Criteria for the new Website

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Medicdebate Requirements list
Categories/Taxonomy related to advisors/delegated voting
Add tags only for moderators
Automatic synchronisation with MESH
Import of PUBmed documents Voting 10 scale,
multiple scales.
Different roles,
admin, normal user expert user
 Pro and Con Arguments,
voting on the arguments
Search Sort nodes in tables according rating,
publishing date, views etc
Presentation page for each delegate.
Automatic delegation?
Category Search
Marketing/ads that can be rated
Video support/embed
Mobile friendly
sharing facebook etc
User Points
Description Functional area Developer
(responsible for development)
(1=Low - 5=High)
Planed realese Estimate
User admin:  Different roles, ie admin, editor, normal user Create user account   5            
Secure log in and registration with captcha/etc Login procedure   5            
User presentations-photo Create user account   2            
Presentations for delegates in delegated voting, How to choose delegates for different categories. I suggest everyone can have a presentation, we don´t have to separate delegates from non-delegates. Flow, voting   4            
Categories = MESH (Medical Subject Headings)+ other categories
Categories   3            
Category tree. If you are a delegate in the trunk, all the branches should be included. Categories   3            
Automatic import of pubmed articles through PMID number, with MESH headings included Categories   5            
Easy way to embed videos Flow, voting   5            
Tags Flow, voting   5            
Only moderators shall be able to add new tags. Admin   5            
Pro- and con arguments. sorted in separate columns,m sorted according to rating. Everyone can add an argument pro or con + neutral comments. Flow, voting   5            
First Pro and con columns, below this section neutral columns. Flow, voting                
Rating: All nodes will be ratable 1-10 with delegated voting Flow, voting   5            
Results will be sorted according to rating, date created,hits name and ideally according to ie a combination of these. Flow, search   5            
Category search: You should be able to search based on combinations of tags/categories Flow, search   3            
Front page that can be edited by moderator. Automatically show a combination of highest rated and newest nodes. Make the rules flexible, Admin   5            
Garbage bin, where you can remove bullshit material, that can be seen by everyone and still be rated to check that we don´t censore. Admin   2            
Help files and help videos FAQ   2            
Advertising structure. Webshop that can be rated [TBD]   4            
Book-keeping of working hours
Organization decision making system     1            
Wiki like update facilty of each publication     4            
Possibility for creator/admin to lock wiki/update function     3            
 Many skins: Expert skin, Medium Skin, Beginner Skin      1            
 User Points      4            
 Newsletter, Sharing to Facebook , Twitter etc      5