"With the SARS-CoV-2 myth not working as well as they’d like, governments around the world and their media echo chambers have attempted to resuscitate the old virus myth of HIV. In light of these developments we had the privilege of speaking at length with Dr Kevin Corbett MSc Phd, a retired registered nurse, health scientist and educator for the health professions, who in this film, helps to unpack the history of AIDS and its links to COVID-19. Dr Corbett is one of the very few individuals in the UK with expertise in clinical and academic healthcare to not only challenge the official government line about the ‘Covid’ hysteria but to question the very existence of an isolated and purified SARS-CoV-2 virus. From the very start of the alleged pandemic, Dr Corbett has spoken out against government measures to allegedly control the virus, which have proven to be futile and extremely harmful to society. Dr Corbett has worked in hospitals as well as community and forensic medical services. Additionally he then went on to work in health sciences research where he looked into people’s experiences of medical diagnosis and treatments for chronic health conditions, particularly in HIV and AIDS. Dr Corbett is co-author of the Corman-Drosten Report Review calling out problems with the PCR test defined by a scientific paper in the Eurosurveillance journal getting a 'magical' peer review by two "experts" in 24 hours and recommended by the WHO before it was even published.
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main take aways 

  • Testing technology was trialed through the created ‘epidemic’ via HIV testing.
  • PCR test was first brought  into clinical use with AIDS patients . If there is no virus isolated or purified how can you calculate how much virus is in the blood stream? 
  • Once you accept the existence of such a virus, you accept the whole package , it becomes a bases for marketing, for drugs, testing, it becomes enshrined and institutionalised as we have seen with Sars-cov2.
  • SARS Cov -2 is based on an in silico virus , not from nature, created by a computer algorithm and passed of as nature.
  •  Philosophy of health  - That health comes from testing, drugs , etc. - questionable
  • If question the science you get ostracised as a scientist.
  • AIDS  and its relationship to covid.  Covid is also has its based in the testing technology . 
  • Even Luc Montagne admitted that HIV  was  never purified 
  • Questioning virology . This debate was well ahead of Sars-Cov2,, decades ago
  • models  how science work , it moves through world views- paradigms. .We are in a virus paradigm
  • The public has been brainwashed into destructive behaviours. which is harmful socially, spiritually, psychologically and in every other way.
  • The authority has been putting pathological  fear based messages about contagion creating a hysteria.
  • They need to produce a bigger scare now for people to comply. The  covid and AIDs are only the cherry on a bigger cake, symptoms of what is wrong with the whole society. 
  • The whole of the science has gone wrong , it is all misdirected for particular vested interests.
  • virologist have not proven  even in classical virology, have not used own purification models and  that the viruses actually exists .
  • There was a sophisticated push for technology. Does health came from tests, treatment, the slush and burn of orthodox medicine ie they medicate you , they cut you and give you chemotherapy for cancer?  You have to look what is you philosophy of health. It is absolutely  ridiculous that people accept these notions.
  • Technocratic medicine is what HIV is . It looks a numbers.  It sees human body in quantitative terms only, as a consumptive unit. A unit that consumes things. It is almost like Nazi medicine , because it does not see  the humane aspect , the human.
  • Poisoned by prescription. Any drug can cause disease, the side effect and the main effect is very blurred . Who defines  what the side-effect and the main effect is, would argue the drug industry itself.
  • You invent a disease ,you invent a test for it and you invent treatments.
  • Why do people believe they have covid?  There are no unique symptoms, it can only be distinguished by a test. 
    Covid - symptoms are so generic it is laughable  to  be labeled as a separate disease 
    and the authorities knew that.
  • They invented the PCR test not based on a virus from nature but from an in silico based model. 
  • There is no real science   , it is all fear based, hysteria.
  • The debate is polarised,. If you question anything you are seen as a danger., as a scientific terrorist.
  •  covid Vaccine - Gene therapy- uses  genetic vector, this is the theory .
  • Adverse reaction  reporting  following vaccination.  It depends on your perception of what is wrong or the clinician that is treating you. Underreporting. You cannot prove causation , it is following the injection.
  • Drugs and vaccines are never licensed until the safety has been utterly identified for at lest a phase 3 trial . The  whole of the population is the phase 3 trial.
  •  There has never been any emergency.
  •  It is a political decision because of pharmaceutical pressure from the industry, there is no scientific reason to vaccinate .
  • Could the intension be depopulation? There are questions , they are giving them to everybody.  Why are they been injected in the elderly and vulnerable?
  • Has little time for people in the alternative circles who want the vulnerable vaccinated, even scientists  , like Mike Yeadon, are saying it - we need to inject  the vulnerable old people with these vaccines and at the same time they call them kill shots and they are going to kill people..
  • The industry is the powerhouse, the scientists are just the prostitutes that are marketing it to the public.
  • That is how the Universities operate, they are corporate bodies, they produce the evidence you want if you pay them enough.  We have seen it with all the pharmaceutical agencies are using the Universities as frontman, prostitutes to produce the evidence o market it to the public.
  • Talk about fraudulent diagnosis - best example is psychiatry, How do you overturn covid?  You have to overturn the rest of it as well, it is symptomatic of what is wrong right through the orthodox medicine.
  • Coronavirus Act 2020, anybody with 2 braincells will know that we are living in 1984. They can enforce martial law. Until that act is repealed we will never have proper freedom in this country. That is the enabling act just like Hitlers enabling act in the 1930’s .
  • Vaccination is like a religious totem, an article of faith rather than intellectually evaluated measure.
  • The new  HIV variant that is claimed in NL. They are trying to cover their tracks that the effect of the covid vaccines are due to HIV. So market  the HIV test to the public . One possibility. The fact that you have a variant it is just a nonsense.
  • They use synthetic proteins that cross-react in tests.(  can test positive for nearly 70  other conditions  ) HIV has  never been purified from nature , the images we have seen are computer models , even the EM do not show a purified form of the virus
  • What is virology is another issue.
  • Ventilators, Midazolam, other drugs.Manufacture pandemic created to keep the general public in line while people in hospitals and care homes had their lives cut short and labelled a Covid death. If true, some of the greatest crimes against humanity in living memory.
  • Protocol driven system at the beginning of covid  caused the death and added to it.  Protocol driven care  . We have to blame the evidence based medicine and evidence based nursing  which has led  nurses and doctors to just using protocols based on an analysis of best evidence.  Protocol is what they adhere and not what the patient is.
  • Technocratic medicine. It has misdirected medicine and nursing adhering to protocols and not the patients needs and wishes.
  • What can people do to take back their humanity and find the truth? To help end totalitarian impositions and psychological mind games being inflicted upon us? They cannot own the human soul. People know  when  something is wrong , they do not feel empowered enough to question it. 
  • You never take vaccines or medicines for the benefit of other people. You only take medical intervention for your benefit of your own health. You are sovereign, your body is your own it is not owned by the government .  It is morally , ethically and medically wrong to demand vaccine certificates for work.
  • Just because something is legal does not mean that is morally or ethically right.This is as much a spiritual attack on the individual as it is a medical or political one.
  • It is about breaking people down so they become compliant to the authority. Would encourage people not to comply to question what they  hear and to seek alternatives ie work things out for yourself.
  • What has been happening is unconstitutional, we have our god given human rights. They are not given by any prime-minister , party or any government.Thinks for yourself and act for yourself., for your own and family interests  and not for the common good, that is a communist message, the common good. Do not be cohered , do not do things because other people tell you, do-not wear a masks because you are told to, have injections because you are told to. Be happy and live your life  without these restrictions and coercive  measures put by the authority. Live your live without fear. 
  • On the other side of this dystopian narrative. There is great opportunity to push back on the models that are wrong, on the institutions that are wrong.
  • Covid is as much a symptom of the regulations that have gone wrong, they are corrupted to the core because they are government agents operating for government policy and not in the best interest of their profession.  They facilitate the government  policy, they are not independent of government.
  • Florence Nightingale would have never accepted germ theory and a situation like this  where people are bombarded with pressure to have medical intervention. The nursing profession in his view  is totally corrupted  . Covid is an opportunity to create new regulators. But for that you need to change government.  
  • We have a tyranny in Whitehall, we do not have parliamentary democracy. Otherwise all these issues would have been debated, the vaccines would never have been given emergency approval if debated properly with independent scientists. 
  • At the moment we have an executive that is a tyranny .  We see a relaxation, but the  rules can be relaxed and retightened any time.
  • Unless the Corona Act is repealed nothing will change.
  • The people need to challenge and get  political and model their independent critical thinking. It can be stopped and turned around.  There is enough momentum, people are starting to question. 
  • Non compliance, do not mask, socially engage, do not comply  with cohesive testing and injections. The testing is the key to it, if people refuse to test the statistics will reduce, refuse to engage with medical science, medical technology on covid terms things will stop.  There is a push back and it is having an effect.