Ironclad Irrefutable Evidence Seminar Series Episode 7: Rapid Growth of Organ Transplant Institutions in China after 1999 and Their Overseas Dumping of Organs

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Executive summary

After former Chinese Communist Party (CCP) head Jiang Zemin launched the persecution of Falun Gong in 1999, the number of organ transplants in China increased exponentially at the same time. A large number of organ transplant centers and tissue typing centers were rapidly established.

The participating medical units are located in all the provinces, central government-controlled municipalities and autonomous regions of mainland China. Almost all organ transplant institutions of the military, armed police and the organ transplant divisions of regional hospitals (medical centers) are suspected of involvement in the live organ harvesting, including a considerable number of hospitals unqualified to perform organ transplants, such as small and medium-sized hospitals and specialized hospitals. It is similar to what happened when the CCP was implementing the “one child policy”. Almost all hospitals performed forced abortions back then. Today, all organ transplant institutions in China are involved in live organ harvesting for transplantation.