A call for action. NZ doctors speak out with Science

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Over 20 000 people have now died following covid-19 vaccination in the US and EU alone, as of June 8 2021, based on official reporting systems. These systems are known to under-report significantly. So far, pro rata, at least 10 Kiwis have almost certainly died. We know of some of these people. Many more have been injured. (For bioethical context, the 1976 swine flu jab was ‘pulled’ after 50 deaths.) Our experimental 'trial of 5 million' has already taken casualties. We know, because it is our business to listen that there is a growing number of 'vaccine regretful', especially coerced health workers, and their anger is growing. We know because it is our business to observe and report that the CARM system is not receiving and dealing with all the injury reports post vaccine - we know of ‘technical issues’ and flat-out non-reporting. We know that you can't rule out a death from vaccination without a detailed and painstaking inquiry including a postmortem, by trained investigators given the time they need. How then can a government minister confidently state that there is no link two days after a suspicious death? And yet, based on the most up to date scientific evidence, COVID-19 is actually no worse than another 'flu' whereas there is mounting evidence that the risks of this 'vaccine' are greater than the disease itself. Consequently NZDSOS is urgently calling for the roll-out to be halted.