Healing without Drugs: Western Culture has Lost its Way

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" But those of us who have been educated in western culture have been taught our whole lives that modern medicine and science have saved the human race, and that we cannot live without it. Doctors are revered with the same respect that cultures in the past have worshiped as “priests” whom we were to seek out for our salvation.

There is, however, one product that the pharmaceutical industry developed in the late 1800s that does NOT depend upon sick people to keep the market flowing through endless treatments. It is the one exception in the medical system, because it is primarily marketed to healthy people, and not sick people.

It was a very ingenious idea, to say the least, because it was a product that could be sold and administered to healthy people with no reliance on diagnoses of illness, providing an endless stream of revenue: Vaccines.

Vaccines are one of the few products of the medical system that is not even marketed for curing a disease a person might have. It is solely marketed by fear, scaring one with the thought that in the future one might “catch” one of these dreaded diseases. So the product is marketed as a “protection” to the “dreaded diseases” through fear.

It is actually modeled after the very successful insurance industry, by purchasing a product that at the time of purchase conveys absolutely no benefit at all, other than the “peace of mind” that you’re “covered” from future bad things that might happen in your life.

At least that is what they want you to believe, until you end up getting the same disease you were vaccinated for, or you try to collect on an insurance claim for something that you thought was actually covered by your insurance policy but that they fight you with their top attorneys often to NOT pay out a claim.

Vaccines are almost NEVER marketed as a cure for disease, only as an “insurance policy” against those diseases that you “might catch.” Hence, they can be marketed to people who are not even sick.

From a pure profit and loss business perspective, it is absolutely brilliant, and it provides a steady stream of customers and resell products.

Naturally, it begins at birth and is administered more often at very young ages by injecting babies and young children at “well baby” doctor visits where the only purpose of the doctor visit is to have the doctor declare your child “healthy” and then proceed to inject them with toxic vaccines.

They call this “science,” but it is actually more similar to a religion, with the doctors replacing priests.

Side effects of injecting a healthy person with toxins that are designed to attack your immune system in order to create a response, are well known and even published, but the marketing is so strong and so persuasive, that the customers just excuse these side effects as necessary for the “greater good” of society and preventing things like “pandemics,” something that is necessary to have from time to time to keep the fear motive strong among the public.

And of course all those side effects, such as allergies, chronic infections, autoimmune diseases, autism, etc., just provide steady customers for more medical products and services, all in the name of “science.”

It is a very brilliant system, if profit and control is your goal, and not REAL health which is a terrible business model.

This business model reached its peak with the development of “viruses,” specifically the annual “influenza virus,” which became a vaccine product to prevent against that could be marketed to every single person on the planet, based on fear."


Source: https://vaccineimpact.com/2021/healing-without-drugs-western-culture-has-lost-its-way/