The PCR Hustle

( approx 17 minutes)

1. Counties Manukau- What happens to your Covid-19 Test?

  1. Kary Mullis on the PCR:
  2. Celia Farber ft. David Crowe, 7 April, 2020
  3. NZ Ministry of Health OIA request PCR test costs - Ref. H202007128 
  4. Australian Covid Medical Network:
  5. NZ’s Covid Leaderboard:
  6. University of Otago - Coronavirus testing - how does it work?:
  7. Otago Biochemistry -How does RT-PCR work?:
  8. The MIQE Guidelines: Minimum Information for Publication of Quantitative Real-Time PCR Experiments:
  9. Planet Waves FM Interview with Stephen Bustin, conducted by Eric F. Coppolino:
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