims of all “pathogenic viruses” and this is what virologists of this discipline do (except for researchers who deal with the existing “phages” and “giant viruses”). in the following points the word “virus” is used instead of the word combination “pathogenic virus”. “( https://wissenschafftplus.de/uploads/article/wissenschafftplus-virologi…)


Source : google translate : https://t.me/Corona_Fakten/932

When virologists disprove themselves by their own statements ! 

Have you ever wondered what forces such a claimed "virus" would have to muster to do what is ascribed to it? 

All virologists define that a virus does not have its own metabolism and is biochemically dead. 

However, how something dead can develop the power through - skins, - fascia and dermis of the organs, - Linings of the vessels and against the flow of mucus from the mucous membranes into the organism -to penetrate there through the tough connective tissue mass (which surrounds all cells)?

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