The FLCCC Videos: Global Medical & Scientific Experts Call Upon World Governments to Act Now to Save Lives

These Brave Doctors are Upholding Their Hippocratic Oath & Putting Patients—Not Profits—First (April 19, 2021)

Global Medical & Scientific Experts Call Upon World Governments to Act Now to Save Lives (March 19, 2021)

Black, Brown and Elderly People—Addressing the Disproportionate Incidence of COVID-19 (Feb 8, 2021)

The FLCCC Alliance – On a mission to Save Thousands & Slow the Pandemic (A brief self-introduction; Jan 19, 2021)

Beyond The Roundup | Fact Checking The Fact Checkers: Associated Press VS Ivermectin (Dec 19, 2020)

Dr. Pierre Kory (FLCCC Alliance) testifies to senate committee about I-MASK+ (incl. Q & A) (Dec 8, 2020; Vimeo)

What you can do to prevent getting COVID-19 (Dec 3, 2020)

How actor Louis Gossett, Jr. survived COVID-19 (Feb 5, 2021)

Academy Award winning actor Louis Gossett, Jr. tells his personal story of surviving COVID-19 after learning about a remarkably effective re-purposed medicine at

FLCCC Alliance Global Expert Panel: The WHO and Public Health Organizations’ Denial of Ivermectin – Standing Up for Human Rights in COVID Care (May 6, 2021)

A global panel providing legal, ethical, clinical and political perspectives on the failure of public health organizations to recommend the worldwide use of ivermectin – a scientifically proven medicine to prevent and treat COVlD-19.

Pierre Kory, MD, MPA, United States – Barend Uys, South Africa – Rep. Michael Defensor, Philippines – Dr. Jackie Stone, Zimbabwe – Ralph C, Lorigo, Esq., United States – Jean-Charles Teissedre, France

Only 8 hours after this COVID-19 patient took ivermectin, she snapped back to health  (Apr 21, 2021)

Patti Koopmans came down with COVID-19 in November. She was prescribed steroids because of a pre-existing respiratory condition, but when her symptoms began to worsen, her doctor prescribed ivermectin. Within eight hours of taking her first dose, “I felt 100% better!” she said. This is Patti’s true story.

Why this COVID patient’s “Long-Hauler” story has a happy ending (Apr 9, 2021)

Dr. Thomas Eaton contracted COVID-19, and for several days, he experienced terrible pain, headache, profuse sweating and other symptoms. But once the acute phase was over, his symptoms would reappear monthly, mainly consisting of severe back pain and discomfort in his arms and legs. His doctor, Dr. Eric Osgood of the FLCCC Alliance, prescribed ivermectin for him. Incredibly, his symptoms stopped. “It made a world of difference to me,” says Dr. Eaton. This is his true story.

Doctor cites hard evidence for this effective medicine for COVID-19 patients (Apr 8, 2021)

Dr. Ram Yogendra began researching ivermectin when a friend of his became ill with COVID-19. What he found in his months long study of ivermectin was a mountain of evidence in numerous clinical trials showing that ivermectin is effective in preventing and treating COVID-19. “Waiting for another Randomized Controlled Trial is asinine,” he says. “Do the trial. Do the study. But treat the patient.” This is Dr. Yogendra’s true story.

When a doctor and his family got COVID, they experienced a remarkable recovery. This is their story. (Mar 30, 2021)

Dr. Lionel Lee and his family came down with COVID-19 in the fall of 2020. Dr. Lee himself experienced the worst symptoms—and had debilitating shortness of breath. Then Dr. Lee remembered reading about ivermectin from materials he received in an email from FLCCC Alliance co-founder Dr. Paul Marik. He decided to try it and after his second dose, his symptoms eased significantly. He also gave ivermectin to his wife. Her symptoms subsided in just a few hours after her first dose. This is their true story.

Sisters Hire a Lawyer to SaveTheir Mother from COVID-19 (Mar 27, 2021)

When Sue Dickinson, became critically ill with COVID-19, her daughters asked the intensive care doctor to try Ivermectin for their mom. They had conducted research on the medicine that was saving other critically ill patients from COVID-19. When the doctor refused, they contacted a lawyer to obtain a court order to compel the hospital to do so. What happened next was astounding.

After suffering for 9 months with COVID, a woman received a lifesaving prescription. (Mar 24, 2021)

Lauria Bell-Hughes’ extreme illness with COVID-19 lasted 9 months. From being sent home from the ER and advised to take Rolaids, to a 2-month course of supplements infusions, nothing worked. Then, her doctor asked her if she’d like to try an anti-parasitic drug, ivermectin, that was showing some promise for COVID-19 patients. Within 4 days, Lauria came back to life. This is her true story.

Global Medical & Scientific Experts Call Upon World Governments to Act Now to Save Lives (Mar 19, 2021)

At a March 18, 2021 press conference, a group of medical and scientific experts convened by the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) called for action to put an end to the COVID-19 pandemic by immediately adopting policies that allow for the use of ivermectin in the prevention and treatment of COVID-19.

Scientists and physicians from the US, UK, EU, South America, and Israel gathered to discuss the latest data on how ivermectin has reduced positive COVID-19 cases in major cities across the world, ivermectin’s role in the early treatment of COVID-19, and why ivermectin needs to be adopted as safe and effective prevention and treatment of COVID-19.

Judge orders hospital to use Covid-19 treatment, woman recovers(Mar 10, 2021)

Three days before Christmas, Judith Smentkiewicz tested positive for Covid. After several weeks in ICU a family member saw Dr. Pierre Kory’s testimony before the Senate. They researched Dr. Kory’s papers and demanded the hospital give her Ivermectin. 48 hours after the first dose, Judith was taken off the ventilator and moved out of the ICU.  Read More


How a nurse saved herself from her battle with COVID-19 (Mar 10, 2021)

Patti Gilliano’s COVID-19 symptoms began in August, 2020. She had read about ivermectin’s ability to treat the disease, so when she went to the hospital because she began to have breathing difficulties, she asked the doctor to prescribe ivermectin for her.

The doctor refused and put her on other medicines. Patti’s condition deteriorated further, and when she returned a second time to the ER, she was again refused ivermectin and sent home on oxygen. When her condition failed to improve over several weeks, she finally obtained a prescription for ivermectin from a doctor and within days, she began to recover.

A cheap medicine saved this daughter and her mother from COVID-19. (Mar 10, 2021)

Ellen Politi was diagnosed with COVID Pneumonia in November, 2020.

She came across the COVID Care Protocol and obtained a prescription for Ivermectin. The morning after taking her first dose, she woke up fever-free for this first time in two weeks and quickly recovered.
Soon thereafter, her mother who has a terminal illness came down with COVID. Ellen obtained a prescription for ivermectin for her as well.

Her mother recovered in four days. This is their true story.

How a father & his daughter survived COVID-19. (Mar 10, 2021)

Soon after visiting her parents, Deanna Guerreiro and her father became ill with COVID-19.

Their health deteriorated rapidly. It was DeAnna’s call to a friend that saved them both. The friend told DeAnna that Dr. Pierre Kory of the FLCCC Alliance testified to the Senate about the ability of ivermectin to prevent and treat COVID-19. DeAnna obtained a prescription for ivermectin from her doctor for both herself and her father. Both recovered quickly.

This is their true story.

“Thank you for helping save my Dad’s Life.” (Feb 20, 2021)

Marlin Baker was about to be placed on a ventilator when he began to go downhill rapidly, suffering from COVID-19. His daughter saw Dr. Pierre Kory’s Senate testimony and read about the I-MASK+ Protocol, and asked the intensive care doctor if he would put her father on ivermectin. The doctor agreed, and Marlin’s turnaround was rapid and quite astounding. He walked out of the hospital a few days later. This is the Bakers’ true story.

Black, Brown and Elderly People—Addressing the Disproportionate Incidence of COVID-19 (Feb 8, 2021)

The large discrepancy in the number of black, brown and elderly people contracting COVID-19 or succumbing to the disease must be urgently addressed. The FLCCC Alliance is recommending the urgent adoption of the I-MASK+ Protocol based on ivermectin for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19. The protocol is a safe, readily available and inexpensive way to keep these populations safe while waiting for the vaccine.

Dr. Eric Osgood: The MATH+ and I-MASK+ Protocols Save Lives (Feb 14, 2021)

Dr. Eric Osgood, Hospitalist and Clinical Advisor to the FLCCC Alliance, discusses the lifesaving efficacy of the MATH+ and I-MASK+ Protocols.

“When you see different investigators reproduce a similar result, you cannot ignore it. You Can’t. You just simply can’t.” —Dr. Eric Osgood.

A Doctor Needed a Life Flight to a Texas Hospital to Get a Pill that Would Save His Life (Feb 12, 2021)

Dr. Manny Espinoza was a critically ill COVID-19 patient who was quickly deteriorating. His wife, also a physician, learned of the FLCCC’s MATH+ Hospital Treatment Protocol and acted quickly to have her husband flown to United Memorial Medical Center in Houston to give him access to the drug that would save his life.

A Florida man’s battle with Long Covid ended with a safe and effective 83¢ pill (Jun 7, 2020)

When Samual Dann contracted COVID-19 in June 2020, he could have scarcely imagined the months long and painful journey that lay ahead. No therapy seemed to work against the debilitating symptoms… until a friend introduced him to a physician who knew exactly what to do.

Dr. Pierre Kory (FLCCC Alliance) testifies to senate committee about I-MASK+ (incl. Q & A) (Dec 8, 2020)

The ‘NewsNOW’ feed of Dr. Kory’s impressive testimony had 5 million views on Youtube within the first 10 days (after 6 weeks deleted by Youtube, like our own YT version before)

Summary:   Read More

FLCCC Alliance News Conference: Medical Evidence of Ivermectin— Effectively Prevent & Treat COVID19 (Dec 4, 2020)

“Following the swift review— and subsequent guidance— by the NIH and the CDC of ivermectin, we expect that ivermectin’s widespread, immediate use will allow for a rapid and safe re-opening of businesses and schools across the nation—and quickly reduce the strain on overwhelmed ICUs.” —FLCCC Alliance

Read More

Review of the emerging evidence for use of ivermectin in the prophylaxis and treatment of COVID-19 (Nov 13, 2020)

Invited Grand Rounds on ivermectin by Dr. Pierre Kory (virtual lecture)

(Youtube channel of “Associazione Naso Sano”, Italy; Chair: Puya Dehgani-Mobaraki)

COVID-19: Ivermectin Update (Oct 27, 2020)

A critically important update that highlights the potential for Ivermectin together with Masks to control this pandemic.

By Dr. Paul E. Marik (FLCCC Alliance)



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