The Truth About Viruses

“It doesn’t seem to matter how many videos, articles and even books that refute the existence of “viruses”, I still get questioned with “but….what about [insert anything here]?”
I took up the challenge to make a one stop video, although I’m not holding my breath "
Make sure you watch till the end, where I have made a “Virology in 5 seconds” film "

1. Tobacco Mosaic “Virus”:
2. “Propagation in Tissue Cultures of Cytopathogenic Agents from Patients with Measles”- Enders and Peebles, 1954:
3. “Bovine Amniotic Fluid as Tissue Culture Medium in Cultivation of Poliomyelitis and Other Viruses” - Enders, 1952:
4. “The Emperor’s New Virus” - Brent Leung, 2011:
5. “Think About It” - Flight Of The Conchords:
6. “Sequence-Based Identification of Microbial Pathogens: a Reconsideration of Koch’s Postulates” - Fredricks and Relman, 1996:
7. “PCR Inventor: ‘It doesn’t tell you that you are sick’” - offGuardian, 5 Oct 2020:
8. “Faith in Quick Test Leads to Epidemic That Wasn’t” - NY Times, 2007:
9. Dr. Stefan Lanka interview with Joan Shenton, 17 Oct 2021:


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