Why Nobody Can Find a Virus

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"The End of Virology

Forget hypothetical computer generated “genomes” from non-purified samples and PCR tests that are calibrated to these simulations: none of these require the existence of a virus.  Forget electron micrographs of cell “culture” experiments purporting to show viruses: these are simply vesicles of unknown significance until shown otherwise.  What we need to see is purification of these particles and then a demonstration that they can parasitise a host and are the causal agent of a disease.  The reality is that nobody is isolating viruses because carrying out the correct experiments would reveal that the particles are not viruses at all and virology would be finished. "





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I think Daniel Springer's English (listen from 5:22 in the following video) is better than Sam Bailey's ("ixcipt", "binifit" and so on): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gM7aPR-0vXw