Treatment Protocols for Covid 19 Related Disorders

On this page we will list and evaluate all kinds of treatments, both "alternative" and conventional.

Please Click on a treatment category and read the information. If you have experience of the treatment, you can rate it and make a comment where you can share your experiences.

We have separated combination therapies, where you mix many treatment with single treatments. We start with covid 19 related disorders, but will related also introduce all other medical problems. Also remember to report all cases of Covid 19 related damages to

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All Treatment Protocols

Combination Treatments:

Combination Covid 19 "Vaccine" Damage Treatments

Combination Covid 19 Treatments

Combination Long Haul Covid treatments 

Single Treatment Protocols

Single Treatments for Covid 19 "Vaccination" Damages 

Single Covid 19 Treatment Protocols

Single Long Haul Covid 19 Treatments

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