The Ultimate Hydroxychloroquine Treatment Data Set – The Chloroquine Wars Part XLVI

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A few hours ago I began a revision of the paper I’m writing on Dr. Brian Tyson’s data. The project is overdue, but I was happy to make some waves ahead of time because people need to understand how they’ve been gaslit. After a nap, I checked Twitter and saw this.

Be sure to note the March 21, 2020 date.

Vaccine Truth was put together by my friend Steve Kirsch and others he works with, I think to shield his company/employees and investors from the controversy he waded into.

Could the data be real?

Yes. I mean…honestly, this is even better than I would have imagined and I’ve been on this journey for 16 months now. Here is a chart I made on September 7 of last year. I plastered it all over Twitter and Facebook so that there were scores of my own copies and hundreds of retweets (and a handful of reposts on Facebook). I always suspected Twitter throttled the chart, but I wasn’t sure. I started writing a book sometime in August called The Chloroquine Wars (image cut off due to size limitation) and logging results about what I was seeing along the way:

There was no excuse then, and there is no excuse now. That is to say that we’ve been living through a self-imposed genocide.

Sorry the chart above is cut off. The post was too long. I updated the chart with Italian doctor Luigi Cavanna’s data.

I performed a weighted comparison based on case fatality rates (CFRs) of nations in which the studies were conducted and estimated those receiving hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, and zinc as early ambulatory treatment were dying 99% less often. That did not even take into account the fact that CFR had fallen from the time many of these patients were logged, when CFRs were much higher (as high as 30% in France).

This information has been intentionally ignored. Do not doubt it. Doctors, researchers, and statisticians who were friends of mine, ignored these numbers, laughed them off, or offered up their obtuse gaslighting (“We hoped it would work…”) based on obviously rigged trials. I will never understand how those people sleep at night. It keeps me up at night just thinking about them.

On October 8, 2019, the French Minister of Health began the process of putting HCQ on a list of poisonous substances after it was available OTC for decades without a problem. She is married to the former CEO of INSERM, which arranged the building of the first level 4 biosafety lab in mainland China, known as the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The pressure was building to bury the news of medical agents that successfully treat COVID-19 infection from a very early moment. We needed to organize early to stop that genocide.

And we still need to organize. This isn’t over, and what is to come may get very ugly.

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