COVID-19 vaccine surveillance report–week42

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Four coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines have now been approved for use in the UK. Rigorous
clinical trials have been undertaken to understand the immune response, safety profile and
efficacy of these vaccines as part of the regulatory process. Ongoing monitoring of the vaccines
as they are rolled out in the population is important to continually ensure that clinical and public
health guidance on the vaccination programme is built uponthe best availableevidence.

UK Health Security Agency, UKHSA, formerlyPublic Health England (PHE),works closely with
the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA), NHS England, and other
government, devolved administration and academic partners to monitor the COVID-19
vaccination programme. Details of the vaccine surveillance strategy are seton the page

COVID-19: vaccine surveillance strategy
(1). As with all vaccines, the safety of COVID-19
vaccines is continuously
being monitored by theMHRA. They conclude that overall, the benefits
of COVID-19 vaccines outweigh anypotential risks (