Spartacus 2.0: How slavery started, still continues and can be ended -free download!

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With the development of the Internet, traveling and modern media, the world has become a "global village", where everyone can contact everyone else directly. On the other hand, the economic power over the world has been more and more centralized, and we are seeing the development into more and more of the "one percent society", where only the super-rich ripe the fruits of the increased productivity.
This book postulates that a new organizational model and political system named Demosocracy can become the antidote to the corrupted power hierarchies that currently govern our world. Demos means people, Sophus means wisdom and Kratia means power in the Ancient Greek language. Demosocracy creates wise governance by combining the hands-on experience and control of the crowd with the knowledge and wisdom of the experts (who in this system are not corrupt).

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