About supercomputers, AI and our brains

Computerbrains is probably the first documentary about the science of cybernetics, its author Dr. Norbert Wiener and his death at the Academy of Sciences in Stockholm/Sweden. He published the title Cybernetics and inaugurated the digital era of AI, IT and gave us cyber. He was a rebel, pacifist and died during a lecture to Sweden's leading professors when he warned of the threat posed by the military with brain-computer technology.

Computerbrains are also the term for connecting the human brain to state supercomputers, remote control of neurological processes, i.e. biomedical research or life science. Cybernetics stands for control and communication technologies. It was the basic technology behind what we call the information society, but still only known by some few. Computerbrains are just as much the people who are unknowingly connected to the state's supercomputers for research, behavioral manipulation and brain experiments. This is a political issue more crucial than the ones we hear about in the media. It's about our brains and genes. For more than half a century, a hidden state project has been developed and gained a decisive importance in the present and for the future. When we hear about hidden

substances in vaccines and genetic modification, it is just a minor part of this technology. Manipulation of our genes by super computer technology has gone on for half a century as we will see from this article. Professor Norbert Wiener gave us brain- computer interaction and that’s what the documentary Computerbrains deals with as well as this article. The technology exists as the most significant factor in our time. 

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