Mikael Nordfors, fighting for independent medicine and a subject of "Honor Killings"

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My name is Mikael Nordfors. I am a medical doctor and musician and live with my family in Copenhagen.

I am one of the rare doctors that have been have been fighting for democracy, human rigths and freedom of speech in both politics and medicine, and as a consequence of this, I started www.medicdebate.org.

the Green Party in Sweden

I started my political career as a co-founding member of the Green Party in 1981, where I was on the parliamentary list and was alternate member of the Trustees. My commitment to the Green Party, however, decreased over time as I noticed that the questions of democracy, which was very central in the beginning began to decline in importance in favor of the corridor talk and manipulation. I also had problems with lying in public issues where my views differed from the party.

the Direct Party

I was therefore pleased when  in 1992 I saw an election poster for 'Phone' Party ", a party founded by the Yellow magazine's founder, Peter Ahlm, who took it upon themselves to organize a referendum in each municipality issues over the phone (internet hardly existed then), and let the party seats in the council guided by the vote results. I then got the idea to combine 
the electronic direct democracy with so called delegated voting, which enabled the participants to give their votes personally selected advisers on issues where they did not have time to vote directly. 

Peter Ahlm did not like the idea, so I instead founded a new national political party called Direct Party.
He Direct Party in their time got some media attention. We were represented in both television and the leading media. I took part in a TV program together with Carl Bildt and Minister Mona Sahlin, titled "Can you trust politicians." 
We got about 150 members, but decided finally not to stand in parliamentary elections due in 1994. lack of resources. Direct Party ran out of steam then when I moved to Norway in 1994 to work as a doctor.

Music Career

During my medical training 1978-1985, I used to worked as a church musician during the summers. In 1985 I got the idea to start playing music on the street, mostly to keep my music-making started while I was working as a doctor. To my surprise I noticed that I thus could both have more fun, more freedom and earn more money than a doctor. This was due to me from 1985 to 1994 mainly living me as a street musician. I also got the manager and record deal and released four albums in record stores with symphonic syntesizermusik.During my time as a musician I also traveled extensively. I was particularlily impressed by the people of Wesrtern Samoa in Polynesia, a society based on social connections and not on private property and career. I am also very interested in meditation and psychotherapy, and did many courses and trainings in this field including Primal Therapy, Encounter, co-counceling, psychodrama, etc. ..

I have since age 14 meditated regularly. I have also given presentations and led workshops on the Danish mystic and philospher Martinus .

After ten years on the streets of Europe, I started to get tired of my travelling life, while also revenue fell due to increasing competition and more and more police restrictions.

My medical career

I started working as a doctor again in 1994 and quickly became very frustrated at the lack of compassion, commitment and competence among my colleagues. I think that the ten years as a street musician and all my therapy experiences had been an excellent way for me to get rid of the brainwashing I have gone through in medical school.

The problem with today's medicine is in a nutshell that 99% of today's doctors would rather sacrifice 100 lives instead of risking their own reputation, and those who are not such as will be ostracized and bullied. We have no evidence-based, but rather eminence-based medicine. 
Since I am a musician and former elite athlete (I was playing volleyball in the top division) and was used to really work hard and do regular training in order to achieve my goals and passions.

When I found a medical problem I could not cope with the official guidelines, I went into the research literature to find new ways, as I often did with success. When I read through all of the latest research on depression treatment, I found to my surprise that there were 30 pieces of double-blind studies showed that herbal medicine St. John's wort was as good as synthetic antidepressants like Prozac to heal depression and that St. John's wort was the most widely prescribed antidepressant in Germany. Not one Swedish and American psychiatry professor had a clue about this!

I happened to know an American psychiatrist and best-selling author whose name was Harold Bloomfield. We decided to publish a book on the subject, ( Hypericum & Depression ) which in ended up in the CNN, Newsweek and the New York Times bestseller list.

I had also started to do research in the social network's impact on schizophrenia, together with Associate Professor Ulf Malm from Sahlgrenska in Gothenburg Paradoxically, in spite of my unusual successes, I later got no job at the Sahlgrenska so I could continue my research there. Most of the Sahlgrenska research was sponsored by the pharmaceutical company Lundbeck, whose best seller was happy pills Cipramil. I was then also very much in the media in connection with the book on St. John's wort and an article on St. John's wort, which came on the front page of the main Swedish medical magazine, ”Lakartidningen”. 
The message from the medical system was were: Go Into the mainstream, read no research, do not care about your patients! 
My analysis of the problem was that the problem in health care was the hierarchical organizational structure, which just released the well-combed yes-men in the hierarchies and more or less banned all independent thought, especially. if you were not a Professor. 
I decided therefore to once again make an attempt to Digital Direct Democracy (DDD).

Vivarto AB

I decided to start a company that would try to sell DDD system to political parties, businesses, municipalities and organizations. At first, I financed a large part of the business by working as a so-called "rental doctor".

We managed to get a working system with delegated voting, which still after 10 years remains unmatched in the world in terms of functionality. We also conducted the first public and secure Internet election in Sweden in Umeå Student Union and the newspaper Aftonbladet (Young Election 2002). I was an invited speaker on the DDD for many political conferences in Sweden and abroad. Several political figures as Mikhail Gorbachev, Madeleine Albright, Benazir Bhutto, Oscar Arias and the Minister Matti Vanhanen was very interested in DDD. 
The nicest compliment in my life I got to the World Political Forum in Turin in 2003 where I was introduced as "The Benjamin Franklin of future World Democracy" by Andrei Grachev, Mikhail Gorbachev's right-hand man and advisor. 
We were very close to our system, sold and implemented by the UN, and Kofi Anan Secretary, who was from England, invited us to headquarters and said that "I can promise you a cup of tea, But I Can not Promise Kofi! 
We sold the system to a host of municipalities and organizations, including the district of Camden in London, Liberal Youth of Sweden and the newly formed DDD lot Vallentuna,
Demoex .

We also worked with the founder of GNU / Linux and the free software movement , Richard Stallman to start a DDD-driven programming company that could compete with Microsoft. One of the ideas was to introduce the equivalent of today's environmental and fair trade banner so that all the companies who donated 10% of their software budget to free software development would be showcasing our symbol. 
The sale was not sufficient to persuade the company to go around, and the dotcom crash in 2001 made it impossible almost fundraising, why Vivarto subsequently went bankrupt 2004th

Victim of "honor killings"

While I was working as rental doctor in order to raise money for Vivarto, showed me a colleague how to cure sciatic and back pain by massaging the sore and tight muscles near the sacrum. These muscles squeeze the nerves that come out from the spinal cord, causing pain and imbalance throughout the body. The syndrome is known outside of Sweden as "the Deep Gluteal Syndrome, or ”thhe Piriformis Syndrome”". I found it hard to believe what I saw, but tried the method in some patients, and added to my surprise noticed that almost every patient became well and asymptomatic immediately!! when I showed this to my colleagues, there almost no interest, despite that they often had seen with their own eyes how patients were able to throw away their crutches and walk out of the treatment room asymptomatic, despite several years of sickness and possibly even disability pension.

Then I met Dr. Stefan Blomberg, who also taught me an injection technique which further increased the effectiveness of treatment. He had in a

his doctoral thesis revealed a 600% reduction of sick leave for those who used his method but nevertheless been neglected by the National Board and the SBU, which are those responsible for the national treatment guidelines in Sweden. However, I myself was having on his reception in one of those high horses' friends wanted to get help with his back. Officially, there were no Stefan Blomberg, but when they needed help themselves, they went there!

I got angry and decided to start a private practice, I called "the guarantee clinic". The idea was that patients would pay a certain sum in advance, which they then would get back if they were not satisfied with the treatment. I got all the most difficult cases in Sweden, which had often been to every specialist in the field without any result, and only had to pay the money back in 30% of cases!

A colleague of mine became angry and asked two patients to report me to the National Board, 1.5 years after I treated them at the district clinic where he was director. 
One of the patients had some bad memory. When reviewing the medical records it was revealed that she actually become symptom free of my treatment and have started to dance folk dance again!

I got two warnings by the National Board. This also went out in the media, so that another patient, who also arrived on the visit and had a good effect of the first reading signed up hoping to raise money for his alcohol abuse.

I appeal Accountability Board's decision in County Court, where I entered as a documentation about 200 scientific references, several double-blind studies, including an MRI study from the U.S. which showed that 70% of all chronic sciatica was due to Piriformissyndrom.The national board was not able a to find one single scientific document that supported their position, and also in spite of this continued to claim that in writing that there was no evidence for the existence of something called ”Piriformis Syndroem”!

I did win the court case with a so big margin, that the appeal from the National board to the higher courts was declined!!

Now you think that this should be a sensation in the media.  Medical doctor can demonstarate in a trial that the National Board of Sweden deliberately rather sacrifice hundreds of thousands Swedes' health rather than losing their face. The whole thing was on the contrary totallt silenced in media. Could it be that the reason for the media silence could be the fact that a large part of the market for painkillers and unnecessary back surgeries would disappear ?

Instead, it was now the time for my hell to start. Someone sent a document dealing with the patient complaints in Sweden and made sure that my employer in Norway launched a campaign of persecution with a lot of complaints from patients that I barely had met, just before the trial result of my victory over the National Board became clear, which led to an article in the major Swedish tabloid ”Aftonbladet” calling me "the anal doctor," in a Tv-show called "Insider" I was (of course totally without any gropund) accused of masturbating in front of my patients, etc. etc. No one wrote about my victory over the National Board. 
Most of these articles is still laying on the Internet, with the result that everyone who googles my name believe I am a perverse sex maniac using ineffective methods of treatment as an excuse to sexually exploit my patients. Things got so bad that many of my friends and relatives no longer wanted to hang out with me because of this.
On top of this, the Norwegian tax authorities declined to let med deduct the costs from trying to start up the above mentioned software programming community together with among else Richard Stallman resulting in a big tax debt for me, in spite of that I even got a witness from Michael Gorbachevs secretary that my e-denmocracy was sincere and serious. As I later found out, I am not the only guy who had theese kind of very unpleasant experiences when speaking up against ”big brother”.

To continue working, I changed name and moved to Denmark, where it was good to work for 1.5 years, until the Danish tabloid Extra Bladet made a front page article with the title"Dr. Anal is now in Denmark" with all sorts of false accussatiopns inside. After that no one dared to employ me in Denmark more. 
This was very tough for me and I was in a period on sick leave due. post-traumatic stress syndrome.

I have later been accused by the government for other things as well, which led to a temporary loss of my license to practice in Sweden. This decision was retracted and I got my license back. I attach a paper about the details on this decision here:

I currently have a very good 4,7 average grade from my patients out of 5,0 possible, which is classified as "fantastic". You can book an appointment here.

So what happens when you go against the system as a doctor. 
I now work in a Private Partice in Malmoe, Sweden.