Stop the Mass-Murder!!

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Please join our "Stop the Mass-Murder" Campaign by printing out the attached leaflets and give to everyone, especially health care workers and police, and telling them that they might be criminally prosecuted and up in jail if they continue to support the murderous Covid vaccine agenda!  The Video ends with a music video arranged and composed by Mikael Nordfors and Produced by Magnus Bergman, with Hedda Hopper on vocals and Ole Dammegaard on guitar.

  • Our authorities have repeatedly opposed effective and harmless preventive measures and treatments against Covid 19 such as Vitamin-D, Vitamin-C   Zinkantibiotics, Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermektin, this to enable the introduction of untested "vaccines" by means of a so-called emergency approval.
  • Instead of giving these treatments to the victims, they have given direct lethal so-called "Palliative" measures such as injections of morphine and midazolam, and dangeroius experimental medications causing more harm than good like Remdesivir.
  • Billions of dollars have been spent on misleading PCR tests that have created panic by resulting in a large number of false positive results.
  • The Covid 19 "vaccines" are not vaccines, but inadequately tested genetically modified drugs.
  • Nor are they part of a medical experiment. In medical experiments, a thorough medical evaluation  is performed during paid working hours, taking relevant lab samples, an accurate medical status and filling in medical assessment scales both before and after treatment. In addition, all participants must participate voluntarily, without pressure after being informed of all possible side effects. This has not happened with most of the Covid 19 injections.
  • A medical study should also be discontinued immediately if life-threatening and disabling side effects occur.
  • The Covid 19 injections have probably caused 2-50 million deaths, and many more disabling injuries worldwide, cf. 22,000 deaths according to VAERS in the USA in January 2022 and extrapolate globally and correct for under-reporting.
  • Among 17 patients who died after Covid 19 injection, German pathology professor Arne Burkhardt found autoimmune attacks on internal organs and signs of an AIDS-like immune disorder in 90% of patients. None of them had been reported as a vaccine injury by the authorities.
  • There is a suspicion of undeclared content in the vaccines, e.g. magnetic particles, nanobots and parasites.
  • Vaccine side effects within 2-3 weeks after the injections have been incorrectly attributed to the unvaccinated.
  • Vaccine victims and healthcare professionals who report vaccine injuries are often bullied and threatened.
  • The "vaccines" have caused a 40% increase in the mortality of able-bodied people after the introduction of Covid 19 injections according to life insurance statistics in the USA and India.
  • According to a study conducted in 145 countries, they increase the number of Covid deaths by 463.13% and the spread of infection by 260.88%. So no positive net effect.
  • We have not yet seen all the long-term side effects such as increased cancer rate, weakened immune system, increased cardiovascular disease, autoimmune diseases, infertility / malformations and prion diseases.
  • Pharmaceutical companies have repeatedly been fined billions for research fraud and deception. Relying on a scientific study from Pfizer is like lending your last money to a "stoned" drug addict who has been convicted 15 times for gross fraud and believing that the money will be paid back!
  • It is probably not the same contents in the different syringes from the same manufacturer. A minority of the "batches" seem to account for 90% of the side effects and deaths according to VAERS and the Public Health Agency's own statistics !!
  • Cf. every twentieth brandy bottle containing methanol?
  • Do not kill everyone at once, but step by step, thereby avoiding being exposed!
  • Since it is probably not the same content in all the "batches", the validity of the so-called "Scientific studies" on the vaccine.
  • The wax must be stopped immediately, and from the time this information is released, each injection must be considered a murder / attempted murder.
  • Those responsible, ie all healthcare staff and all officials / companies involved in this mass murder, must be convicted and brought to justice!

See for links and references.

You are all welcome to print this out and give to all your friends and enemies.

If you feel like it, you are also welcome to report perpetrators to the police who refuse to change after receiving this information and inform them that they risk imprisonment in the future when it is all officially revealed if they do not immediately stop their criminal acts.

There are a few different versions and you can choose which one you want to use. You can also modify the flyer and make your own.

Also report all cases to, or send an email to so that we can keep track of all the criminals for the sake of future trials.