479,000 published variants of the imaginary genome

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"What happens is if you have to amplify it so you can see it and if you do with twelve cycles of the PCR process, you get 20% of the genome. You do it up to 30 cycles and you get 98.5% of the genome, which means that the PCR process itself generated 78% of the sequences. I don’t know Sally if you caught that. The sequences that they’re using are generated by the PCR amplification process itself. Every single genome study that I’ve read uses 45 cycles, which means they amplify it and create all new segments, like creating millions and billions of words. They put Hamlet into the computer and they say, “Arrange these words into the play Hamlet.” It does and it makes mistakes and then they say, “We found the genome.” When it makes mistakes, that’s the Delta variant."

"There are 479,000 published variants of the imaginary genome because it doesn’t exist. Every time the computer does it, it makes a new genome. The California Health Department, in writing, said, “They have no analysis whatsoever of any Delta variant.” This is a spell. It’s a big old anti-scientific hoax.

Using a lot of scientific words and coming up with explanations, like the Delta variant for explaining why people who’ve been vaccinated are getting sick, why more people are getting sick and they’ve got a whole Greek alphabet."

Source :https://www.westonaprice.org/podcast/covid-there-is-no-virus/

"How are they possibly suggesting that people have a certain variant like they tested positive for this variant? How do they even know if the original virus hasn’t even been isolated? In other words, you’re also saying that the whole variant thing is a conjecture or a theory that has not at all been proven. 

I’ve seen documents from the UK government. We hear about the spike protein a lot. Supposedly the spike protein is what allows the imaginary virus to get into a cell. The spike protein is a fundamental feature of this imaginary virus. Last December 2020, they first started talking about variants and the first one they started talking about supposedly was in the UK. They called it the Alpha Variant and it’s also B.1.117 or something like that.

With one of the variants, I believe it was with the Alpha. They started saying that Alpha was when they couldn’t detect the spike protein. “We can’t even find the spike protein and spike protein is important.” They might’ve called you negative or at the outset, they kept changing the criteria along the way. You might have been negative or positive, depending on if they could find one of the other sequences because eventually, they decided, “As long as we can find one of them, that’s good enough.” When they started talking about this Alpha Variant, it was when they couldn’t find the spike protein and so you have a variant.

In spite of saying you don’t have it, they started saying you have a variant. 

They started calling it a variant. They would have to find one of the other sequences but still, it was getting ridiculous. This feature that we constantly hear about the spike protein, Alpha Variant, is when they can’t find a spike protein. My understanding is they don’t rely on the PCR tests for diagnosing a variant. That’s what I’ve seen written from various institutions that they don’t have a test.

What they did was they interpreted the inability to find or detect the spike protein as an indication that maybe there’s a variant and so then they would do their sequencing, which is totally meaningless. It’s completely fraudulent. They fabricate their genomes, but if they fabricated a genome in someone, they could find another sequence but they couldn’t find the spike protein sequence. They make up a genome and they see that’s a genome of a variant. They never identified any virus to begin with, let alone any so-called variants."


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