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COVID-19 is a fraud because its alleged causal agent, a purported novel coronavirus called SARS-CoV-2, has not been proven to exist in nature and therefore has not been established as the cause of COVID-19, the disease and pandemic invented by the World Health OrganisaPon (WHO). For the selfsame reason there are no variants of the “virus”, which likewise exist only hypothePcally in computers, cloud-based gene banks and in the minds of innocent people who have been comprehensively gulled by their governments.
The COVID-19 fraud, comprised of numerous preposterous claims, consPtutes nothing less than a war on humanity by organisaPons such as Anser, Fors Marsh, and PalanPr that conduct the scam through Big Pharma, with its backers and enablers, including the World Economic Forum, the Bill and Melinda Gates FoundaPon, the WHO, technology conglomerates, the mainstream media, complicit governments, and COVID “pirates” such as UNC Chapel Hill and Imperial College London, to a one beneficiaries of the fraud.
COVID-19 is a war on humanity because poliPcians and their governments conPnue to use this imaginary disease to terrorise and imprison their ciPzens, denying them guaranteed human rights and freedoms, and violaPng their once inviolable bodies with highly experimental and hazardous injecPons that contain a computer-generated spike protein mRNA sequence that instructs the body to poison itself. These nefarious injecPons, which also contain undeclared non-biological objects for undeclared purposes, are injuring millions and killing many thousands of people around the world, including up to 218 New Zealanders as at 2 October 2021.1
A virological fraud lies at the heart of these crimes against humanity – that SARS-CoV-2 has never been physically isolated or shown to be the aePological (causal) agent of COVID-19. In this arPcle, the authors examine the illusory world of virology to explain how a virus that no one has seen or knows where it has come from, that no one knows what it does or where it is going, is, according to the fraudsters, stealing across borders and boundaries and coming to get you no maber where you are. How can it be, the authors ask, that this phantasmagorical madness has morphed into a world redolent with fear in which democraPc governments have abandoned democraPc principles to engage in the control and “delePon of human beings” that may be just a “variant” away from turning into World War III?2

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