Variants ! Computer Modelling in Biology, Fiction or Science?

Why is modelling used in biology and masqurades as science? 
Predicting  is  not science but manipulated guess work. might as well use palm reading as does not cost millions and year of schooling and may be even more accurate as you do not set a program to get a desired result.

A recent example :

'To predict how the SARS-CoV-2 virus might mutate in response to vaccination campaigns, a pan-European team of experts simulated the probability of a vaccine-resistant strain emerging in a population of 10 million people over three years.'

'Predictably, the model showed that a rapid rate of vaccination reduced the risk of a resistant strain emerging.'

And the conclusion:

"Without global coordination, vaccine resistant strains may be eliminated in some populations but could persist in others," said the study, published in Nature Scientific Reports. 

"Thus, a truly global vaccination effort may be necessary to reduce the chances of a global spread of a resistant strain."


What does the scientific evidence show ?

The Delta Variant - Fact, Fiction and outright Lies (Dr. Andrew Kaufman Explains)

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