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An ex-employee of the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has now dropped a bomb: she pointed to a patent approved this year that offers the possibility of connecting vaccinated people with artificial intelligence (AI) and tracking where they are going and with whom they are meeting. In addition, an algorithm provides a points system for the risk classification of the persecuted and an automated vaccination or treatment instruction for those affected on a mobile phone app.

By Kornelia Kirchweger


Pfizer whistleblower exposes horror patent
Linking vaccinated people with artificial intelligence
Monitoring via server and apps
Algorithm takes over risk assessment
Diagnosis without a doctor
Vaccination and treatment instructions via app
Does gene vaccination have a completely different purpose?
Linking information - transparent person
System preservation tool
Patent for nanoparticle vaccination since 2017
Gene vaccination is monitored
Karen Kingston, formerly also a pharmaceutical consultant, made the explosive patent on Brannon Howse Live public. She believes there is more to the government's obsession with vaccinating every man, woman and child than just "immunizing" against the virus. The health effects of the Covid gene vaccinations are being tracked by the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC), a sub-agency of the US Department of Defense, Kingston said. There, an analysis of those who were over 65 years of age, including an algorithm, was carried out to determine who was vaccinated and who had the “3. Stitch “(booster) should get. "So you have to wonder what's going on right now," Kingston said. The answer lies in patent number 20210082583, which was issued in August of the year. was approved.

Artificial intelligence instead of a doctor
Patent Title: Methods and systems for priority treatment, vaccinations, tests and / or activities while protecting the privacy of individuals. Kingston doubts the protection of privacy. The patent is applicable to all currently available Covid gene vaccines (mRNA). It describes a situation where vaccinated people are wirelessly connected to apps and servers with a “user ID”. This means that the personal ID, including bio-medical data, can be saved on an electronic device, including a point system showing how “safe” a person is in their environment. If you find a pathogen in a person, even if they have no symptoms, they will receive vaccination or treatment instructions via the app. This is cited in patent section 035. It is about preventive treatment to avert an illness or other consequences, said Kingston.

Risk determination using an algorithm
An algorithm calculates the likelihood of this on the basis of various facts, such as location, existing government information on identity, health data, genetics, etc. If a person is “connected”, one can determine whether he or she has been vaccinated or not. In section 10, the patent describes a fictional "Jane" who has attended several religious events and is therefore classified as risky. It is unclear whether doctors still play a role in this scenario. The patent also gives examples of the classification of virus spreaders including the assignment of a number of points. Lots of contacts - higher score, higher risk. Section 0400 deals with the classification of a person's “biological ability” and the adaptation of the vaccines to it. How strong is the immune defense, strong disseminators get the stronger vaccine. The corona virus is mentioned in point 18 of the patent, whereby the treatment is a vaccination and the prioritization serves to select patients with a higher risk of transmission during a pandemic who should be vaccinated as a priority.

Examine value systems
Kingston continues: One can imagine how this app could be abused. They know who is meeting whom, they not only see which symptoms a person has, but also which value systems or political attitudes - and thus whether they could become a threat to the system. What globalists mean by "vaccination" is not what Americans believe, Kingston said. You can be treated with a potent vaccine that has other consequences than preventing disease. "And that was how we were targeted," she said. At an OECD meeting in Paris in early October, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken emphasized that by 2022 at least 70% of the world's population will be vaccinated - “in every country, in every income bracket”. With its own program, the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, 38 members including the USA) actually plays a key role in the global roll-out and synchronization of Artificial Intelligence. In June 2019, the members agreed on a number of common principles. The EU is also on board.

Nanoparticle vaccination and magnetic field
But we already know that the vaccine could damage chronic diseases

cause and even kill people, Kingston pointed out. 90% of the gene Covid-19 “vaccines” that deliver a toxic spike protein into human cells were primarily shipped to 10 countries in the western “free world,” Kingston said, citing the World Health Organization (WHO). Those who still believe in fiction should check out patent number 20120265001A1, which was approved in 2017. It is about a "combined magnetic nanoparticle-drug delivery system". For example for targeted, controlled released chemotherapy for cancerous tumors and inflammatory diseases…. An externally applied magnetic field pulls the magnetic nanoparticles to the affected areas, according to the short version of the patent.

Other notable patents
There are other notable patents that Kingston did not address. It should not be forgotten that the corona virus was patented back in 2015!

One of them deals with "transgenes, non-human mammals" and was approved as early as 1988.
Since 2020 there has been the patent "Crypto-currency system that uses data from physical activities".
One thing is clear: if someone applies for a patent, the preparatory work to implement the goals described therein has already been done. By then, a lot of money had already been invested - even more money is expected from the implementation of the patent content.

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