A reply to the Swedish Tabloid Aftonbladet regarding defamation of Mikael Nordfors M.D.

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A reply to the articles of a defamatory nature about Mikael Nordfors that the Swedish Newspaper Aftonbladet published in September 2021.

To be published in its entirety without editorial changes.


Aftonbladet has described Mikael Nordfors' activities in a way that can be compared to slander without him being given the opportunity to describe his activities.

Here is a description of the effective and harmless method he has used among several thousand other doctors. A reporter had pretended to be a patient with side effects from the anti Covid MRNA injections. One of the treatments that Dr Nordfors Later chlorine dioxide, whereafter Aftonbladet stated on the first page trhat Dr. Nordfors was a charlatan prescribing life-dangerous bleach.

They also nick-named him as ”The Anal Doctor”.


The anal doctor is a grossly offensive term that is irrelevant!

20 years ago, Mikael Nordfors was accused of performing an unscientific treatment on patients with sciatica / back problems by stretching and stretching muscles and ligaments in the deep pelvis, which in turn presses on many of the nerves emanating from the spinal cord, including the sciatic nerve. This method has been known in many cultures since time immemorial and was already described by the American surgeon Thiele in 1936. Mikael Nordfors learned this technique from the Swedish orthopedic medicine specialists Lennart Silfverstople and Stefan Blomberg. Blomberg was able to demonstrate a 600% reduction in sick leave from back pain with this method in a controlled study from 1991. Nordfors appealed the warnings he received for having used this method and was acquitted in the County Administrative Court in 2004 (1), where Nordfors, among other things, cited > 200 scientific scientific publications that supported his case, without the National Board of Health and Welfare being able to provide a single reference that showed the opposite. The treatment is completely harmless and led to an improvement in the condition in> 90% of patients with back pain / sciatica in a 2005 publication (2). However, this knowledge is not harmless for the pharmaceutical industry and orthopedic surgeons, who would lose a large proportion of consumers of painkillers and unnecessary back surgery, respectively. If all the doctors who used this method were to be called "anal doctors", then all urologists who routinely perform this examination also should be given this name, and what would the gynecologists be called?


The media, led by Aftonbladet, have tried to make it all appear that Nordfors has used this treatment method primarily on young women for his own sexual pleasure, when statistics showed that the average age of the patients were 70 years and that there were as many women as men. In addition, they have always used an old photo from 1997, where Nordfors was interviewed about the possible antidepressant effect of St. John's wort, which also makes Nordfors falsely appear as a frivolous party guy and alcoholic. This behavior on the part of Aftonbladet appears to be gross defamation and nothing else.


Falsely accused of using ineffective / dangerous drug methods.

Chlorine dioxide (chemical formula ClO2), by Aftonbladet called "Bleach", is a gas that results from a chemical reaction that can be easily obtained by mixing two components, sodium chlorite, a mineral extracted from seawater, and a weak acid such as lactic acid. (3)

The human body has a normal pH value of between 7.35 and 7.45. Due to the structure of the chlorine dioxide molecule, it acts as a strong oxidant, removing electrons from the wall of pathogenic microorganisms that have a pH of less than 7.

 Disease-causing microorganisms are oxidized and destroyed when they have a locally low pH due to the fact that they ferment glucose, blood sugar, into lactic acid which has about 4-5 in pH value. Malignant microorganisms include certain viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, microbes, mucosal biofilm, and tumor cells. These organisms are anaerobic (liver without oxygen) and derive their energy from the fermentation of glucose to lactic acid and therefore have a pH in the immediate environment less than 7.

The oxidation mechanism of chlorine dioxide thus helps the immune system to eliminate disease-causing microorganisms, also called pathogens.

Chlorine dioxide does not damage the cell membranes in our healthy cells as they have a normal pH in the immediate vicinity, on the contrary, it enhances the energy production in our mitochondria (the cells' energy factories), which has a number of positive health effects.

The therapeutic effect of chlorine dioxide is largely due to its pH selectivity. This means that this molecule falls apart and releases oxygen when it comes in contact with an acid such as lactic acid. In this case, chlorine dioxide is released upon its decomposition into oxygen in the blood, a different way of transporting oxygen than red blood cells.

This is why chlorine dioxide does not harm our cooperating bacteria that are part of our body, but chlorine dioxide only reacts in those places where pathogens generate a pH that is more acidic than our body, especially for microorganisms that live in an anaerobic environment. In addition, chlorine dioxide can also induce apoptosis or cell death in cancer cells.

According to toxicological, toxicity studies, from the EPA (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency), chlorine dioxide does not leave toxic residues (only salt (sodium chloride) and water), and it does not accumulate in the body.

It must also be pointed out that a lethal dose of chlorine dioxide amounts to 250 mg per kg body weight, which corresponds to about 19,000 mg for an adult of 75 kg. The amount used is about 50 mg in one treatment, a safety factor of more than 300 times.

The toxicity can therefore be disregarded, given the many treatments that have been done, and the side effects are negligible (4).


Chlorine dioxide is approved by law in Bolivia

In Bolivia, Law No. 1351 of 2020 was approved, which approved the preparation, commercialization, delivery and use with the consent of the CDS chlorine dioxide solution as prevention and treatment for the COVID-19 pandemic. (4).

Statistics from Bolivia show a marked reduction in the number of cases and deaths in the country. For example, from a peak of 2,031 daily cases on 20 August 2020, cases fell to 147 daily cases on 21 October 2020, corresponding to a decrease of 93% (4).

While the increase in mortality in other comparable countries was maintained, it fell in Bolivia, using chlorine dioxide as a possible explanation. Unfortunately, mortality in Bolivia increased again when the authorities decided to invest in vaccines instead of chlorine dioxide.

In other Latin American countries, chlorine dioxide is also being used with great success to combat COVID-19, such as the approximately 4,000 physicians included in COMUSAV (www.comusav.com) who apply it to their patients with excellent results. These doctors have reported that it seems that many so-called vaccine victims got better after receiving chlorine dioxide. It is on the basis of these clinical observations that Mikael Nordfors recommended chlorine dioxide for vaccine side effects. In the telephone conversation with Aftonbladet's reporter, however, Mikael Nordfors clearly pointed out that it is too early to make any recommendations based on scientific publications, as the phenomenon is so new that no one has had time to produce any. Proven experience is important as a complement to the existing science.

A controlled clinical multicenter study from Latin America has shown that chlorine dioxide with a high statistical probability (p <0.001) succeeded in reducing symptoms such as fever, cough, shortness of breath and chills in laboratory confirmed covid 19. Everyone in the chlorine dioxide group was able to show a negative PCR test after 7 days. Other laboratory parameters such as D-dimer and CRP also decreased significantly in the chlorine dioxide group compared to the control group (4).

In addition, the scientists observed that patients who consumed chlorine dioxide as a treatment for COVID-19 also reduced significant symptoms after illness compared to patients who were not treated with chlorine dioxide.

Following this clinical study, physicians around the world now have the right to legally use chlorine dioxide in accordance with paragraph 37 of the Declaration of Helsinki *. The therapeutic use of chlorine dioxide gives new hope to stop the COVID-19 pandemic and save millions of lives.

A retrospective study evaluated the effect of an aqueous solution of chlorine dioxide (CDS) as a prophylactic agent in 1,161 relatives living with positive / suspected patients with Covid 19 (5).

The prophylactic treatment consisted of 0.0003% (3 PPM, Parts Per Million) chlorine dioxide solution orally for at least fourteen days. Family members in whom no reports of COVID19-like development were developed were considered successful cases. The efficacy of CDS to prevent covid19-like symptoms was 90.4% (1,051 of 1,163 relatives reported no symptoms). There was no evidence of changes in blood parameters or in the QTc interval (ECG) in relatives who consumed CDS.


In addition, venous blood gas measurements have shown that chlorine dioxide is capable of significantly improving the supply of oxygen in the blood of the affected patient.

The same can be said about the methods for ozone treatment that Mikael Nordfors has used (6), as well as the very moderate doses of Antabus (disulfiram) (7), low-dose Naltrexone (8) and Gabapentin (9), which the National Board of Health and Welfare has completely without proof. as life-threatening. The patient in question was very ill both before his father contacted me for advice, and after this. Mikael Nordfors' treatment has not had any effect at all on his state of health, which at the time of writing has been stated to be perhaps even worse, despite efforts from conventional care. Some patients are simply difficult to cure.

The Liability Committee also violated Swedish law by refusing Mikael Nordfors an oral hearing, so that he could present all evidence in peace and quiet.

It can therefore be stated with certainty that Aftonbladet's and also the Liability Committee's claims that Nordfors exposes patients to danger to life are completely unfounded.

However, the same cannot be said about the shameless propaganda campaign that Aftonbladet and our authorities have exposed the Swedish people to regarding the so-called The Covid 19 vaccines, which are not vaccines in the traditional sense (ie a killed or weakened microorganism with immune-stimulating proteins that are injected into the individual to produce an immune response that can protect against future infections).


It is in fact a genetically modified drug that has been called a vaccine in order to circumvent the stricter safety regulations for genetically modified drugs compared to a vaccine.

These drugs have not been tested for either long-term side effects or effects on pregnant women or future fertility, but there has been an almost avalanche-like increase in vaccine-related deaths in both Europe and the United States, where e.g. according to the American so-called The VAERS registry registered> 15,000 deaths, which is much more than all other vaccines combined during VAERS '30-year history. In addition, it is an established fact that only 1-10% of all vaccine side effects are usually reported to VAERS, which means that the death toll is rather about 100,000 people, in the United States alone. There are also lots of reports about how doctors who have tried to report vaccine side effects have been subjected to reprisals and, for example, have been threatened with losing their jobs.


In a study currently conducted by Professor Sucharit Bhakdi from Germany, one of the world's most published virologists, preliminary results have shown that 60% of those who have been "vaccinated" have shown an increase in the laboratory parameter D-dimer, which indicates that they have small micro-blood clots that are at risk of developing into large damaging blood clots.

It has become more and more apparent that it seems to be the so-called The spike protein that causes the increase in blood clots that could be seen in Covid 19 patients, and led to those primarily with bad hearts and bad blood vessels suffering serious consequences. Injecting people with a drug that causes the injected to produce this toxic substance in their own cells must be considered more or less wild, which reality has shown to be a true fact. This is done to induce blood clots and autoimmune reactions. In addition, there is much to suggest that those who are injected are at risk of a so-called. Antibody Dependant Enhancement (ADE), which has been shown to be a very prominent phenomenon in animal experiments with coronavirus vaccine. This means that the injected can suffer a fatal over-reaction when presented with a similar coronavirus after being "vaccinated". There is also much to suggest that “vaccination” may have a detrimental effect on the fertility of injected women, as Spike protein appears to accumulate in the ovaries and may prevent the formation of a healthy placenta (11).

The number of miscarriages in "vaccinated" has also increased by at least 500%, which paves the way for "a thalidomide disaster on steroids" as the former Pfizer's vice president and chief research officer, Mike Yeadon, put it in a private conversation.

At the same time, both authorities and the media have actively persecuted everyone who has tried to inform about these facts and who has also advocated for well-established preventive treatment such as. Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, Zinc, Quercitin, Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin.

On Mikael Nordfors' website, www.medicdebate.org, there is a compilation that summarizes at least 977 scientific studies on early and preventive treatment of Covid 19 (12). This is because the pharmaceutical companies cannot obtain an emergency permit for the use of a "vaccine" if there are effective treatments.

All these indisputable facts have been actively censored by both conventional media, youtube, facebook and twitter etc., and Aftonbladet has been one of the most active in Sweden to promote this senseless, vulgar and directly deadly propaganda.

It is not Mikael Nordfors, but the forces that want to silence and oppose us and our many friends who are responsible for exposing our population to life-threatening treatments.

Our friends include, for example, the French Nobel Laureate in Medicine, Luc Montagnier, the world-leading virologist Professor Sucharit Bhakdi from Germany, the world-leading infection specialist, Professor Christian Peronne from Paris, the world-leading geneticist and MRNA specialist, Professor Alexandra Henrion Caude from Paris.

Many world-leading lawyers, including Dr. Rainer Fuellmich from Germany / USA (the man who, among other things, won against Volkswagen regarding exhaust fraud, and Deutsche Bank and others) Robert Kennedy Junior and Tomas Renz from the USA, Jean Claude Duhamel from France etc. have initiated lawsuits against several governments and authorities for "Crime against humanity", and Aftonbladet will probably also get their share for their participation in this gigantic crime, in which they seem to be involved.

We, as well as the other people mentioned, are willing to enter into a debate against the suspected corrupt science forgers that Aftonbladet relies on, such as Matti Sällberg and Anders Tegnell.

1/10 2021 Mikael Nordfors, M.D.

Björn Hammarskjöld, assistant professor of Pediatrics at Strömstad Academy, f.d. chief physician in pediatrics and philosophy licentiate in biochemistry at Stockholm University (1971).

Henning Witte, Lawyer



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